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    Default Re: DM's campaign log- Wrath Of The Righteous (PF & spoliers!)

    The end of this long, yet fun session.

    Session 24, Part 4- Dances, A change, Final Negotiations

    After the library, it was time for the third interlude in negotiations.

    Third Interlude- Dances, Rivals, Bygone faces

    Lilith led the path once more, in the twisting strange halls. The party felt excited at the last win, but Julian was mostly silent, for she knew she will be in the next, and final negotiations, against Minhago. The party finally arrived at a great hall, a dancing hall. There were ornaments, decorations, and big wide floor. There were also quite a lot of other figures there, mostly various important looking demons (Such as Vallexia was), but also other figures, some mortals, some... stranger...

    The voice of conversations, of a party was all around, until Nocticula came. She strode to the center of the viewing stage, and sat,with her cloack of dark waters forming itself gain as a throne. The crowd grew silent. This night, My night, we celebrate. Dance, music, passion- that is life. Harmony, disharmony, change and rhythm. Put your mask on, choose a partner, and dance the night!" She looked at what must have been the band/ orchestra. "We shall commence with the dance of Leaves in the Storm!". The people quickly wentt to take masks.
    Sena's player jokingly chose one of Guy Fox (From "V for Vendetta"), but then just went with his own mask of Calistria.
    Mad Dog chooses the mask of a plain half elf.
    Andera takes a mask of a succubus.
    Julian... decides she won't wear a mask.
    The orchestra started playing...

    Leaves in the Storm dance- Blackheart, Two Steps from Hell
    (Thanks to Hawkstar for the great suggestion!

    As the music started, winds started billowing through the dance hall, and the party, like many others, felt their limbs start to move, whirl, and dance! The dance was quite fast, and the people changed partners quite often, every minute or so, out of the magic of the dance. The party members found themselves with... strange dance partners!

    Julian foudn herself dancing with... Areelu Vorlesh! As they twisted and jumped, they conversed briefly.
    V: "Ahh! So you're the new one, aren't you? I didn't meet you last time I encoutered your group. An unexpected… twist? I have heard about your.... tranformation... I must say it is quite intriguing...
    J: I have had a great teacher- you for example! Do you know your essence has pushed the powers of good?. (She's talking about Vorlesh teaching her through the Paradox) This is not something simply accomplished. (Look of understanding…)
    Vorlesh laughed. "Oh, we all have wide reaching effects, but do you understnad? Who is pulling your strings? Who's toy, puppet you are?
    It was Julian's turn to laugh: "Please! Such cheap tricks? I thought you were better! I can easily disgrace you in front of our hostess."
    Vorlesh smiled "You're talking about the mine? Hmmm... I assure you, it will not prove a major point. However, I wasn't trying to trick. Done with that. But it seems we shall have to complete this dance, won't we?"
    J: "Oh, it is such a DELIGHT dancing. I must say, it's so easy to manipulate you, I'm slightly disappointed!"
    V: "Now who's trying the cheap tricks? But... It was very interesting finally meeting you Julian. I think I understand... (With a slight look of apprehension). And with the music, they changed partners.

    Andera found himself dancing with Hephazimerah. The Minotaur priestess grunted in anger.
    Heph: "You! I heard you led the purge against our spy netwrok. I have a long memory! I will keep a special place, a special torment for you, and your tiefling mewlings! You spread your power amongst many, and that will make you weak!"
    An: "My, It seems like you're offended!
    Heph: "I take pleasure in taking out obstacles like you, one piece at a time. You'll see!"
    An: "Really? We've taken out any "obstacle" you've thrown at us so far. We're comign close to you, and your precious mine. YOU'LL see!"
    Hephazimerah gave a disgusted grunt, and the dance switched partners.

    Mad Dog found himself dancing (quite oddly) with The Storm King.
    SK: "So killer, I have heard about you, your power, your rage, your thirst for blood. My oh my, you'd make a wonderful demon. These… talks… these... parleying. They are not much for us, are they? We belong on the field of battle! I would relish the change to cross blades with you, my most wonderful beast, and then make you my fighting pet. Blood is blood, isn’t it?
    Mad Dog, a man of simple words, gave a nice answer: "Relish it not, and pet I would not be. Should we cross blades, a head would fall, yours or mine." (The party was quite impressed at this!)
    The balor got it's fiery burning head inches from Mad Dog's face, who didn't flinch. "Yes, till we clash again!" and the dance changed...

