It's written well. Though, if his pals were that worried, why didn't they speak up? Still, his 'noble voice' sounds pretty natural.

As for the pie golem, it couldn't speak, it's attacks did zero damage, and it rotted away in three days. Also, Kalach doesn't have access to an oven. But it would be fun, in a different kind of game.

Planar Travel: Love it, you're leaving it

So..tired...It's just not fair to go from those long days on the ship to something like this...

The guardian parted ways with us when we made shore. We barely noticed, as we were too absorbed by our surroundings. We are not in Faerun anymore.

The buildings are gigantic. Taller even than the obelisks, even. Made of impossibly pure steel and glass. And there are dozens, maybe hundreds of them.

The most confusing thing was a set of letters etched into the hills beyond the buildings. It didn't seem to spell anything, and I can't imagine what they were for...

After gawking for a time, someone checked the pouch the beasts' fang had been in. There was a compass within.

"Is this pointing north?"

"Who knows? Either way, do you have a better idea?"


So we walked along the path it pointed for us. Soon enough, we came to a barricade, and were stopped by its guards. All doubt that we had left Faerun left when they introduced themselves. The HPD? What kind of name is that?

I think that they are similar to paladins. Their first thought was whether we were a threat, then whether we needed help. They wouldn't let us past before the next day, however, and we were to help with the defence of the barricade.

Every night, a horde of zombies attacked. There were powerful demons, as well, but they were content to watch. I am not surprised. From what I gather, the only magic in this realm is the noisy wands they use. They are near to panicking.

It's been a long night. I'm just tired, but the others have exausted their supplies of ranged weapons. Irthos is out of arrows, which leaves him all but helpless in combat. They gave him a noise-wand, but he can barely work it.

Of greater concern is that we very obviously don't fit. This place must have been an enormous trading hub, because everything they have is high-quality. We, however, have poorly-mantained and relatively low-quality armor. There's also the fact that none of them have heard of nonhumans. The favored soul is human, so he got off easy. Logrim they seemed okay with. Irthos, though...he's used to people not knowing what a dragonwrought is, but the fact that no one knows what a kobold is is confusing to him. The fact that he's decended from a fand dragon and is covered in spikes doesn't help. They think he's a demon, and only take him on sufferance. They aren't familiar with warlocks, thankfully. Since all I did was smite the zombies with my power, they let it pass. I shudder to think what they would have done had they known how similar my power is to the one that raised them to begin with...

Tomorrow, we will help them gather supplies, with the help of a former prisoner. Except for Irthos, who they don't want to have out of their sight. I feel for him.

Maybe the leviathan isn't the only threat. It's going to be a long day tomorrow.

Surprised? So were we!