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    Quote Originally Posted by Leliel View Post
    Okay, I'm impatient. Time for a bribe.

    First person to write me up as an Elder Evil, using my hints or not, gets me to write them up.

    (And no, you need a full write-up of me before you qualify).
    Rlerlierl, Jaw of the Gods

    The maw wasn't always there, gaping in the center of the worlds. Some say that it was created by the mad wizards who create the owlbear and the tarrasque... but some know the truth. The world was a much simpler place before the shattering of the Great Mind, and it's body had enough power alone that each dying segment became a powerful entity in it's own right. The maw is just the most prevalent one. It gnaws it's way in and out of other universes, consuming the fabric of the planes to sate it's dying hunger.


    There is no goal, only the hunger. If there was any goal to satisfy it, those who know it would do anything to accomplish it they would do so out of desperation. The end is nigh, and we only have to wait until when.

    Perhaps if someone could bring it back to the other pieces, and put them together- just force them into the same place and- wishful thinking. We need a way to end this... thing before it ends us.


    The Dying Hunger

    Faint: Carrion birds feed themselves on the dead and dying until they gourge themselves to death.

    Moderate: Bite attack deal damage as if they were two size categories larger, and deal vile damage.

    Strong: All creatures are exhausted if they do not rest for the day. If they do rest, they are fatigued. This fatigue does not stack with fatigue from other days of rest. Resting after being exhausted from this effect will improve the creature's condition to fatigued.

    Overwhelming: All creatures suffer a -4 to wisdom, and need to eat twice as much in a day. If they do not eat enough in a day, they must make a DC 20 will save or attack another creature in order to eat its flesh.

    Malefic Property

    The Last Morsel

    The Jaw must feed on everything. The will of others is consumed by this need.

    All creatures in the presence of the Jaw must make a will save of 20 or aid the Jaw in its quest to feed itself. They attack other creatures indiscriminately with their unarmed or natural attacks. They have a -5 to this save if they have a bite attack. They heal HP equal to the amount of damage they deal with bite attacks.


    The jaw is just that. It's a colossal size lower jaw of a humanoid creature that must have been massive. The top part of the Jaw is formed when it chews on the very existence of the plane, and is composed of the flesh eaten by creatures influenced by the Jaw. These are usually bits of other creatures, starting with carrion and moving up up larger creatures and the mad influence is spread. They are cobbled together in a nonsensical manner that defies any further description. The Maw will make precisely one bite as it surfaces out of the nothing that makes its home. Afterwards, it will return from whence it came, letting the chewed chunks of creature rain from the sky. The bite it takes is unstoppable by current methods, and the damaged caused in undetectable by mortal means, but one day, aeons, the Jaw will awaken from its millennia long slumber that follows each bite, and take the final bite, and the world will crumble, and its inhabitants will fall into the nothing.

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