A most self-possessed individual.
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LE Imp 7/Survivor 2/Fiend of Possession 6/Dungeon Lord 5
On alignment:
Nataksukan starts as LE but slowly leans towards LN. He is not good, but as he gains more power, he realizes that good or evil plays little role for him and he concentrates on law mostly. After all, that's what makes devils different from demons. If it is worth the shift is up to the reader and player/DM using him however.

The story
Nataksukan is not his true name, but it is the name that he is known under the most. Nataksukan was young and eager imp living in Nine Hells who sought a way to prove himself and get promoted as he was sick of being bullied by other devils and even by older and more experienced imps. When a call by evil wizard appeared, trying to summon an imp to become his familiar Nataksukan answered as fast as he could.
His first bargain was big success for Nataksukan. It seemed that he loses a lot as he vowed to not tempt the wizard in any way, magical or mundane, and to serve him unquestionably. However he also made sure, that after wizards death he could stay on the material plane and should he ever get banished, the wizard would have to summon him again. Knowing the wizard was evil and that his soul would belong to devils anyway, Nataksukan didn’t even have to tempt him. He was helping him to build and secure his sanctuary and in his free time, he was visiting nearby villages to make suggestions and to whisper in peoples ears. When people became suspicious of something bad happening he started suggesting, that evil thing is living nearby. He later used his alternate form and disguises to visit various villages and tell them stories of evil wizard living here and even told them about some of his defenses as he posed as lucky surviving adventurer who escaped certain death. The news spread quickly and band of real adventurers and would-be heroes soon flooded the wizard’s sanctuary, equipped with information on how to bypass most of its defenses, and killed the wizard whose soul was dragged into hells. This all happened in less than five months after Nataksukan was summoned.
Being free, Nataksukan left the region entirely to avoid suspicion and started his evil work elsewhere. While he found that living on his own was much harder and he could not hone his skills as much as he would want to, he learned other things needed for survival. The most important thing was how to possess items. He was using this ability to great effect, learning more and more tricks until he found what made him so famous.
It was small village build on ruins of older town and he found it by accident when he was being carried in a sword by some unknown adventurer. When they entered the village, he explored it a bit and found a lot of underground catacombs, still filled with old magical items and artifacts. He immediately got an idea of how to use them. He let the adventurer left, still thinking he has highly magical sword, and instead began his work in the village. He chose a small totem that could be dug up easily as it was close to the village and started making suggestions to few locals, that he is a guardian spirit of the old town and that their presence here has awakened him and that he wishes to guard people again. While it took some time before people actually believed him, they finally dug out the totem, which he already possessed. He started sharing his knowledge of various thing with villagers who were willing to listen to him, slowly rebuilding the village so it could be defended better, clearing the catacombs and getting various magical items that they could use (though he made sure to grab the most powerful items for himself first). He used his ability to commune to give the villagers answers to various important questions and slowly got a shrine dedicated to himself build. It was at this time, that he started using his name - Nataksukan. He did what he could to help the village prosper; forged new laws and served as a judge. In time people began to worship him and he showed them rituals to unite them and grant everyone small magical power to communicate. He was growing in power and villagers were even spreading word about their protector spirit to surrounding area. His influence and power was growing as did numbers of his followers. Nataksukan was to become smaller god of protection and laws and he loved it. He didn’t need any promotion from devil lords anymore as he would soon surpass them in power…

Character sheet

Ability scores:
Str 10
Dex 10
Con 10
Int 18
Wis 12
Cha 14
+2 dex for race, +4 more dex and +2 wis for leveling in Imp class, +4 int for ability scores increases every 4 levels
Total ability scores:
Str 10
Dex 16
Con 10
Int 22
Wis 14
Cha 14

