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    Atabane Jiro, 11th Division, 5th seat

    Theme Song


    Name: Atabane Jiro (Last, first)
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 195 pounds
    Hair: Pure white
    Eyes: Magenta
    Age Actual/Apparent: 195/19
    Reiatsu/Speech: Orange
    Division: 11
    Seat: 9th

    Jiro looks fairly well kept if a little different in his choice of style. He wears the traditional shinigami uniform only it is black with a red trim. Usually he is found with his coat off and wrapped around his waist leaving only his pure white vest on underneath. He stays out in the sun a lot so his skin is a caramel color bordering on mocca. His hair is naturally spiked up but so much that it looks ridiculous.

    To say the least Jiro is LOUD! He can talk normally sure, but if he gets excited or emotional about something he will be loud about it. However the thing that people most remember about Jiro are his aspiring bordering on arrogant proclamations. His most famously used one is 'I am the man who shall surpass the Spirit King!' It is a form of inspiration to himself to push himself further in his training and a way to let people know that he is willing to work himself to the bone to reach the top. Though his tendency to be obnoxious can get to other people.

    He usually calms down in the presence of friends but not fully. He has the advantage of being willing to be friends with someone he first meets even if he knows nothing about them. Basically he wears his heart on his sleeves. He often makes it known that idolizes the shinigami Seiko Yukimura.

    Jiro had always known that he was built for combat. The adrenaline rush he got whenever he clocked someone, the exhilaration he felt when he disarmed and opponent with his sword. Nothing could ever beat those things. That's why he only bothered learning the basic kido when he could. He was still respectful of how other people did things, it's just that he felt his happiest and most fulfilled in close quarters combat. So he trained himself every day with thousands of exercises, kata's, and stances. Eventually he managed to get into the only division he could see himself being a part of, division 11.

    He continued to work hard to reach his position even discovering a technique that he could call his own by accident. He called the technique Lethal Injection. It was rather simple in execution really. All you had to do was gather your reiatsu in you fist and upon impact with an opponent send the reiatsu slamming into them like an internal sludge hammer. The thing that made it so difficult was that it was a costly technique. Even Jiro who had an unusually large reiatsu could only use the technique about 7 times per day, and that's if he didn't use any other techniques.

    Zanpakuto: Tachiagari sutā (Rising Star)

    Zanpakuto Release Phrase: Dare mo anata no kagayaki kagayaki o miseru (Show everyone your shining brilliance)

    Zanpakuto Spirit
    Rising Star appears as a beautiful young woman that looks to be about 23 in age. She is tall, about 6'2 in height and is almost always smiling. In comparison to Jiro's boisterous nature she is naturally shy and quiet. She has blond hair that is in a pony tail that comes down to her waist and she has pale skin. She wears a traditional kimono and acts as a buffer for Jiro's personality. She is almost constantly talking to him and in fact spends most of the day talking to him. She is often in her room which has a variety of weapons on it's walls. She also greatly appreciates Jiro because she knows that he strives to be strong not only for his sake but for her's as well because he promised her that he would make her the Shining Star of the Soul Society, a Zanpakuto among Zanpakuto's

    Inner World
    Jiro's inner world is a city that has a few buildings around and at the center of the city is a huge magnificent palace. It is here that Rising Star resides or as he calls her 'Tachi-chan'. The Palace manages to look elegant and beautiful without being gaudy with the exterior being lightly decorated with white gold and some silver. The glass structure on it make it glow magnificently in the sunlight.

    Unreleased State
    It is a simple yet beautifully crafted Kusari-gama. The chains have a length of at least 20 ft and the blades are slightly longer.

    Tachi-chan becomes a beautiful black katana that is about 4'5 in length. When she takes this form she and Jiro gain a boost to reiatsu and he gains the power to control and create shadows.The blade has a traditional 5-point star guard. This stage comes with two other forms as Tachi-chan can now turn into a Zanbatou and a two handed Axe.

