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    This is LoyalPaladin's Extended Signature

    Awesome comic with me in it, by Propagandalf!

    War stories of the lance.

    Spoiler: GitP Regulars as X

    Alternate Class Features
    Imbue (Loyal) Paladin (Thanks, Zaydos!)
    Holy Flirt (Thanks, Zaydos!)
    Bow of Justice (Thanks, Zaydos!)
    Proclaimer of the Faith (Thanks, Socratov!)

    Heaven's Wrath (Thanks, Draconium!)

    LoyalPaladin (Thanks Elricaltovilla!)
    Palladian, The Hero of Knights (Thanks, Red Fel!)
    Paladin-Sensei (Thanks, Neopheonix0...)

    Domains & Devotions
    Loyalty (Thanks, Zaydos!)

    Elder Evils
    The Paladin Most Loyal (Thanks, Red Fel!)
    Loya, The Paladin (Thanks, Jormengand!)

    Evil Twins
    Disloyal Pal Dan (Thanks, Zaydos!)
    Hector Loyalguard (Thanks, Snowbluff!)

    Chevalier (Thanks, Elricaltovilla!)
    LoyalPaladin's Holy Cold Iron Lemonade (Thanks, Troacctid!)

    Magic Cards
    Curse of the Martyr (Thanks, Amechra!)
    Loyal Paladin (Thanks, Snowbluff!)
    Loyal, Paladin of Ages (Thanks, Draconium!)
    Mindflood Incantation (Thanks, Amechra)
    Paladinís Dilemma (Thanks, UnseenMage!)

    Shield of Loyalty (Thanks, Zaydos!)
    Righteous Mope (Thanks, Zaydos!)
    Stance of the Loyal Paladin (Thanks, Red Fel!)

    Loy Al Avatar of Torm (Thanks, Zaydos!)
    LoyalPaladin (Thanks, Extra Anchovies!)

    The Gaolers (Thanks, Elricaltovilla!)

    The Para-Elemental Plane of Paladins (And Loyalty) (Thanks, Elricaltovilla!)

    Divine Affliction (Thanks, NeoPhoenix0!)
    Torm's Malady (Thanks, NeoPhoenix0!)
    Paladin's Pox (Thanks, Zaydos!)

    Prestige Classes
    The Loyal Knight (Thanks, Elricaltovilla!)

    Paladines (Thanks, Elricaltovilla!)

    Reserve Feats
    Loyal Smite (Thanks, Snowbluff!)
    Loyal Protector (Thanks, Zaydos!)
    Hand of the Loyal (Thanks, Illyahr!)
    Shield of Loyalty (Thanks, Elixer_Breauer)

    Soulmelds & Veils
    Loyal Paladin's Spear of Light (Thanks, Stack!)
    Radiant Halo of the Loyal Paladin (Thanks, Stack!)

    Special Materials
    Palladinium (Thanks, Socratov!)
    Paladin's Loyalty (Thanks, SangoProduction!)
    Loyal Steel (Thanks, Zaydos!)

    Loyal Paladin's Solar Bow (Thanks, Zaydos!)

    Subclasses (5e)
    Oath of Loyalty (Thanks, Segev!)

    Paladesque (Thanks, Zaydos!)

    The Bow of Unbreaking Loyalty (Thanks, Zaydos!)

    Wondrous Items
    Sashimono of Paladinic Loyalty (Thanks, Zaydos!)

    Spoiler: Jr. Tormlets
    Ordained Jr. Tormlets
    • Socratov
    • Extra Anchovies
    • Illyahr
    • Eno Remnant

    Spoiler: Quotes

    Quote Originally Posted by Troacctid View Post
    Monkey Grip is not a very good feat, but I guess if life gives you badass oversized holy cold iron lemons, make badass oversized holy cold iron lemonade.
    Quote Originally Posted by Fallenreality View Post
    Remember kids. Friends don't let friends play Kender.
    Quote Originally Posted by Snowbluff View Post
    An (Ex)Girlfriend is just a girlfriend you can't get rid of with an AMF.
    Quote Originally Posted by illyahr View Post
    Party support bard, reporting in. I'm like Oprah with buff spells.

    "You get a Haste! You get a Haste! You all get a Haste! And I'm throwing in potions of Bull's Strength as an added bonus!"
    Quote Originally Posted by Nibbens View Post
    In PF, nothing stacks. In real life, nothing stacks unless you're a woman. In which case, everything stacks.
    Quote Originally Posted by Red Fel View Post
    When LP talks about Paladin stuff, you should probably listen.
    Quote Originally Posted by Greatest DM
    What makes Gallant special is not the ability scores, feats, or the type and number of dice you roll, it's the paladin fervor in how you play him. Stepping into a room, pointing at the biggest, baddest evil doer around saying "I smite thee in the name of Torm, and there is nothing you can do about it" doesn't require a feat or special ability.
    Quote Originally Posted by Draconium View Post
    What're you talking about? You're the only member of the party with a sense of fashion!
    Quote Originally Posted by Illven View Post
    Sun? All I know is the blasted daystar!
    Quote Originally Posted by Snowbluff
    Yeah, you can do a symbiote like that.

    "My wounds are healed! Amazing!"
    "It's not like I'm attached to you or anything!"

    Spoiler: LoyalPaladin's Play By Post Character Template

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    "Character quote."

    Spoiler: Appearance & Personality

    A brief summary of your character's appearance and personality.
    Spoiler: Background

    A longer more descriptive background.
    Spoiler: 10-Minute Background

    Step 1: Write 5 background and concept elements that you feel are important to your image of the character.
    Step 2: List at least two goals for the character.
    Step 3: List at least two secrets about your character. One is a secret the character knows, one is a secret that involves him but that he is not actually aware of yet.
    • (Known)
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    Step 4: Describe at least three people that are tied to the character. Two of them are friendly to the character, one is hostile.
    • (Friendly)
    • (Friendly)
    • (Hostile)

    Step 5: Describe three memories, mannerisms, or quirks that your character has.
    • (Memory)
    • (Mannerism)
    • (Quirk)

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