Level Class Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skills Feats Class Features
1st Imp 1 +1 +2 +2 +2 Hide 4, Move silently 4, Spellcraft 4, Craft (trapmaking) 4, Bluff (cc) 2(4), Disguise (cc) 2(4), Diplomacy (cc) 2(4), Kn. (arcana) 4, Kn. (architecture and engineering) 4, Kn. (local) 4, Kn. (religion) 4, Kn. (planes) 4 Educated (kn. religion and kn. rchitecture and engineering) Subtypes (evil, lawful), sting 1d4 (1 dex, 1d4 dex), +1 natural armor
2nd Imp 2 +2 +3 +3 +3 Hide 5, Move silently 5, Spellcraft 5, Craft (trapmaking) 5, Bluff (cc) 2(5), Disguise (cc) 2(5), Diplomacy (cc) 2(5), Kn. (arcana) 5, Kn. (architecture and engineering) 5, Kn. (local) 5, Kn. (religion) 5, Kn. (planes) 5 Weapon finesse (b) +2 wis, detect good at will, detect magic at will
3rd Imp 3 +2 +3 +3 +3 Hide 5, Move silently 5, Spellcraft 5, Craft (trapmaking) 5, Bluff (cc) 2(5), Disguise (cc) 2(5), Diplomacy (cc) 2(5), Kn. (arcana) 5, Kn. (architecture and engineering) 5, Kn. (local) 5, Kn. (religion) 5, Kn. (planes) 5 - Polymorph (1st form), fly 30 (perfect), fire resistance 5, +2 natural armor
4th Imp 4 +3 +3 +3 +3 Hide 6, Move silently 6, Spellcraft 5, Craft (trapmaking) 5, Bluff (cc) 3(6), Disguise (cc) 3(6), Diplomacy (cc) 3(6), Kn. (arcana) 6, Kn. (architecture and engineering) 5, Kn. (local) 5, Kn. (religion) 6, Kn. (planes) 5, Kn. (nobility) 5 Mindsight +2 dex, poison (1d4 dex, 1d4 dex), DR 5/silver or holy, invisibility at will
5th Imp 5 +3 +3 +3 +3 Hide 6, Move silently 6, Spellcraft 5, Craft (trapmaking) 5, Bluff (cc) 3(6), Disguise (cc) 3(6), Diplomacy (cc) 3(6), Kn. (arcana) 6, Kn. (architecture and engineering) 5, Kn. (local) 5, Kn. (religion) 6, Kn. (planes) 5, Kn. (nobility) 5 - Regeneration 1, suggestion 1/day, +3 natural armor
6th Imp 6 +3 +3 +3 +3 Hide 6, Move silently 6, Spellcraft 5, Craft (trapmaking) 5, Bluff (cc) 3(6), Disguise (cc) 3(6), Diplomacy (cc) 3(6), Kn. (arcana) 6, Kn. (architecture and engineering) 5, Kn. (local) 5, Kn. (religion) 6, Kn. (planes) 5, Kn. (nobility) 5 - +2 dex, polymorph (2nd form), fly 50 (perfect), commune 1/week (3 questions)
7th Imp 7 +3 +3 +3 +3 Hide 6, Move silently 6, Spellcraft 5, Craft (trapmaking) 5, Bluff (cc) 3(6), Disguise (cc) 3(6), Diplomacy (cc) 3(6), Kn. (arcana) 6, Kn. (architecture and engineering) 5, Kn. (local) 5, Kn. (religion) 6, Kn. (planes) 5, Kn. (nobility) 5 - Poison (1d4 dex, 2d4 dex), regeneration 2, commune 1/week (6 questions)
8th Survivor 1 +3 +5 +5 +5 Hide 7, Move silently 7, Spellcraft 5, Craft (trapmaking) 5, Bluff (cc) 3(7), Disguise (cc) 3(7), Diplomacy (cc) 3(7), Kn. (arcana) 6, Kn. (architecture and engineering) 5, Kn. (local) 5, Kn. (religion) 7, Kn. (planes) 5, Kn. (nobility) 5 - Uncanny dodge (dex bonus to AC), ability increase
9th Survivor 2 +3 +6 +6 +6 Hide 8, Move silently 8, Spellcraft 5, Craft (trapmaking) 5, Bluff (cc) 4(8), Disguise (cc) 4(8), Diplomacy (cc) 4(8), Kn. (arcana) 6, Kn. (architecture and engineering) 5, Kn. (local) 5, Kn. (religion) 8, Kn. (planes) 5, Kn. (nobility) 5 - Evasion
10th Fiend of possession 1 +3 +8 +8 +8 Hide 9, Move silently 8, Spellcraft 5, Craft (trapmaking) 6, Bluff (cc) 5(9), Disguise (cc) 5(9), Diplomacy (cc) 5(9), Kn. (arcana) 6, Kn. (architecture and engineering) 5, Kn. (local) 5, Kn. (religion) 9, Kn. (planes) 6, Kn. (nobility) 5 Fell conspiracy Ethereal form, hide presence, possess object
