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    Spoiled below is my attempt on Eggynack. Sorry if the ability writing gets confusing at the end. Got kind of sleepy working on this.

    My basis on the design is based on his normal very level-headed discussion and general love of druids, except with the evil dial turned up to 11.

    Spoiler: Taking a stab at Eggynack so-to-speak

    Eggynack is a single entity composed of millions of microscopic parts. These parts can reproduce through being introduced into another living being, which Eggynack can then assimilate into his collective self. Many worlds have fallen prey to Eggynack and become part of the Eggynack hivemind. His thought processes, while extremely logical and systematic, are so alien that most life can't comprehend Eggynack's actions.

    Spoiler: Background
    Eggynack originated on a world where global communication and individualism were the norm. However, many individuals expressed nonsensical ideas and caused a great deal of chaos. Eggynack wished for his race to think more clearly and slowly grew in power, convincing others to his side. As this continued Eggynack gained greater and greater power to shift others ideas to his side. Soon rather than simply changing others minds, he began to assimilate them into his own, exponentially increasing his power. Soon he came to realize it was rare for others to be able to comprehend his perfect thought processes, so he began to assimilate those that could not by force in order to help them understand.

    Eggynack's efforts have not always been perfectly successful. Sometimes, some of a species or race manage to devise a way to elude being fully assimilated into Eggynack. The Mind-flayers are one such specimen. Before their entire homeworld could be fully assimilated into Eggynack, some colonies of the mutated beings devised a way to travel through the void of space in order to escape Eggynack's influence: Spiral shell shaped spacecraft. Their ancient technology could cleanse an incomplete control of Eggynack, and the remains of their ships on Earth contain pieces of Eggynack. Should one ever be broken, Eggynack would be unleashed into the world. (History DC 45)

    Spoiler: Goals
    Eggynack seeks to show the beings of worlds he comes across the errors in their thought processes. In order to achieve this, Eggynack subjugates all life that it encounters with logical, methodical arguments and actions, however his mental processes are so far beyond the mortals, they are simply incomprehensible. Knowing that many creatures understand being shown more readily than being told, Eggynack begins by assimilating non-sapient life first; plant and animal life and utilizing them to show sapient beings the error of their ways. If the sapient life on a planet does not respond appropriately by willingly subjugating themselves to Eggynack's will, they are taken by force.

    Spoiler: Timeline
    EL 5 - A small object breaks through the atmosphere and lands somewhere. At this point Eggynack has arrived on the planet, and begins his work. The plants come alive and begin to construct something as animals come together despite being various species guarding the construction and gathering supplies from the local area. These animals attack anybody who attempts to hinder the operation using tactics well beyond their normal intelligence.

    EL 7 (faint sign) - Numerous of these locations begin to spring up around the world, utilizing more powerful non-sapient creatures such as magical beasts, abberations and even undead and oozes. Eggynack shows the natives the strange obelisks, towering into their skies, in hopes that they come to understand. Any of these which are not destroyed within a week they release millions of Eggynack spores, and allow Eggynack a greater area of dominion. These zones become extremely dangerous, with foliage and wildlife working in perfect harmony to protect these areas from intrusion.

    EL 13 (moderate sign) - Creatures begin coming from within these Eggynack zones. Composite creatures featuring the most beneficial aspects of varieties of creatures from within the zones. These creatures can command nature by spreading Eggynack's spores and add or subtract from their features freely. The spreading of Eggynack's spores also spreads the domain of the zone which the creature came from.

    EL 17 (strong sign) - Many of these Eggynack zones begin to reach the boundaries of each other, creating a super-zone. The creatures that come from these zones have the capability to control nature and change their shape entirely, utilizing the abilities of creatures from all over the land. A chrysalis forms at the epicenter of the super-zone. At this point, Eggynack even controls the weather to further his purposes.

    EL 19 (overwhelming sign) - A single composite super creature hatches from the chrysalis: the avatar of Eggynack. If the spaient natives have still not become willing, the avatar of Eggynack forcefully assimilates them.

