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    Default Re: [3.x/PF] GitP Regulars as Deities... again.

    Quote Originally Posted by Elricaltovilla View Post
    OK, I'm game. Elricaltovilla
    You just had to Swordsage me, didn't you? Be glad I didn't make you God of Swordsages. Because that would be just plain weird.

    Spoiler: Elric, The Artist of War
    Apotheosis is a funny thing. There are those who were gods since time immemorial, others who became gods by being designated by the divine, and others who stumbled upon godhood via happy accident. And then there are those who achieve it simply because mortality can no longer contain their excellence.

    Elric was born to the sword. He lived by the sword. He traveled to myriad monasteries, knightly orders, and military training camps, mastering each style, each weapon, each technique in turn. Although he was occasionally called upon to command armies or conduct campaigns, he did not seek the battlefield. He never sought the glory of war; he simply sought to master its means.

    Age brings frailty to some, but to Elric it brought inspiration. Having mastered every technique he could find, he determined to set about creating new ones. It is believed that the first Blade Magic techniques were born from the fevered mind of the master himself. It is known for certain that he had a hand in creating several disciplines still studied today, including the Elemental Flux, Mithral Current, Piercing Thunder and Tempest Gale disciplines.

    When at last his time came, Elric was ushered, not unto the afterlife, but unto the hall of the gods. He had ascended, and would now stand as a symbol to those who would seek to refine and master the art of war. To this day, it is believed that Elric waits, believing that one day he would be surpassed and replaced by still a greater master of combat. But until that time comes, he is revered for his unparalleled technique and dedication.

    The faith of Elric is a fluid thing. Some practice his faith in martial monasteries, spending days in training and nights in prayer. Others gather in basements, offering token prayer before departing for individual projects. Elric himself requires only one thing of his followers: Training. Elric acknowledges that training takes many forms. There are those who train through rigorous discipline and repetition, and this is good, because their dedication creates a refined technique. There are those who train through drinking and indulging in life's vices, and this is good, because their free spirits create a fluid and adaptable method. There are those who train through protecting the weak, and those who train through subjugating them, and these are both good, because all disciplines require motivation. All Elric demands is that his followers never rest, never stop, but constantly strive to improve their martial skill.

    The most famous holiday of Elric is known as the Kumite. It is a festival of combat, where martial experts of all stripes come together to demonstrate their skill and excellence. It is held on the plains of Altovilla, in a place preserved by one of the few dedicated monasteries of Elric. Although there is a general agreement that combat is limited to the arenas, beyond the walls of the monastery, anything goes; rivalries, sabotage, even murders are not unheard of on the plains beyond the walls.

    The Studious Master, The Technician, The Artist of War
    Greater Deity
    Symbol: A sword angled in front of a field of stars
    Home Plane: Outlands
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Portfolio: Combat, martial study
    Worshipers: Any who seek to perfect their martial skills
    Cleric Alignments: Any
    Domains: Glory, Nobility, Strength, War
    Favored Weapon: Longsword

    Pantheon: Path of War
    Relationships: TBD
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