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    Codename: GARM

    Monthly Psych Report
    Subject: Codename: GARM
    Role: Specialist (Sniper/Containment)
    Gender: Female
    Nationality: United States of America
    Former Service: [REDACTED]

    Initial Observations: Subject continues to maintain personal equipment and possessions fastidiously, bordering on obsessively. Subject's living quarters are sparsely decorated, tidy, and cleaned with the same obsessive attention to detail. Only observed effort at personalization is found on the wall opposite her bed, written in newspaper clippings: "A wind-age, a wolf-age." The clippings are taken from reports of national or global tragedies. Subject did not answer when asked about the clippings.

    Subject's grooming shows signs of stress. Fingernails are chewed and scabbed where hangnails have been ripped out. Hair is kept short and is often messy from where subject touches or ruffles it compulsively. Area near the subject's apparatus is clean and free of scar tissue, but the backs of the subject's hands are scarred and scratched. Subject claims that she itches and will not explain further.

    Socialization: Subject appears to crave human contact but has trouble integrating with the other soldiers. Subject will respond if approached and sometimes approaches others, but quickly loses patience with them, sometimes leading to violent outbursts. Weapon ban while the subject is on base continues to be recommended, though it had not stopped her from injuring three (3) of her peers since her last evaluation. Curiously, the subject has not shown any signs of aggression whatsoever towards her handler (Amanda Walker) and Ms. Walker's efforts often defuse otherwise-violent situations. Subject sometimes speaks in Icelandic; when questioned, she claims that she 'forgets where she is' and 'lapses'. Subject refuses to elaborate on these statements.

    Subject collects books pertaining to ancient Norse culture and religion and refers to herself as Asatru, 'faithful to the gods'. Subject has yet to display outward signs of religious practices (but see Performance, below), though she grows visibly interested if the subject of Norse culture and religion is brought up, and pays close attention to anyone speaking various Scandinavian languages.

    Performance: Subject continues to display a chilling level of detachment and professionalism in the field, especially in containment operations. Subject favors distance engagements and is remarkably talented in preparing the battlefield to her favor, even with few resources. Field tests of the Helheim Protocol and the Ragnarok Protocol both indicate that they function as advertised, and their use is approved with Ms. Walker's explicit authorization.

    However, subject displays a worrying lack of attachment to her squadmates, often pulling out or away from a combat zone without warning them. While this practice has not affected mission success rate, it is believed that the subject's failure to warn or communicate with her squadmates has lead to needless deaths. Subject refused to comment on this practice and had to be sedated when questioned further. Ms. Walker has offered her full support and cooperation in fielding the subject, and this office endorses her involvement. The subject's skills are simply too valuable to lose, especially in the forward base placement suggested for her.

    Subject occasionally displays signs of religious or semi-religious leanings during missions, especially during times of stress or when the Ragnarok Protocol has been engaged. The phrase, "To you, Lord Odin, the blood," has been murmured frequently and appears to harken back to ancient traditions of human sacrifice. When questioned on the matter, the subject claims that she has not and will never engage in the practice, and that it is "complicated".

    Conclusion: Subject is combat-ready but should be monitored and kept away from vital data and equipment. Recommend placing her in a forward base to react to hotspots in lightly-defended areas. Subject can operate with little to no additional support.

    Analyst's note: It is my personal, not professional, opinion that Codename: GARM would benefit from enforced socialization and, if possible, a reduction in her personality suppressant regimen. She remains resistant to our requests to analyze and replicate her cybernetics.
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