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    Anchovies' Vest of Bones
    Price: 7,200 GP.
    Body Slot: Torso
    Caster Level: 5th.
    Aura: Weak; DC 18 Necromancy.
    Activation: Standard (manipulation)
    Weight: 1/4 lb * remaining charges.

    This vest looks to be made from the ribs of various creatures. Each Vest of Bones has 24 ribs and 24 charges when it is made. As a standard action the wearer can pry one of the ribs from the material and toss it (expending a charge) causing it to transform into the wearer's choice of a troll skeleton or large shark skeleton. This creature is completely under the control of whoever is wearing the vest of bones, acting immediately as they are directed, and after 5 rounds transforms back into a completely inert rib.

    Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Items, Summon Undead III or Animate Dead.
    Cost to Create: 3,600 GP and 488 XP.
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