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One of the issues with making a Vasharan Thrall is that they, according to their fluff, never take the Thrall classes. It's for the same reason they have Ur-Priests rather than Clerics: the only power worth having is what they take, rather than what they get for serving.
And we've never re-interpreted fluff here in Optimization Colosseum. I mean, no one could possibly score a Warforged in the Realms highly.

As soon as I logged in, I saw that I had more than one PM, so I knew that judging was up.

DISPUTES for Herr dysprosium -

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Thanks for judging, Dysprosium. I have no dispute, but rather a question regarding the following statement :

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Using Naberius to negate the Chosen of Evil featís drawback is a nice touch. Yes you get to be viable during your entire buildís career. You might be called a one trick pony but it is quite a trick and you get more mileage out of it than the other Chosen of Evil contestant.
Could you please clarify in what way does Luxx get more mileage out of Chosen of Evil than Adrienne does?
Again, I'm not disputing, so not looking for score changes here. I'm just curious.

Thanks again!
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A couple of clarifications, and a dispute:

(Read all Guardian of Metal quotes in Ozzy Ozbourne's voice)


Missing Alignment

Guardian of Metal: "The wanker responsible for forgetting that has been reprimanded, and then set on fire to please the Gods of Metal. But really, it should have been obvious, man.

As the most Metal Alignment, Baelfire is Chaotic Evil, of course. All the best musicians are.

As a Bard, Lawful Evil is right out (not to mention that it's a tool of The Man). And Neutral Evil is the alignment of ****ing posers who can't make up their minds."

Yeah, I forgot to write down the alignment. I'm going to be kicking myself for that for a while. It really is CE (for the reasons specified above).

Summoned Undead/"Requires Specific Undead" - May affect Power and Use of the Secret Ingredient

Guardian of Metal: "Right, that one's a bit more confusing. He told you that he uses it to summon up the band and maybe some roadies. But summoning up a specific servant isn't required to make his Touch of Death something to be feared man, it just means that anyone who suffers from both is totally ****ed."

Sorry about the confusion on this. I don't know if it changes the score any, but in the level 10 breakpoint, it was mentioned that Summon Undead was used for extra bandmates or bodyguards. Also, a Doomspeaker Bard isn't required to make the build function, it just zeros out any chance of an equal CR opponent making their save. Without it, Carrion Stench, Ability Focus, and a high Charisma all combine to make it something that will still reliably work on anything that isn't immune to it.


Missing Alignment

Guardian of Metal: "Bloody hell man, you've come down harder on Baelfire than anyone else for this. Sure, he can take it (and he probably deserves it), but **** like this is not going to please the Gods of Metal, man."

I'm a little unclear, but it looks like you penalized Baelfire 1 full point for missing his alignment, rather than the .5 point that you penalized other builds (like Babalon).