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    Default Re: [3.x/PF] GitP Regulars as Deities... again.

    oh hawkykins, i have a deity for you.

    Edit: I was stuck between fighter and assassin. So i went with the one i thought would be more fun.

    Blaec Hawk
    Alignment: Neutral
    Rank: Lesser Deity
    Domains: Competition, Destruction, Endurance, Magic, Strength, War,
    Symbol: A simple round shield with simple long sword in front of it.
    Favored Weapon: Jovar
    Portfolio: Swords and other pointy sticks, Swordsmen, Fighting magic

    Backstory: Blaec was a simple man who always wanted to be the best swordsman he could be, but his father was a wizard and would have none of that silly stick fighting. He wanted his son to be a powerful mage like himself and sent him off to wizard college. Blaec dropped out of wizard college, but the college had a no refund policy. So he went off to the nearby community swordsman college, which had free admission. He trained hard to be the best swordsman, and even added his own extracurricular training regime. This included carrying an entire heard of calves up a hill every day. He soon realized that was a bad plan because they were quickly growing, but he kept going. He graduated at the top of his class. When his father heard about this he disowned Blaec. Many of the wizards from the nearby wizard college would often pick on the swordsmen with their magic. Mysteriously one day while he and some other swordsmen at a reunion where being picked on, Blaec flexed his muscles and this somehow inexplicably stopped one of the spells the wizards were using. The swordsmen swiftly beat up the wizards and hung their underwear on a flagpole outside the wizard college. Blaec continued to master his martial prowess until one day he had seemingly mastered every weapon he could come across. A messenger from a god came to him to help him train more and found rare and exotic weapons for him to master until he had trained with every weapon, even some lost to time. When he had mastered the last weapon he had achieved insight into the way of the weapon and ascended to godhood.

    Pantheon: Fighter pantheon

    Relations: Often shows up when Snowbluff is accepting tributes only to run away

    Notes: His clerics praise him for giving them and awesome sharp stick to wield and not being evil.

    Clergy: Blaec accepts followers from all walks of life but doesnít accept those who are extreme in there alignment for it distracts them from training. Therefore his clergy is made of LN, CN, NG, NE, and TN people.
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