    Bankai: Yeah he is still working on that and his yells of frustration are the melody that many people in the Soul Society have come accustomed to.
    Raijingu chōshinsei sutā: Rising supernova star.
    In this form Tachi-chan becomes a beautiful scythe with a black handle and a pure white blade. The shaft constantly adjust itself so that it can keep moving at all times. This weapon however has one last form change.
    Special ability: It can turn into a ball of pure shining light that can enter Jiro's body to essientially turn him into a super sayain (Hyperbole). It increases his strength and speed drastically and allow him some measure of enhance skin for barehanded blade blocks. However this form has a limit of 1-2 minutes before he has to go back to scythe mode with his regular shadow powers which have also been enhanced. When he uses bankai his regular uniform becomes a black training gi arm guards and sneakers, along with fingerless gloves.

    Favored Kido
    When it comes to Kido Jiro only knows the basics. However there is one particularly strong Kido that he can do, and it took him 40 years to learn it. He can do it without the incantation but only when he is using his shikai. The kido technique is #33 Sōkatsui:Fires a burst of blue spiritual energy at a target in a similar manner to #31, but over a wider area and with more power.
    Bakudo 1: Sai (Restrain):Locks a target's arms in place behind their back
    Bakudo 22: Sekienton (Red Smoke Escape):Sekienton is primarily used for escape. The Practitioner places his hands palms down on the ground and a red smoke bursts forth from the point of contact and swiftly engulfs the surrounding area briefly obscuring the movements of whomever is within the smoke allowing a quick get away.
    # Hado 1: Sho (Thrust): Pushes the target away from the caster.
    # Hado 4: Byakurai (Pale Lightning): The user fires a concentrated, powerful lightning bolt from their finger.

    Battle Stats

    Physical Strength: [70] For being a seat level shinigami Jiro is known to have freakish strength. It is one of the things he prides himself on most.
    Offense: [80] Jiro has great offensive capabilities due to his constant training and practicing with different weapons. However this means that he does not specialise in many of them. However his best skill is hand to hand combat. This is because because as his Zanpakuto shikai has multiple forms. This means that while his Zanjutsu is impressive it is mostly because he is adept at his weapons forms rather than being exceptionally skilled with his Zanpakuto.
    Defense: [30] Jiro's defense comes mostly from dodging and not so much from being actually good at defense. It is purely his speed that helps him.
    Mobility: [80] Jiro's speed is another thing that he is extremly proud of. He is quite fast without shunpo and with it he becomes a lean mean fighting machine. In fact he is so proud of his strength and speed that he calls himself 'Lightning Bruiser Jiro'.
    Intelligence: [30] Jiro is of average intelligence. He can make a good tactical decision once in a while but prefers to just straight up charge and fight the enemy. He generally has a distaste for those who rub their intelligence in other peoples faces.
    Kido/reiatsu: [75] Jiro has a buttload of reiatsu but manly uses it for fighting. His kido spells mostly work because he put so much reiatsu into them. He had to practice for many years to learn # 33! This is thanks to his abysmal control. If it weren't for Tachi-chan constantly coaching him on control he wouldn't even be able to do shunpo most likely.

    Hoho-Very good, he calls himself Lightning Bruiser Jiro for a reason. He quite swift and his shunpo is quite impressive as well
    Kido-Poor, He can only use a handful of spells and those took him a while. As of now he has officially stopped putting time into Kido deeming the few spells he has as enough
    Zanjutsu: Well above average, Jiro practices with Tachi-chan religiously and not just with her base form. He practices with all of her forms equally. So while he is not exceptionally skilled with one of her forms he can use all of them quite effectively.
    Hakuda:Very good, Jiro prides himself on his ability to kick ass with his bare hands. Almost everyday you can find him train his Hakuda on a traning post until his knuckles bleed.
    Reiatsu: Very high, Jiro boast a lot a spiritual energy but not very much control. It is why he has such trouble with Kido.

