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    Permission granted


    (Loyal) Paladin ACF: Holy Flirt

    Level: 6th, 9th, 12th, 15th, or 18th.

    Replaces: Remove Disease 1/week (1 use).

    Effect: You gain a +4 sacred bonus on Gather Information checks made to gather information in inns and taverns of non-Always Evil races. In addition barmaids must make a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 your paladin level + your Charisma modifier) to intentionally lie to you.

    (Loyal) Paladin ACF II: Bow of Justice

    Level: 5th.

    Replaces: Special Mount

    Effect: Instead of gaining the ability to summon a special mount you gain the ability to summon a sacred bow from the angelic realms. Summoning the bow is a full round action and it remains until it is dismissed (swift action), dropped for more than 1 minute, or destroyed; if your bow is still extant on the Plane you may summon it to your hand as the same action it would take you to draw a weapon. This bow acts as a Composite Longbow with certain exceptions. You may apply your full Strength modifier to damage with this bow, and may choose to take a penalty to attack rolls for a round up to your BAB to gain twice that amount as a bonus to damage with the bow, and you may smite with attacks using this bow as if it were a melee weapon. Any damage dealt with this bow is considered to be Good aligned. In addition to these benefits your bow gains various benefits based upon your paladin level. Regardless of its enhancement bonus a paladin may add special qualities to his Bow of Justice as if it were a +3 weapon; he must still be able to enchant weapons or find/hire someone willing to enchant it for him.

    Paladin Level Enhancement Bonus
    Special Effects
    5th-7th +1 Bolt of Life, Disrupt Undead
    8th-10th +2 Holy, Point Blank Shot
    11th-13th +3 Close Combat Shot, Point Blank Shot
    14th-17th +4 Distant Watch
    18th+ +5 Slaying Arrows

    Bolt of Life (Su): A paladin with his Bow of Justice may use it to shoot a bolt of pure life energy. When wielding his Bow of Justice if a paladin uses his Lay on Hands or casts a Cure spell they may fire it from their bow. This makes it require a ranged touch attack (willing creatures lose their Dexterity bonus against this attack) and allows the paladin to use it at the same range as his bow, including range increments.

    Disrupt Undead (Su): A paladin may expend a daily use of Turn Undead as a swift action to add his Charisma modifier to attack and his class level to damage rolls against Undead for 1 round.

    Holy: The bow gains the Holy weapon quality.

    Point Blank Shot: A paladin wielding his Bow of Justice gains the benefits of the Point Blank Shot if they do not already have it.

    Close Combat Shot: The paladin does not provoke attacks of opportunity for shooting his Bow of Justice, and gain a +1 to hit and damage against creatures within the paladin's melee reach with unarmed strikes.

    Distant Watch: The paladin may as a standard action enter a stance of readiness. As long as the paladin does not move from his current square whenever a creature that the paladin can see within 1 range increment attacks a creature other than the paladin the paladin may make a single attack against the attacking creature. The paladin may make a number of attacks this way each round equal to the number of attacks of opportunity they could normally make or their Wisdom modifier whichever is higher.

    Slaying Arrow (Su): The paladin may, as a swift action, expend a use of Turn Undead to make the next arrow they fire during this round a slaying arrow against the creature type of their choice.
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