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    Quote Originally Posted by erikun View Post
    That got my attention. I'm a big Steven Brust fan.

    That said, I much prefer physical copies of my RPGs than digital copies. As in, I won't even bother if I'm not getting a book out of it. I see that the $20 tier offers print-on-demand physical softcover (priced about $10 above that after shipping, I'm sure) and there is a $50 hardcover tier. Is there any indication of if the stretch goals will be included in those books, or if they will be digital only?
    I'd ask the guy. Kickstarters I've backed have gone both ways, but PDF-only for stretch goals is fairly common.

    It largely depends, I think, on who's authoring them. If it's the same author, it should go in the main book. If it's freelancers, you probably wouldn't want to hold up book production if they flake out on you. I'd guess PDF, since this would significantly inflate the page-count.

    e: And Brust is apparently not writing it directly, but overseeing the authorship of the guide and everything. Which is pretty darn awesome, still. I'm a big fan of the series, too, and I'd be kicking in if I weren't already.

    Quote Originally Posted by SiuiS View Post
    Hmm. Obryn, I'm $20 in, how do I actually look at these QuickStart rules I'm supposed to have? I have been alerted of the latest stretch goal being met (blades of jhereg), and have received email saying the same, and that's it. Was hoping to look at the stuff today/tomorrow.
    There's been a few! They are in the updates.

    Here's the newest one. (backer-only of course)
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