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    Default Re: [3.5/PF] GitP Regulars as Templates (have we seriously not done this yet?)

    Quote Originally Posted by Xuldarinar
    I am a shadow. Im semi-real, and I am to be shaped as others see fit, If I am remembered in the first place.
    You know, this inspired me.

    Spoiler: Xuldarinar
    Xuldarinar are dark spirits nesting in the Shadow Plane. Once the souls of Evil giants, they were banished and imprisoned in the shadow after their deaths as the result of an ancient curse. There, they spent millenia thinking about how best to take their revenge. They came to the conclusion that they needed to rewrite the features of reality to better suit their thirst for power : they call this project the Great Homebrewing. Others, however, reflected on their past deeds and atoned. These rare Xuldarinar use their homebrewing ability to improve the other Giants' existence. In both cases, they latch unto unsuspecting Giant travelers from the Material Plane and merge with their essence, essentially taking control of their bodies. They then use them as a means of return to the Material Plane, and as a conduit for their work.

    A Xuldarinar resembles the Giant it possessed, but it is permanently shrouded in a dark mist, and thus only its outline is visible.

    Creating A Xuldarinar
    "Xuldarinar" is an acquired template that can be added to any Giant.

    A Xuldarinar uses all the base creature’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here.

    Size and Type
    The creature’s type and size are unchanged. It gains the (Augmented) subtype.

    Xuldarinar gain a fly speed equal to their land speed, with perfect maneuverability.

    Armor Class
    The base creature's natural armor improves by +3.

    Special Attacks
    A Xuldarinar retains all the special attacks of the base creature. In addition, it gains the special attacks described below. The save DC against a special attack is equal to 10 + ½ Xuldarinar’s HD + Xuldarinar’s Cha modifier unless otherwise noted.

    Darkness as a spell-like ability, centered on itself, 3/day.

    Homebrew Balance (Su) : The Xuldarinar is able to warp reality using only the power of its mind. Once per day, it may designate a target (it may choose itself as a target). By concentrating for one full minute, it can temporarily (one hour per the Xuldarinar's HD) imbue the target with a special attack chosen among Breath Weapon, Frightful Presence and Poison, or a special quality chosen among the following : Damage Reduction 10/+1, Immunity to Cold and Fire, Fast Healing 5, or Spell Resistance 20. It may also remove any one of those special attacks and special qualities possessed by a creature. A successful Will save negates.

    Special Qualities
    A Xuldarinar has all the special qualities of the base creature as well as those described below.

    Darkness Mastery (ex): Whenever the illumination is shadowy or less, a Xuldarinar gains a +3 Deflection bonus to Armor Class and a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls.

    Homebrew affinity (Ex) : A Xuldarinar passively and immediately detects homebrew, as a permanent Detect Homebrew spell. When fighting against a creature with any homebrew features, a Xuldarinar gains a +2 morale bonus on attack and damage rolls.

    Homebrew Toughness (Ex) : Every homebrew material used in a Xuldarinar's build (including the Xuldarinar template itself) grants him 3 bonus hit points.

    The base creature's Charisma and Intelligence increase by +4 each.

    Xuldarinar have a +8 racial bonus on Diplomacy, Hide, Knowledge (metagame) and Sense Motive checks. Otherwise same as the base creature.

    These sinister creatures consider the whole of the Material Plane to be their Playground.

    Solitary or duo. Giants coming to the Shadow Plane are pretty rare, after all.

    Challenge Rating
    Same as the base creature +2.

    1d6 homebrew ideas.

    Usually either Neutral Good or Neutral Evil.

    Level Adjustment
    Same as the base creature +3.
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