    Kyoki, Rank unknown

    Gender: Female
    Age: ???
    Weight: 115
    Height: 5'5
    Reiatsu: Deep Purple and of great strength, feels crushing and overwhelming when she lets go.
    Aspect of Death: Madness

    Kyoki is of a slim build she is quite thin almost like a model. she has plum colored hair in a traditional female bob cut. She wears a black robe that comes down to her ankles. She almost always has a look of confused sorrow on her face. Very rarely does she ever smile.

    Kyoki is nigh emotionless when it comes to her everyday life. Not because she chooses to be but rather because she doesn't know what emotions to show in which situations. One of the few emotions she can express is a sense of being overwhelms as evidenced by her catchprhase 'I don't know how to deal with (???)' She is however capable of expressing annoyance and anger even if she doesn't know what they are. She also has the tendency to go off into her own world and run on about insane rants. She spends most of her days just wandering around Los Noches

    Kyoki's Zanpakuto is interesting. This is because she has no visible weapon on her. You see when she was a hollow she had an aura of madness around her which drove other hollows to even more madness and they slaughtered each other and she took there power. Eventually she pull a Coyote Starkk and separated into to two, though not completely. Ragunaroku was a growth that came out of her back, though he had plenty of sentience. After she became an arrancar Ragunaroku disappeared, or so she thought. Instead Ragunaroku had become her blood, turning it black, however he is the dominate one of the duo most of the time bullying Kyoki.

    Now her blood can be hardend instantly and is very hard to cut as Ragunaroku takes care of it. However when she needs a weapon a copious amount of blood rips from her back and forms into a long, medieval-like broadsword with a guard composed by his spiky band with three bands coming upward the blade, he has a long, probably for two hands, handle, the edge is pitch-black with a white stripe following it's whole length. The screaming mouth appears some inches above the bands. The mouth is capable of supersonic screams. These screams can hurt the ears of others except Kyoki and cause the blade to vibrate violently. This cause the effect to when she slashes once she is actually slashing dozens of times.

    When he is not in weapon form Ragunaroku can come out as a growth from Kyoki's back. When he does he has a muscular body, large gloved hands, and spikes on several parts of his body. His face consists of a large egg shape, with no visible mouth and a giant white X on his face where his nose should be, with large ping-pong ball-like eyes with X's for pupils. His body is black. She can also use these moves with Ragunaroku

    Bloody Needles: This attack can only be performed when Kyoki's blood has been spilled, transforming it into black needles that stab through the opponent if they get too close. They can also be used as a projectile attack.
    Bloody Slicer: Kyoki will cut her own wrist and then make a flinging motion with the arm, when this happens Ragnarok will change the blood into a blade for medium ranged attacks. It also allows her a surprise attack as if the opponent tries to block with their blade the blood will flow around it.
    Bloody Lance: With his/her writs cut, she/he flings it in a circle and a huge black-blood thorn appears in her front launching itself like a dart towards the enemy.

    Provoca el final, Ragnarok: Bring about the end Ragnarok

    After invoking this phrase there is a burst of purple light. After it clears Kyoki's robe had become skin tight and there are piece of armor on her upper chest and on her sides covering her ribs. The most distinct feature however is that she now has three arms. One of them is hers and the other two are Ragnarok's and they come out of her shoulders each of which wields a katana of average length while Kyoki uses her same old sword. Each has a mouth on it, allowing Kyoki to use her old sound attack only with three times the effectiveness thanks to it being amplified by multiple mouths. However the true strength of this form comes from the Dragon Emperor form. It is when Ragnarok takes the form of a European dragon that is coming out of Kyoki's back. He has claw and wings and amplifies all of Kyoki's attacks though this form uses all of her Black Blood except for her sword leaving her more vulnerable.

    Abilities:Screech Alpha: Same as the Screech Beta but launch at the enemy as a projectile with explosive results.
    Screech Beta: A powerful slash in the form of a creature (dragon-like) mouth
    Screech Gamma: A multi-slashing attack in the form of a purple energy that can change direction multiple times and releases sound waves in succession.