    Sena found himself dancing with Vorlesh as well.
    V: "A long time since we last met, no? I remember clapping..."
    S: "I see you're moving better now. How is the new wing?"
    Vorlesh extended it as part of the dance. "Quite nice thank you? How is John, and your soldiers?"
    S: "Oh, that old game? You're trying to make me do soemthing to upset our hostess?"
    V: "Just a friendly inquiry! Hmmm... You may be the first to withstand my temptation, and yet… you seem to fall far father than the rest. Your soul… detached, darkned. I heard of your mantra. I'm on it, Ain't I?"
    Sena laughed: "Oh, right t the top!"
    Vorlesh nodded in acknowledgment: "I would be offended otherwise! Isn't vengeance delightful? Magnificent? It has given you so much power, without it you wouldn't have gotten half as far. I know... about vengeance. If you'd like, I can help (Looks at Arulshee, and then Minhago). Friendly wise, no strings attached."
    Sena sighed "You seem to not understand me... you are blinded… I have manged to free a legion of your demons. This is the real revenge. Demons free from everything. This is the real threat to all of you, don't you see?"
    But Vorlesh attention was drawn elsewhere, to the dancing Julian, with a thoughtful look upon her face. She answered none the less. "You have been most... interesting to watch... Thank you, thank you indeed!" and the dance changed.

    Julian in the meantime was dancing with Minhago.
    M: How is your mother? I allready have agents looking for her. Imgine her despair at gettign captured again? A bitliek your father really... (Julian was a bit surprised) Oh, you never knew him as well, didn't you? He was a mighty barbarian with a small clan of Sarkorians, in the Worldwound. It was fun hunting them down, again, and again, and again. They had so little pieces left when it was over…
    Julian didn't rise to the bait:Talking about pieces. Why do you seem like a broken mirror, I have seen in you fear, shame... You're just a big pile of hurt, aren't you?"
    Minhago was furious "Oh, I'll hurt you.."
    J: "As a a mask master, you are so open… No matter your master was so disappointed with you…"
    Minhago resumed her confident face. "I still have the ace, and we shall see in the final negotiation…"
    J: I'm not worried, You kind of have a habit of losing".
    And the dance changed.

    Andera found himself dacnign with Arulashee.
    Ar: "Andera, the coward. You have looked for me so long, and yet in the end? You didn't have the guts to pursue me, and now it's all too late..."
    Andera spoek a bit sadly,. "You know, This is our first dance ever. I wanted it to be special, waited for the first dance… And yet you found another interest…"
    Ar: "You never even fought for me..."
    Andera laughed bitterly "I am fighting this campaign only for you. I joined the crusades for you, hoping to give back to you what you once gave to me. To give you back your bow and arrow, you aim!"
    Arulashee looked confused "What bow, what are you talking about?"
    An: "Oh, I wasn;t talkingto you. Its' the other one, the one who asks questions. If for some unfortunate, you will lose, the questions will always be there. You won't be happy. The bow is there, remember it!"
    Arulashee waved him off angrily "I will not listen to your trickery!"
    Andera shot one last sentence before the dance swept them away. "I'm not trying to trick the succubus. I gave you the bow, try and use it, seek for the bow, seek for the bow that saved my life!"

    (I quite liked how it went, so considered this another successful sway attempt).

    Mad Dog found himself dancing with Hephazimerah.
    Hephazimerh tried to provoke his anger, and his pride, as the group's champion, but Mad Dog just laughed. "I would love to crossword with you, but tonight, we dance at a tune of words. Neither one of us is very good at it, are we? But that is the lady's rule. And as for the greatest champion, you do not know where true power lies."

    The dance of Leaves in the Storm has ended. But Nocticula called for yet another dance. "The night is young, and the heart will dance. I welcome past and gone, to join in this trance!" With that, the band started a new song!

    The Dance Macabre!
    (It's traditional really! )

    The room filled with mists, and the party found themselves moving by the power of music once more, only this time moving straight from their bones, their skeletons, to the sounds. And in the mist, they again found... odd dancing partners.