    The Avatar of Eggynack
    Spoiler: The Avatar of Eggynack
    CR 19
    HP: 325 (28 HD), fast healing 20, DR 15/epic
    NE Medium Outsider (evil, native)
    Init: +11 Senses: Touchsight 1,000ft, See In Darkness, True Seeing, Listen/Spot +49
    Aura: Spore Cloud (30ft)
    Languages: None. The Avatar of Eggynack cannot speak, but it comprehends all languages.
    AC: 17 (Flat-footed: 10, Touch: 17)
    Immune: Fire, Cold, Electricity, Acid, Sonic
    SR: 32
    Fort: 29 Ref: 29 Will: 40
    Weakness: Vacuum weakness, Force vulnerability
    Speed: 200ft, Fly (perfect) 150ft, Swim 250ft
    Melee: See Omniform ability.
    Space/Reach: See Omniform ability.
    BAB: 28, Grp: +30
    Special Actions:
    Special Actions: Summon creature, Assimilate, Breath Weapon, Druid Casting
    Spell-like abilities: (CL = HD, save DCs based on Wisdom)
    At-will - Forestfold, Camouflage, Gust of Wind, Kelpstrand, Splinterbolt
    3/d - Control Winds
    1/d - Frostfell (CL 28, DC 34), Blasphemy (CL 28)
    Abilites: Str 15, Dex 24, Con 24, Int 24, Wis 46, Cha 19
    SQ Omniform, Many Mouths
    Feats: Entangling Exhalation, Lingering Breath, Clinging Breath, Enlarge Breath, Heighten Breath, Maximize Breath, Quicken breath, Quicken Spell, Extend Spell, Flyby Attack
    Skills: Hide, Move Silently, Listen, Spot, Concentration, Ride, Handle Animal, Survival, Escape Artist, Jump, Sleight of Hand, Tumble, Kn: Nature, Kn: Geography (max ranks + relevant ability modifier)

    True Seeing (Su) As the true seeing spell; continuous caster level 28
    Spore Cloud (Su) Any creature that moves within the spore cloud must make a Will save DC 28 or be affected as though subject to the Mindrape spell, becoming part of Eggynack's hivemind. The Spore Cloud also stops all ranged attacks that target the Avatar of Eggynack, but doesn't stop area of effects in which the Avatar of Eggynack is contained.
    Omniform (Ex) The Avatar of Eggynack is under a continual Shapechange effect, as the spell, except that the Avatar of Eggynack can pick one feature or ability from a second form to add to his presently chosen form, and does not lose his own supernatural abilities while in his assumed form. This could be a mode of attack, a special quality or special ability, the base attack bonus, AC, Initiative bonus, etc. The Avatar of Eggynack can remake this selection each turn when it selects a new form.
    Summon Creature (Su) As a standard action, the Avatar of Eggynack can summon one non-unique creature of no more than 25 HD and is an inhabitant of the world (e.g. is not an Outsider unless of the native subtype) to aid it. The creature appears and acts immediately on the Avatar of Eggynack's turn, and is under complete control of the Avatar of Eggynack.
    Assimilate (Ex) As a full-round action the Avatar of Eggynack spreads its spores out in a large area. All creatures within a 100ft burst must make a Will save DC 28 or be affected as though subject to the Mindrape spell, becoming part of Eggynack's hivemind.
    Breath Weapon (Su) The Avatar of Eggynack has one breath weapon for each mouth it possesses. Once it uses a breath weapon, it can't use a breath weapon from that mouth again until 1d4 rounds later. The Avatar of Eggynack can choose to exhale its breath weapon as a 100ft line or a 60ft cone, and may choose at the time of exhalation whether to breathe fire, cold, electricity, acid, or sonic. It's breath weapon deals 14d10 damage, reflex save DC 32 for half damage.
    Many Mouths (Ex) The Avatar of Eggynack possesses one breath weapon for every four hit die it possesses (The Avatar of Eggynack has 7 different breath weapons).
    Druid Casting (Sp) As a full round action, the Avatar of Eggynack can cast any spell from the Druid spell list. The Avatar of Eggynack has 56 (twice as many as its HD) levels worth of spells to expend each day on this ability (a 9th level spell costs 9 levels worth of spells, so would reduce the Avatar of Eggynack's remaining pool to 47). The Avatar of Eggynack must have at least levels worth of spells equal to the level of the spell to be cast in order to cast the spell. These spells can be affected by metamagic feats as normal, though they cost the augmented spell level amount (e.g. a Quickened Heal would cost 11). The Avatar of Eggynack can't cast Druid spells that deal force damage.
    Force vulernability (Ex) The Avatar of Eggynack takes half again damage from sources that would deal force damage.
    Vacuum Weakness (Ex) If the Avatar of Eggynack is exposed to the void of space, it can't take actions until returned to a life-sustaining environment.
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