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    Really just the other half of the previous snippet.

    ...And other returns

    As the ghost dissolves into ectoplasm, the white-armored deity seats himself on a white throne. It is the same uniform white of the demiplane and its creator, yet the eye can see it clearly.

    "I wish you had not done that" he says. "Our agreement may have kept me from interfering with your life, but I do not tolerate Evil in my presence."

    "He was my friend!"

    "And I was keeping him under control."

    The deity continues as if neither Jessica not Aileph had interrupted him.

    "Not to mention opening my plane to interference from others."

    He sighs heavily.

    "Still, what's done is done. I will guard this place...but do not open a second gate here. You must find other ways of defending the rest.

    He seems to glance at Jessica, lack of visible eyes not withstanding. He sighs again at her expression.

    "Very well then..."

    He moves to the puddle of ectoplasm...

    ...And not even a moment later, the white is back, armored thing and all. Before I so much as sit up, he grabs me by the head-and my head fills with something of the nature of the higher planes. I feel it suffusing me...burning away some of the lingering corruption of the Nine within me.

    "Agh...ah...that feels different..."

    The not-face seems to glare at me.

    "I will not be your patron. You will not pray to me."

    For once, I can't think of a sour remark to that.

    He then turns toward Kol. "So long as I'm handing out favors..."

    A shift of the eyes, and Kol is a living human again.

    Jessica and her father trade a few more words, but I don't really hear them. I'm just walking outside, out of this white...

    I feel a little unsteady as we leave. My magic is not...really different, but it feels different. Still like a flame inside me...but more like I'm surrounded rather than ignited. It feels good. Better than I've felt about it in a long time.

    As we leave the tower, I catch the end of a discussion between the others.

    " he goes by the name Jack."


    "So are you all right, Kalach?"

    "Yes, Jessica. Just one problem."

    "What is it?"

    "I do not like your father."

    @Lord Gareth

    ...Well. That's interesting. Varren has quite a history, I'm guessing...
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