    General Abilites

    Bala: Kyoki can use bala, but it is only of average strength so she manly uses it when she is trying to hit an enemy after they have just found out how good her defenses are and for surprise attacks.
    Cero: Kyoki's has an amazing Cero for her level, the only problem is that she can't use it. Ragnarok has to use it by coming out of her back and firing the Cero. Their Cero is very powerful and aside from their signature abilities is their best move. Their Cero can equal some some Espada's, which is impressive as she is about Fraccion level. She never cared much to measure herself as she really just wanders where ever she pleases.
    Hierro: Kyoki has an exceptional Hierro. You see Ragunaroku,who functions as her blood, even when is sword form is inside her body. This is why her blood functions as her Hierro, her blood is not hardend all the time and only does so when she is attacked, this makes her a defensive prodigy. She can still be damaged it is just very hard to do so, most hollows just give up upon finding they can not harm her. Her weakness is that a person with enough reiatsu can cut through her defense (It has to be very high though), a person who knows how to make their weapon vibrate can cut through her defenses, and a person who know how to do internal damage to her can hurt her.
    Garganta: She can use it but doesn't perform it that often as she sees no point in going to the human world. Though sometimes Ragunaroku bullies her into it.
    Sonido: She is not very good at Sonido, she can only leave behind two afterimages max when she does so for only two seconds. She mostly uses it for super sonic burst jabs.
    Pesquisa: No skill at all.
    Madness Aura: Kyoki when she was a hollow uncontrollably produced an aura of madness. it often drove other hollows to slaughter each other make combat easier for her. When she became an Arrancar she learned how to control it but it still flares sometimes when she is battle. When she is going all out her aura extends itself to it's max. Against hollows they will often go mad and try to slaughter anything they can find, including themselves. Against other Arrancar it is a nice little distraction as they have to fight to keep themselves from going mad. Usually the aura influence those who have gone mad not to attack Kyoki. Experienced Arrancars can throw it off completely until she gets stronger. Generally the Aura is usually locked away by Kyoki's conscious choice. However when she uses the aura is basically acts like an ON switch and constantly battles with an opponents reiatsu to try and drive them insane. As long as the opponents reiatsu levels do not drop below 1/3 they should be able to resist it fairly well. This is the version where she concentrates the aura on one person. When she uses it's area of effect version of this power it functions on thier power level in comparison to hers. This version is unblockable but is far less potent. Even those who have only 1/3 of Kyoki's power will probably only become extremely wacky. Their fighting ability would only be hampered slightly. Anyone half as strong as her would merely get and annoying and distracting niggling in the back of their head.

    Hollow Hole: Her left shoulder is the place where her hollow hole is.

    Mask Fragment: Her mask fragment is actually what makes up Ragnarok's face. It used to look like a dragon.

    Battle Stats

    Strength: [40] Kyoki has higher than average strength for someone of her build but fairly average maybe even slightly below par for an Arrancar. She mostly relies on her swordsmanship and abilities for kills or her madness aura.
    Offense: [85] Kyoki has a multitude of abilities that enable her to have a great offense in lieu of her average strength. Her excellent swordsmanship also helps her in the regard.
    Defense: [100] Her Black Blood as her Hierro make Kyoki a defensive monster.She can be damaged if you know how or are strong enough but she will stop most other enemies cold in their tracks
    Mobility: [30] Kyoki hasn't even thought of the concept of dodging and her Sonido is barely passable. She mainly uses it as a way to build up speed and power for thrusts.
    Cero/reiatsu: [100] Kyoki's reiatsu is incredible thanks to her and Ragnarok working together. It is extremely potent and strong. The tinge of madness that it carries to it may mark Kyoki as somewhat unstable.
    Intelligence [20] Kyoki is not very intelligent and is prone to mad ramblings that don't really help her case. Ragnarok is no help here because he has the I.Q of your stereotypical jock. Kyoki is also prone to acting very childish at times. When she occasionally go mad her Intelligence takes even more of a nose dive and she is operating on mostly instinct. The scary thing is that she fights even better like this and her power seems to increase.

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