As I mentioned, I have several ideas. Since I find PF races harder to tweak, paradoxically enough, I'll start with that one first. I've used the PF racial stat block model, which is a nauseating amount of work.

For Elric: The Altovilla.

Spoiler: The Altovilla
History: Legend tells of a Great Wyrm dragon, in times of old (although few recall the color of its scales) who became enamored of the martial prowess of the mortal races. For a creature of inherent magical and physical power, to see these paltry races play at soldier with their handcrafted tools seemed at first an exercise in frustration and futility; but as this nameless ancestor watched, he found himself fascinated with the focus, the artistry, and the dedication of these tiny creatures. Descending from his lair, and taking human shape, he walked among the people he encountered, studying their arts and joining their community. In time, he took a wife, and had children. It was in the birth of his half-dragon children that the truth of his nature was revealed, for unlike their father, they were not adept in concealing their true nature.

The nameless dragon had, by this time, developed a following of students of his martial craft. Now fallen into disrepute, he, his family, and his students took their leave, and departed for places unknown. The community continued to refine the arts of combat, and the generations diluted the blood of the dragon, who eventually passed from the world.

The descendants of this dragon and his students had taken up residence in a hermitage located deep within the hidden peaks of a mountain range. So it was that they named themselves for their home; they were known as the Altovilla.

Physical Description: Altovilla are roughly human in appearance, although they tend to have slight reptilian features, such as scaled skin, slitted eyes, or enlarged, sharp teeth. These features are purely cosmetic, and vary wildly in severity and coloration. Altovilla are known to take titles based in part on their appearance; for example, one with blue scales might be called "Yodan Skyscale," while one with amber irises might be "Kalia Serpentseye."

Society: Altovilla place high emphasis on training. It is very common for one's social status to be directly proportionate to one's successful efforts in a given field. That said, Altovilla do not narrowly define "training" - training might include sparring or martial training, but also practicing music, or studying alchemy. There is even one famous Altovilla, Tothek the Effortless, who became esteemed for training in what he called "the art of highly effective laziness."

That said, Altovilla most highly prize martial prowess. Not mere brute strength, but artistry and skill are among the most valued abilities of Altovilla warriors. Those who are strongest and most skilled quickly rise to positions of prestige. Those who are weak are not scorned, however; as long as they continue to try, and to train, they are commended for their efforts, and encouraged by the community as a whole.

Relations: Altovilla tend to be very insular, due to their semi-exiled upbringing. Outsiders will be cautiously welcomed, but generally avoided, within the Altovilla community.

An Altovilla abroad is another matter entirely. Altovilla travel almost exclusively for training, whatever that might mean to the Altovilla in question. As such, they welcome encounters and new experiences, as these will likely aid in their training. Altovilla adventurers tend to be friendly and outgoing, regardless of race or background.

The one thing that is anathema to Altovilla mentality, that can turn off an Altovilla most quickly, is a lack of desire to improve. Those who become complacent are an object of disgust or horror to the Altovilla.

Alignment: The tendency of the Altovilla towards training causes many to lean towards a Lawful alignment. However, this is not universal; for example, one Altovilla, Copas the Hideously Inebriated, dedicated his training to the consumption of intoxicating substances, and was (to most observers) highly Chaotic.

Adventurers: Altovilla travel for training. Training is life. Altovilla adventurers recognize that there is training to be had in peril, in exploration, or in protecting and serving others. Given their tendency towards martial combat, Altovilla most commonly gravitate towards the martial classes (Stalker, Warder, and Warlord), although members of other classes are not unheard of.

Ability Score Racial Traits: Altovilla characters gain a +2 racial bonus to one ability score of their choice to represent their varied nature.
Size: Altovilla are Medium creatures and thus receive no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Type: Altovilla are Humanoids with the reptilian subtype.
Base Speed: Altovilla have a base speed of 30 feet.
Languages: Altovilla begin play speaking Common. Altovilla with high Intelligence scores can choose any languages they want (except secret languages, such as Druidic).

Racial Traits:
Martial Training I: Even though their paths diverge, all Altovilla are trained in the fundamentals of martial combat. Altovilla gain Martial Training I as a bonus feat at first level, even if they do not meet the prerequisites.
Defensive Training, Greater: Rigorous Altovilla training focuses on skill and defense. Altovilla gain a +2 dodge bonus to AC.

Alternate Racial Traits:
Advanced Study: Altovilla benefit more from the training of martial adepts than other races. Altovilla with this trait take Advanced Study as a bonus feat at first level, even if they do not meet the prerequisites. Replaces Martial Training I.
Focused Study: Not all Altovilla focus on combat; some refine their other skills. At 1st, 8th, and 16th level, members of this race gain Skill Focus in a skill of their choice as a bonus feat. Replaces Defensive Training, Greater.

Favored Class Options:
Stalker: Add +1/4 to the Stalker's ki pool.
Warder: Add +1/6 to the Warder's Aegis (or Guardianship) bonus.
Warlord: Add +1/3 to the number of maneuvers recovered when the Warlord successfully uses a gambit.

Keledrath, you're next.