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    Illidan Stormrage

    CN Moon Elf / Half-Fiend

    Battle Sorcerer 6/Sneak Attack Fighter 1/Dragonslayer (refluffed - Demon Hunter) 1/Unseen Seer 1/Daggerspell Mage (refluffed - Warglaives) 10/Abjurant Champion 1

    36 Point Buy
    Str - 14 +4(fiend)+2(Size) = 20
    Dex - 16 +2(elf)+4(fiend)-2(size) = 20
    Con - 14 -2(elf)+2(fiend)+2(level) = 16
    Int - 12 +4(fiend) = 16
    Wis - 10
    Cha - 15 +2(fiend)+3(level) = 20

    Otyugh Hole - Iron Will
    1 - Dodge
    3 - Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Warglaive)
    6 - Weapon Focus (Warglaive)
    9 - Two Weapon Fighting
    12 - Combat Casting
    15 - Craven
    18 - Improved Two Weapon Fighting

    Permanent Enlarge Person, Arcane Sight

    HP: 8+5d8+3d10+1d4+10d6+60= ~144
    BAB of 14/9/4, Base saves of Fort 9/Ref 9/Will 18(20 with Iron Will)
    5d6+20 Sneak Attack
    CL 18
    Certainly not the greatest Sneak Attack Gish build ever, but I think it captures the essence of Illidan fairly well... He is portrayed as a sorcerer and a warrior, that dual wields his iconic Warglaives in combat.
    I also think his 10,000 years imprisoned after the events at Mt Hyjal probably qualify him for the Otyugh Hole bonus feat.

    I don't really know what kind of gear to give him beyond his warglaives. I imagine they probably have Keen, Throwing and Returning, and probably Demon-Bane properties. In the pictures, he usually just has on a blindfold, pants, and a belt, bare-chested with tattoos. His blindfold IC is just meant to hide the fiery orbs that replaced his eyes, which grant him Arcane Sight and the power to sense nearby demons. If I had to pick a belt for him, it would be the ubiquitous Belt of Magnificence +6. Aren't there magic tattoos that you can get in DnD as well? They specifically enhance his arcane powers, so anything that either increases caster level or save dc's of his spell would probably be appropriate.
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