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    Rudisplorker of the faith, true Rudisplorker

    I Am A: Neutral Good Human Sorcerer (2nd Level)
    Ability Scores:

    Quote Originally Posted by Phelix-Mu View Post
    I'm picturing a scaley woman with flaming-red, spikey hair with an apron. With a wand of unseen servant and an item of continual mage hand to hold utensils and crack eggs, she makes her husband breakfast. With EB she kills the rat that's been getting into the garbage. With her dragon breath, she flame broils the steak of her significant other. With her Str-rating, she never needs help opening pickle jars.
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    Because Pun-pun was on the road to ultimate power first, and he hates your guts.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tohsaka Rin View Post
    Role playing is like riding on a bus.
    If you sit in the back, and act cool, nobody is going to talk to you.
    You've gotta get in the middle and interact.
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    I1: Hey Joshulhu, I just had a brilliant idea, squid-bro.
    I2: Like um what is it Cthad?
    Cthad: Like we should totally make a golem.... out of brains.
    Joshulhu: Woaah. That's like so smart... this is giving me the extracties, pass me that drow.

    Favorite Homebrews

    Rudisplorkers' Guild members

    Threadnaught: The current High Rudisplorker, master of all Rudisplorking. The founder and leader of the Rudisplorkers' Guild.
    Grod_The_Giant: The first Rudisplorker, slayer of the unjust.
    Kazudo: The inventor of Rudisplorking, king of the sane.
    Keledrath: The great Rudisplorkian, knower of Rudisplork.
    FidgetySquirrel: The unknowable Rudisplorker, summoner of Orcus.
    kellbyb: The clone Rudisplorker, doppelganger of Threadnaught.
    ddude: Rudisplorkling of the Guild, the youngest of us, may his Rudisplorking be legendary.
    Orcus: Summoner of Rudisplorkers, our eternal ally in the Rudisplorking against Cheaters.
    Roland St. Jude: Let not his Rudisplork fool you, this is Orcus when he Rudisplorks.
    Oddman80: Rudisplork Captain, Rudisplorker of Cheaters our foul enemies.
    chaotic stupid: Rudisplorkrous judge, seeker of Rudisplork for all.
    Torrasque666: Rudisplorker of the faith, true Rudisplorker
    Irk: Adjudicator of Rudisplorking, Judge, Jury, and Rudisplorker
    SaintRidley: Linguist and Invoker of Orcus of the Rudisplorker's Guild
    golentan rudisplorking title currently being rudisplorked
    MetaMyconid: no rudisplorker title as of yet
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    Rudisplorker of the faith, true Rudisplorker
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    Because Pun-pun was on the road to ultimate power first, and he hates your guts.
    Extended Sig

    I'm a template!

    And an artifact!