    Julian Found herself dancing with no other than... Dumas Ardent, Leader of the Silver Banner, who perished in the attack on Drezen!
    The old (and dead!) warrior looked around surprised. "Why am I here amongst all these demons?! Oohhh! Some big ones! never matter! Some say outnumbered, I say target rich environment!"
    Julian (and the player), broke up grinning. "I always liked you. It is a pleasure to meet you again!"
    D: "Is it really you Julian? You have... (cough cough) changed a bit. My, you make this old body feel young again! Too bad my wife is probably at the dance too!"
    Julian laughed. "I am delighted to be dancing with you! You always had the right spirit!"
    D: "Aye, but I commanded my troops alone. You now seem to command... much more... Are you ready for this responsibility? You have made a safe place for them I've heard, but the war is not over, and you know they will follow you, blindly, to war. And the war will escalate, greatly, soon enough. I know you have our death on your shoulders, but you may have many, many more deaths joining them soon. Can you do that Julian? (He looked at her concernedly, a bit like a grandfather).
    J: "Each and every death lies heavily on my heart. But I teach people to defend and stand for themselves, not just to live their life, but to stand for what they believe for."
    D: "Good. There is limit to the responsibility you can take over them. You can teach them, guide them, but the choice is theirs. And if the cause is good, then accept they chose it."
    Julian hugged Dumas: "Is there anything you'd like me to make for you in Drezen?! I'd love to do it!"
    D: "You've already done far more than I would have ever imagined possible. We are proud of you, Julian..." and with that, he faded...

    The party got real excited understanding what this dance was about, trying to guess who they might meet. Sena found himself dancing with a big, fat, and slightly rattish figure, with tumors on his face, though a big grin on them as well- Chief Sul, from the mongrelfolk of Kenabres.
    CS: "Didna quite expect me, did ya?"
    Sena grinend widely "No I didn't! But it's great seeing you!"
    CS "Aye, I rest good in the afterlife. Sarenrae accepted. You have Taken my people to new places, for which you have friends brother Spirit. I hope Lann is doing alright, and my Opoli?"
    Sena was a bit overcome, trying to relay everything that happened "Lann and Opoli are doing fine, your people are a nation unfolding! The impossible! They have inspired me, others, so many others! They are the seed of change for the world!"
    CS: "Um, Spirit, I also come voicing a concern- Sarenrae is quite disturbed. People are worried, so is John… What has become of ye? You have become more... volatile, and we're worried..."
    Sena was a bit embarrassed. "I've tried... trying... to do the best I can think of. It's a bit confusing, but... I..."
    CS patted him on his shoulders, and grinned. "It's ok. Sometime you're a ******** and a shmuck, but you ARE trying to do best. Not easy, is it? You'll find a way, just try not to hurt, others, or yourself, too much on the way, ok?"
    Sena was quite overwhelmed with emotion, so they just hugged, and CS whispered. "Doing good Spirit, be well!" and he faded.

    Andera found himself dancing with a thin, agile, dark skinned man, with a serious look upon his face. However, the player could not remember who it was.
    The man inquired. "Can't you guess Andera?"
    Andera thought, but had to answer "I don't remember who you are..."
    The man answered. "You came looking for me, and have found my dead body. You've worn my ring, the ring of our order, ever since." Aandera then remembered the ring of shadow flame, and the man he came to Kenabres looking for.
    An: "So you are... Solvanus Senest, the Raat Mukdir!" He was surprised. "It is an honor."
    SS: "No, it is my honor. You have saved Kenabres, and since then... Well, you have done more than I could have ever imagine. And you have been able to purge the Baphomet spy network! You are indeed proven yourself to be the new head of our order!"
    Andera was humble here: "I havenotdone this alone, we have all fought hard for this..."
    SS: "Yes... But I tried to appear here not to just congratulate you. I also come bearign warnings. The first is about the witch Vorlesh- We suspect her schemes go fr beyond just converting demons into tougher demons. All that you've encoutnered so far with the Nyhadrian crystals, the monsters, Drezen, Even the attempt on Kenabres... We suspect these are just trials, experiments, for something... bigger. What little divinations that werenot blocked, and spies we have, seem to indicate she is looking for soem sort of an extra special material/ concept/ something for her final plan. Of recent she tried to tempt and converse with high priests of the crusade gods."
    Andera took the news grimly. "We never underestimated her. Do you know wht she might be looking for?"
    SS: "No. That we could not ascertain. We are not sure she knows herself... As to Nocticula- The demon is no longer fully who she was. Do not take her ploys as simple. She is something else, but beyond our capability. In the after death some inquire of her. She seeks some profound and deep philosophy. Contacts and spies, secret envoys tried to spy or contact some of the neutral gods. Some even say she seeks celestials. But for what purpose?"
    Andera responded softly "We've gained simialr information. We may know more, by the end of the negotiations. I do not trust her, not one bit!"
    SS: "I know. As the head of the Raat Mukdir, and one of it's last surviving members, I bid you success in your efforts, and future struggles. Much depend on you all."
    Andera, though dancing, managed to bow a little. "Either we rest peacefully ,or etenrenlly… All of us."
    With that, Solvanus Senest dissolved...

