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    I finally have enough stuff for an extended sig!

    Contest Medals:
    Garag "Sunsword" Ragnarsund - JW IX - Silver
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    Marduk-bel-Iziri - VC II - Silver
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    House Min'Doan PbP - Zif'coip Min'Doan

    GitP Regulars as X done for me:
    Blackhawk748 made me into a Deity!
    Snowbluff made me a race!
    AmberVael made me into an Elder Evil.
    Elricaltovilla made me a Prestige Class!
    LoyalPaladin made me a Prestige Class too!

    Useful Stuff:
    5e Unearthed Arcana and Errata!
    Alternative ways to get new Class skills
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    My Extended Sig!

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