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The Fel abides.
Red Fel's Sceptre of Subjugation
Descriptors: Evil, Mind-Affecting
Class: Daevic, Vizier
Slot: Hands
Saving Throw: Fort
The dark power of this mace forces your foes to kneel before you.
When this veil is shaped, the user gains a weapon of akashic energy, infused with the power of the lower planes. Treat this weapon as a mace. If the mace leaves your possession it dissipates at the end of your turn and can be reformed in your hand again as part of the swift action to invest essence. You may use your veilweaver level in place of your BAB when determining attack bonus and iterative attacks for this weapon.
Essence: The mace gains an enhancement bonus equal to half the points of essence invested in it.
Chakra Bind (Hands):[D4, G2, V2] When this veil is bound to your hands slot, once per round when you strike an opponent, they must make a fortitude save or be knocked prone. Creatures that are immune to tripping are instead slowed, as the spell, for one round.
Chakra Bind (Wrists):[D7, V8] As the wrist bind, but the target suffers a penalty to will saves against charm and dominate effect originating from you equal to 1+essence invested/2 for one round. This is a mind-affecting effect.