Jormengand The Curse Spewer

In the darkest bowels of space lies Jormengand. Some say they are the creator of the first curse, some say they are the first curse. In any case the being known as Jormengand was banished to the farthest reaches of the universe by the gods and the Lady of Pain after they attempted to curse the universe. (Know Religion: DC 20)

What was the curse? That all gods be stripped of their power and that that power be transferred to Jormengand, who was then going to attack the Lady of Pain and become the ruler of all universes. However the gods discovered Jormengand's plot and with the help of the Lady of Pain, banished them unto the farthest reaches of space. But periodically Ur-Priests and cultists who hate the gods will call to Jormengand and give them a beacon to fly to, and where Jormengand walks, destruction follows.

To steal all the gods power and kill the Lady of Pain to rule the Multiverse.

Dark Wings, Darker Words

Faint: A strange creature called a Jabber Bird begins to appear. It appears to be a Black Parrot and can imitate people with great clarity. No one knows where they came from or why the name Jabber Bird pops into their head.
Moderate: Curses become harder to resist. Anyone targeted by a spell with the [Curse] descriptor takes a -2 on the save, also anyone casting a [Curse] spell gets a +2 caster level. Jabber birds now occasionally attack people.
Strong: Creatures now automatically fail their saves against any spell with the [Curse] descriptor. Jabber Birds are now incredibly aggressive and the largest are now the size of Albatrosses. Jabber Birds are now intelligent, they change their Int score to 6. Jormengand Manifests.
Overwhelming:All Jabber Birds gain the SLA Bestow Curse 1/day, gain maximum HP for their HD and they all congregate together into a massive mile wide swarm somewhere on the world. Jormengand begins to travel to this swarm.

Malefic Property:
In addition the normal Malefic Property common to Elder Evils Jormengand has Curse Master:

Curse Master: As a standard action Jormengand can cast any spell with the [Curse] descriptor or with Curse in the Spell name as an SLA, the save for this ability is DC 31+ the level of the spell.

Jormengand has appeared on many worlds over the millennia and each time they have looked different. Jormengand is always a humanoid of some kind and they always have white hair, also they always appear in noble finery that looks like it has seen better days. Jormengand has 30 class levels, these will be different every time they appear.

Jomengand's goal is to make it to the center of the swarm. There they will complete the ritual to curse the gods and gain their power. Once in the center it will take 1 week to complete the ritual. Also the swarm generates an effect similar to the Tower of Pain, so the gods lose their power when near it and cannot affect it with their Divine Powers.

Spoiler: The Logic
Yes, curses, all the curses!!!! Also Jabber Birds are a thing that Jormengand concocted in a thread about mutated animals a long time ago, while i have totally included them in Amerhikan Wasteland, they still dont have a stat block. Ill get to it eventually i swear!