11th Fiend of possession 2 +4 +9 +9 +9 Hide 10, Move silently 8, Spellcraft 5, Craft (trapmaking) 5, Bluff (cc) 6(10), Disguise (cc) 6(10), Diplomacy (cc) 6(10), Kn. (arcana) 7, Kn. (architecture and engineering) 5, Kn. (local) 5, Kn. (religion) 10, Kn. (planes) 6, Kn. (nobility) 5 - Curse, magic item
12th Fiend of possession 3 +4 +9 +9 +9 Hide 11, Move silently 8, Spellcraft 5, Craft (trapmaking) 5, Bluff (cc) 7(11), Disguise (cc) 7(11), Diplomacy (cc) 7(11), Kn. (arcana) 7, Kn. (architecture and engineering) 6, Kn. (local) 5, Kn. (religion) 11, Kn. (planes) 7, Kn. (nobility) 5 - Control object, ability increase
13th Fiend of possession 4 +5 +10 +10 +10 Hide 12, Move silently 8, Spellcraft 5, Craft (trapmaking) 5, Bluff (cc) 8(12), Disguise (cc) 8(12), Diplomacy (cc) 8(12), Kn. (arcana) 7, Kn. (architecture and engineering) 8, Kn. (local) 5, Kn. (religion) 12, Kn. (planes) 7, Kn. (nobility) 5 Blessing of the godless Animate object, possess creature
14th Fiend of possession 5 +5 +10 +10 +10 Hide 13, Move silently 8, Spellcraft 5, Craft (trapmaking) 5, Bluff (cc) 9(13), Disguise (cc) 9(13), Diplomacy (cc) 9(13), Kn. (arcana) 8, Kn. (architecture and engineering) 8, Kn. (local) 5, Kn. (religion) 13, Kn. (planes) 8, Kn. (nobility) 5 - Ally or enemy, possess noncontinuous object
15th Fiend of possession 6 +6 +11 +11 +11 Hide 14, Move silently 8, Spellcraft 5, Craft (trapmaking) 5, Bluff (cc) 10(14), Disguise (cc) 10(14), Diplomacy (cc) 10(14), Kn. (arcana) 8, Kn. (architecture and engineering) 10, Kn. (local) 5, Kn. (religion) 15, Kn. (planes) 8, Kn. (nobility) 5 - Control creature
16th Dungeon lord 1 +6 +11 +13 +13 Hide 14, Move silently 14, Spellcraft 5, Craft (trapmaking) 5, Bluff (cc) 10(14), Disguise (cc) 10(14), Diplomacy (cc) 10(14), Kn. (arcana) 8, Kn. (architecture and engineering) 10, Kn. (local) 5, Kn. (religion) 16, Kn. (planes) 8, Kn. (nobility) 5 Leadership Dungeon mastery, horde lord +1, ability increase
17th Dungeon lord 2 +7 +11 +14 +14 Hide 15, Move silently 15, Spellcraft 5, Craft (trapmaking) 5, Bluff (cc) 10(14), Disguise (cc) 10(14), Diplomacy (cc) 10(14), Kn. (arcana) 10, Kn. (architecture and engineering) 10, Kn. (local) 5, Kn. (religion) 17, Kn. (planes) 10, Kn. (nobility) 5 - Dungeon step
18th Dungeon lord 3 +8 +12 +14 +14 Hide 16, Move silently 16, Spellcraft 5, Craft (trapmaking) 6, Bluff (cc) 10(14), Disguise (cc) 10(14), Diplomacy (cc) 10(14), Kn. (arcana) 11, Kn. (architecture and engineering) 11, Kn. (local) 5, Kn. (religion) 18, Kn. (planes) 11, Kn. (nobility) 5 Complete awareness, dungeon minions
19th Dungeon lord 4 +9 +15+12 +15 +15 Hide 17, Move silently 17, Spellcraft 5, Craft (trapmaking) 7, Bluff (cc) 10(14), Disguise (cc) 10(14), Diplomacy (cc) 10(14), Kn. (arcana) 12, Kn. (architecture and engineering) 12, Kn. (local) 5, Kn. (religion) 19, Kn. (planes) 12, Kn. (nobility) 5 Extra followers Animate objects
20th Dungeon lord 5 +9 +12 +15 +15 Hide 18, Move silently 18, Spellcraft 5, Craft (trapmaking) 8, Bluff (cc) 10(14), Disguise (cc) 10(14), Diplomacy (cc) 10(14), Kn. (arcana) 13, Kn. (architecture and engineering) 13, Kn. (local) 5, Kn. (religion) 20, Kn. (planes) 13, Kn. (nobility) 5 Dungeon defender, horde lord +2, leadership, ability increase

