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    Default Re: [3.5/PF] GitP Regulars as Templates (have we seriously not done this yet?)

    I give mine permission!

    And the first one for you, Snow!

    Yandere Template

    Type: Remains unchanged, gain [Evil] and [Yandere] subtypes.
    Alignment: Any evil
    Armor Class: Gain a +2 profane bonus to armor class
    Resistances: Increases Cold Resist by 10, Fire Resist by 10 (if this would increase the resistance to 30 or above, gain immunity to the elemental type instead)
    Speed: All speeds increase by 10 ft.
    Ability Score Changes: STR +2, DEX +4, INT +2, CHA +6
    Skills: +8 profane bonus to stealth, intimidate, and bluff.
    Special Abilities:
    • Aura of Fear - All enemies of equal or lesser CR within 10 ft. per hit die of the Yandere are shaken (no save). This is a fear effect.
    • She's behind me, isn't she? - A Yandere may make a stealth check once a round as a move action to disappear. Next round, if the check is successful, they may appear adjacent to any enemy in their line of sight.
    • Scion of Yandere Aptitude - A Yandere automatically qualifies for the Scion of Yandere PrC.

    CR: +3 (possibly reasonable, I dunno)
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