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    Default Re: [3.5/PF] GitP Regulars as Templates (have we seriously not done this yet?)

    It is up to me to do something isn't it. Now i put a lot of thought into this, and by a lot i mean like i actually put any thought into this at all... So here you go Paladin-sensei

    Dynamic Lecturer

    Dynamic Lecturer is an acquired template That can be applied to any creature that is taught by another dynamic lecturer, donates at least 4000 gold to the cause of the teacher's choice, most often to a church or school, and shows up one last day after lessons to pick up a certificate, and possibly give a speech.

    Size and type:

    Special attacks:
    Intimidating lecture (Ex): As a free action, make a knowledge check. You begin lecturing a number of creatures based on the table below. You gain a +2 intimidation bonus to AC and a +2 intimidation bonus on saves against those creatures.

    Knowledge check number of creatures
    10+ 1
    15+ 2
    20+ 3
    25+ 4
    very 5 more +1

    Special qualities: Same as the base creature and the following
    Dynamic Studies: choose any two knowledge skills, those skills are always class skills.
    Dynamic Knowledge: You use Charisma instead of Intelligence when using knowledge skills.
    Dynamic Lecture: Any time you make a perform check you may instead use a knowledge check. You may also use a knowledge skill to fulfill any non-specific perform or perform (oratory) prerequisite.

    Abilities: +2 Cha, +2 Wis, -2 Int

    Skills: +4 bonus to any knowledge check used in place of a perform check or intimidating lecture.

    Challenge rating: +0

    Level Adjustment:

    edit: btw the new forum reply editor is absolute garbage (i'm talking about th change from before the huge switch over when everything looked different.) Most things about replying have improved but the editing is so much worse, I highly recommend using Microsoft or similar if possible or typing everything out and then editing it, cause dynamic editing is not possible, unless it is because of the scripts that i disabled, but that seems unlikely since i allow the actual site to do stuff.
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