Spoiler: Otosaki Shizuka
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Name: Otosaki Shizuka
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Type: Esper
Level: 3
Affiliation Tokiwadai Middle School
Power Ranking: C+

Long black hair tied up in a ponytail, dull hazel eyes, Shizuka looks to all the world like a typical middle schooler. She has a light grey shoulder bag which she uses for her books.

Shizuka is quiet around strangers, tending to be very calm and polite. She loosens up a bit around her close friends though, and has quite a wit.

Shizuka can manipulate sound vibrations. This ability can only affect sounds above a certain amplitude threshold, and can be weaponized to create disorienting vibrations or even concentrated waves that can shatter objects.

Synesthesia (sound to color): Each sound has a color in Shizuka's eye.
Vocalist: Shizuka is an amazing singer, having practiced since she was young.

  • Tokiwadai Uniform
  • Tuner

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