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    Continuing from the Mythic Reth Dekala thread-

    Quote Originally Posted by Adam1949 View Post

    Bound-Ghast Unleashing
    Prerequisite: -

    The weakest wardens of the ancient times are, ironically, the most well-known; too frail to gather much soulstuff, they hid in the space between planes, biding their time and offering their services to anyone desperate enough to summon them. A Seneschal is no mere mortal, however, and knows ways on how to bind them to his service.

    You gain Bind Vestige, Improved Bind Vestige, and Expel Vestige as bonus feats (ToM).

    Will-Bending Demands: You gain Ignore Special Requirements and Skilled Pact Making as bonus feats (ToM).
    Quote Originally Posted by Xefas View Post
    Entreating On The Altar of Naught
    Prerequisite: -

    Those nothings and no ones that languish between bleak emptiness and the shade of death, they clamor for one hint of life or light to slake the cold lust of their vapid unexistence. So it is that when a Seneschal beckons them by name, they slaver at the echo and the blood offered without complaint, easily called and easily subjugated.

    You gain the Soul Binding class feature of a Binder (ToM pg10). This is a Supernatural ability. Your effective binder level for the purposes of determining the highest level of Vestige you may bind and how many Vestiges you may have bound at once is 1 (this stacks with other sources of binding, such as the Binder class itself), and your effective binder level for all other purposes is equal to your class level (this does not stack with other sources of binding level).

    Unlike a Binder, you are not required to draw a seal to summon forth a Vestige. You need only a symbolic altar, typically a smooth stone of some kind, which you mark with your own blood, and then call the name of the Vestige three times (withdrawing the stone from a pouch is typically a move action, and if you are already bleeding, coating the stone in your blood may be done as part of the same action, otherwise drawing blood from yourself is another move action). At your command, the Vestige's image appears and, unlike with a Binder's ritual, is aware of its surroundings and capable of observing and speaking with other creatures than yourself.

    Bargaining and binding proceed as normal afterward.

    Selenite Bishop Presumption: You gain Improved Binding as a bonus feat. When you attempt a rushed binding check on a Vestige lower level than the maximum level of Vestige you may bind, you do not take the -10 penalty on your binding check, demanding its obedience rather than requesting it.

    Discarding Broken Phantoms: You gain Expel Vestige as a bonus feat. When you use your Expel Vestige feat, you need not draw a seal and perform the summoning processes to expel the spirit inside you. Instead, you may use a full-round action to disgorge them as a roiling crystalline nimbus from your eyes and mouth, which gradually fades into nothing in the following moments.
    Quote Originally Posted by Adam1949 View Post
    How, I ask. HOW. That's good, really good. And more importantly, it's a lot more fun and flavorful. How does one go about with Mythos-making?
    I will probably end up writing a guide for this at some point, considering the number of PMs I've gotten to this effect. Or, not really a guide, so much as a summary of how I, personally, write my classes. I don't claim to know things.

    I'll try to be brief, though by necessity incomplete, with this summation.

    Know what you want. Then mechanics.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you came at it backwards. Soul binding mechanics exist, therefore you want soul binding. Instead, I would suggest imagining the character exactly as you want them to be, then find mechanics similar to that, then tweak. If there are no mechanics similar to that, write them.

    edit: Also, I have to be up in a few hours for work, so I'm going to bed.
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