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    Current Projects: This is the stuff I'm currently working on. Even if it isn't done you can still comment on it.
    --[Class - Base] Meister: Warrior with Soul (WIP) (Incarnum, Melee) Predicted T3-4
    --[Class - Base] Exarch: An Incarnum-infused Aura Paladin who isn't quite as terrible as the Soulborn. (Incarnum, Melee) Predicted T3-4.

    Complete Projects: Here is my finished work. You can use my stuff if it strikes your fancy. Tell me how it turned out for you.
    --[Class - Base] Adaptive: A shapshifter capable of espionage and combat. T3.
    --[Class - Base] Aspirant: A Monk who strengthens his body with essentia and uses stored power to activate special techniques. (Incarnum, Psionic) Predicted T3-4.
    --[Class - Base] Chorister: Divine Singer Support Class (Divine, Vancian, Face, Buffer, Healer)
    --[Class - Base] Mage Scholar: Student of the Arcane (Arcane, Vancian, Generalist)
    --[Class- Prestige] Soul Singer: A performer who has learned to imbue their very essence into their music. Incarnum, Partial Vancian casting, Bardic Music.
    --[Racial Variants] Incarnum Racial Variants for Eberron : New ACFs and feats for Changelings, Shifters and Warforged.

    Incomplete Projects: Here is stuff that has been put on the backburner. While I will finish it someday, expect irregular updates at best.
    --[Class - Base] Behemoth: Fiendish Soldier Class (Hiatus) (Arcane, Melee, Tank, Unique)
    --[Rules - General] Houserules
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