Savage species imp is wierd one. The book is considered 3.25 for a good reason as the imp is somewhere between 3.0 imp and 3.5 one. You should talk to your DM about this if possible. I used Savage species version of the class as written, only using Text-trumphs-tables on regeneration (as it was regeneration 1 at start and then fast healing 2, while still being mentioned as regeneration in text). The class is missing 2 points of natural armor, 4 points of charisma and some skills as class skills (as they changed a bit). It shouldnt be much of work to implement these changes, but for Iron Chef, I wanted to go by RAW as much as possible.

So, what is it all about?

Nataksukan is using his followers as worshipers to achieve godhood. He shares his rituals with them, educates them, and then sends them to other towns and villages to spread the word about him. In the meantime he is also rebuilding the village into his image. He fortifies it, builds hideouts in the catacombs for the villagers should some trouble come their way and prepares traps so they could protect themselves. If he could choose his high level followers, he would get at least one cleric and one wizard both with Craft wondrous items feat and instruct them to make magical repeating traps with helpful spells, such as Cure light wounds, Remove disease, Create food and water, Purify food and water etc. to make small version of Tippyverse. Such items would help greatly in spreading word about his magical powers. He could use ritual sacrifices to give his crafters experience, using those who grossly broke the laws or were poking too much, though he prefers to avoid doing this to avoid any suspicion. He needs not to be evil any longer to get his power, though he still might use these techniques to gain more power quickly if he is sure to not get caught. After all he cannot die of old age so he can afford to wait and work slowly to complete his goals.

But wait, where is the dungeon?

Glad you asked. The entire village he controls and the catacombs beneath it should be considered his dungeon. He fortifies it constantly, making both him and his closest worshipers feeling safe. He then shares his knowledge of whole village with its inhabitants except private parts of each home and his secret rooms, where he has his wealth stored. Whenever someone enters the village, Nataksukan gets alerted and quickly goes to check on the newcomer, if he can. He uses his detect good and detect magic abilities to get some information.

Level breakdown
Nataksukan is no fighter. He depends on his skills of misdirection and his knowledge to keep him out of troubles. He is more suited to be NPC then PC as he is also very dependent on his followers and his seat of power in the village.
Ecl5: At this level you are holding up with others. Barely. You already got 2 dead levels, but your 3 levels as outsider are really good, giving you good BaB, saves, reasonable hitpoints and good amount of skills. You should focus on scouting and being sage for your party. You can also act as secondary face if needed, but the skills you need are cross class and your charisma isn't the highest.
Your polymorph form should be probably human. This is so you can blend in with the party and to help you infiltrate. Use your disguise skill (and various bonuses from tools or magic items) to not rise suspicion. Damage reduction and regeneration (or fast heal, depends on how your DM) along with some natural armor should help you to stay alive, but in fights you are mostly useless and you should avoid them if you can. Your detect magic, detect good, invisibilty at will and mindsight along with your knowledge skills should give you enough information to prepare your party for anything that you might encounter.
Ecl10: You finished your imp class, getting all the benefits, and already went through survivor into your first level of fiend of possession. Survivor is there to give you even more survivability as you still don't care much about fighting, so the loss of BaB isn't bothering you that much. Your second shape should be something more useful for you and is up for your taste. It can be anything not larger then medium size with up to 3 hd from following types: aberration, animal, dragon, fey, giant, humanoid, magical beast, monstrous humanoid, ooze, plant or vermin. I would personaly go for Marrulurk from sandstorm. They have above average stats, get sneak attack and death attack based on your HD and Cha (and with your invisibility at will you should be getting into situations to use it often if you play it smart). Your fiend of possession level is helping you in scouting even better, as you can go ethereal and scout efectively while possessing items. Your fell consipracy feat also lets your party communicate easily, either with priceless message spells or with 100ft telepathy for 50 gp.
Ecl15: Congratulations, you finished fiend of possession, and it feels good! You are now even harder to hurt, as you should be possessing something all the time, or at least be in ethereal form. Scouting is now even easier as you can animate the object you are possessing, moving around or if needed attacking with it. (This is why you should love statues for example.) In combat, you should be either trying to possess an enemy and control him or at least buff your meatshields equipment or himself by granting him bonuses from Ally or enemy.
Ecl20:You are unquestionable master of your village now. You know of everyone who enters it not only from your Dungeon lord abilities, but also from your network of followers who all participate in your fell conspiracy ritual. The blessing of the godless is meant only for the closest followers (those who you get from your leadership and who will not betray you) and it will give them even more bonuses. You can possess everything in the village to use against would-be attackers. You can animate objects either by possessing them or by using your Dungeon lord ability, you can spring mechanical traps even as rogue is disarming them if you possess them, or just possess the rogue, take control, make him black out and pass the trap. Once it springs at the others, jump in and attack. The duration of possession is not long, but it should be more then enough to make damage. Still, by now you should be avoiding combat anyway as you have people to do this for you.

You usualy don't need items as you are possessing objects or creatures anyway. Still, apart from the standard items, Dimensional Shackles might come in handy to protect yourself from dismissal or banishment spells. Also, earplugs for when you can see powerful cleric who might use holy word as you need to hear it to be affected.

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