    Mad Dog found himslef dancing with a succubus, that he did not recognize. It gave him a wink, and a mischevious smile. "Hello there big fella, can't you guess?"
    Mad Dog's eye brows frowned. "Um... no. I killed you once?"
    The succubus laughed, and changed shape mid dance, to a more familiar form, that of the halfling traitor, Nurah Dendiwhere. The agile halfing danced around the mass of Mad Dog, between his legs, on his back... "Well, I guess I got my reward for my last failure. Currently I'm not that a major demon, but this fits my talents well. I'll work up the ranks..."
    Mad Dog was frustrated by her quick and annoying dance. "Will you stop that! I don't care for the dead!"
    But Nurah was having fun. "Heard you took out the entire spy network? Damn! We worked quite hard on that! How does dear Queeny fare? And the war effort?"
    Mad Dog replied simply. "Well... Better than you?"
    Nurah laughed. "Well, Mr. Grumpy developed a sense of humor at last? Took you awhile! Heard your troops are even moving to Raliscard by now?"
    Mad Dog, who never really kept up with the news replied. "I guess. We're movign to end you demons, on all fronts."
    Nurah laughed, twirled around the confused barbarian, and gave a wink. "So you are... so you are..." and dissolved.

    Julian found herself dancing with another ghost, but more ghostly than then the others. Small of stature, but strong looking, firm, with the ghostly images of an armor, a helmet, and a big hammer. She looked into the grey glowing eyes of Staunton Vhane.
    SV: "You have grown into a new light. I am finally gone. My torture eternal, yet I did as was my duty. Now I shall await the end of time..."
    J: "Was it worth it? I have failed in getting you back… Your brother is doing well. As does your cousin. Your family is not gone!"
    SV: "Yes... I have heard of my kin... Thank you for my… family… perhaps they will do better than me. I am gone, far gone… You seem to always come to the darkest of places. In Drezen, in my darkness, you sought the Sword of Valor, and found something… unexpected. Something that was not what it seems. In this place of far deeper darkness, there may still be a hidden light, hidden very very well, even if it looks like something else…"
    Julian thought deeply on this. "Yes, one small light, can end up lighting the entire world. Can you give me a clue as how this light can be... freed?"
    SV spoke gravely. "Think back to The light you once freed. What is the essence of The Sword of Valor, why hve you sought it? What did it bring the crusade?"
    Julian answered with one word. "Hope!"
    SV nodded. "And now I must return to my own darkness, which I have earned. Bring new light to darkness..."
    As he faded, Julian implored "You are not beyond redemption!" but the ghostly remains faded completely...

    Sena found himself with one he's expected to be dancing with since this dance began.
    S: "Hello John. I've been missing you!"
    The old commander smiled warmly at him. "Ah, Senatef, my child. You have learned so much in these past few months. Not all of these have been... easy truths. Some were quite... painful. I worry how this have changed you. You have developed fast..."
    Sena sighed. "So many seem to worry about me... I know Sarenrae's court is worried. I am Searching ,seeking, at unrest, but that is my spiritual journey, even if I made some mistakes along the way...
    J: "We worry the lengths you might go to, to pursue your journey..."
    S: "I have been seeking to return to Sarenrae's fold. I've spoken with her about this!"
    J: "In order to do so, you'll need to forsake the one path that led you away.
    Sena sighed. "Well, that is for me to do. But John, I just wish you to finally rest easily.
    J: "I will rest, when you will, my dear child." he caressed Sena's cheek, as he slowly faded away "We shall meet again, if the world doesn't end..."

