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I have no idea how these work but I'm down with having one of my own. I'm going to need an extended signature after this.
Lyre of Illyahir
Descriptors: [sonic], [mind-affecting], [fear], [charm]
Class: Vizier
Slot: Hands, Wrists
Saving Throw: Will

You summon a golden lyre of pure akasha, each string perfectly tuned to produce the easiest and most beautiful melodies available. You can choose to play this lyre as a standard action, if you do, all allies capable of hearing you gain a +1 morale bonus to attack and damage rolls. This bonus is increased by +1 for each point of essence invested in this veil.
Chakra Bind (hands):[V2] Instead of playing a song to invigorate your allies, you can instead play a song to terrify your foes. While this veil is bound to your hands, you can play this veil as a standard action. Enemies that hear you play must succeed on a Will Save or become shaken. Should you continue to play on the following round, any creature shaken by this effect must succeed on another Will Save or become frightened. This is a sonic, mind affecting effect.
Chakra Bind (Wrists):[V8] With this veil bound to your wrists, you can play a song to soothe enemies and make new friends. While you have this veil bound to your wrist slot, you may cast Charm Person as a spell like ability at will. If you have 4 or more points of essence invested in this veil, you may cast Charm Monster at will as a spell like ability. The Save DC for these effects is 10+ Essence Invested+ Intelligence Modifier. This is a mind affecting charm effect.