    Andera found himself dancing with a stunning looking woman, in a green dress, only splattered in blood in the middle, and with dazzling green eyes.
    Jerribeth: "Well, that went not as well as I expected...Look what you did to my dress!"
    Andera smirked "Well, it is funny to dance with you, now that you're dead. I wouldn’t want you alive... Also, I just danced with your sister. Can I take my wish now?"
    Jerribeth grinned evilly: Perhaps I have underestimated you, but Vorlesh won't. She is craftier than me. I know you have a secret… A certain tome? No, don't worry, I won't tell- I rather she fries!"
    Andera was surprised: "Oh? I thought you worked together?"
    Jerribeth scolded him: "Us? Don't be an idiot! I'd rather have here quartered and butchered, the hag! The demons of Baphomet and Deskari never quite liked each other. Remember Xanthir Vang? Oh, we play ok, but we always scheme to take each other down a peg or twenty..."
    Andera thought "Hmmm... Well, if so, would you like to help us take her down? I think Arulashee is in the middle of this. Can you tell me of your sister? To hurt Vorlesh?
    Jerribeth was amused. "Hmmmm, well, the main thing she was always extremely independent, always hd her own mind, acted on her own decisions. Wouldn't take authority well, did my sis. If she is playing Minhago's game now, it's because she has her own plan, her own motives in this... Try shaking her up?"
    Andera grunted "We're trying..."
    Jerribeth started to fade. "You know, your really should have accepted my offer for a wish, you'd make such a lovely overlord! Now, I really got to change this dress..."

    As the mists roiled more, Mad Dog found himself increasing soemwhat in size, and then dancing with an odd partner, a dragon! A dragon he killed before- Scorsizore!
    The angry dragoness roared! "You? Dragon slayer! That sword comes from my hoard! Thief! You won, and on the way of becoming a true monster, a true dragon! A hoarder, a killer, an annihilator!
    Mad Dog just stayed silent, unimpressed.
    Sc: "Your people have a saying about dragons- pride cometh before the fall. Always remember- there are bigger teeth than yours."
    Mad Dog: "Never said there aren't..."
    Sc: "Here, in this place, there are teeth, hunger, want big enough to eat up the whole world! (She looked at Nocticula, and then Vorlesh) "Are you plnnign so be their slayer as well?"
    Mad Dog shrugged. "If I get the chance..."
    Scorsizore bared her teeth in a snarl. "Well dragon. You might just get it. Fare well, Slayer..." and the dragon faded as well...

    And the music stopped, and the mist dissipated. Nocticula spoke briefly "The dance is done. The night begun..."

    Spoiler: DM design- the dances
    The dances had a few objectives:
    1. Again, enhance the feeling of being on diplomatic mission, in a very supernatural place.
    2. Since this is the last interlude, it is amongst the last chances for the party to converse with their enemies.
    3. The "dance macabre" idea came from the Babylon 5 chapter "Night of the dead" (5th season). I wanted to do this for 2 reasons: The Negotiations are an important point in the campaign- a move into "the big league", where even divine entities play. Things are going to escalate quite fast in the next two modules, and I'm not sure if I'll have time to pull something like this off. I wanted the party to have a bit of time to reflect back on their past, before the big mess starts rolling fast. Also, this is our 24th session, which was our last session in the "Many facets of darkness" campaign, which had a somewhat similar encounter (The mirror room), which I wanted to incorporate as well.

    The players LOVED the dance encounters. It was real fun!

    Not done here yet...

    As the dance hall empties, Julian asks Andera to give her the holy sign of Desna. "I probably won't give it back, but hopefully, it will be worth it." Andera gives it to her, and Julian sends a message to Arulashee, seeking to meet her outside the hall, alone. Arulashee is quite apprehensive, but Julian sends one last note. "I will wait outside the Hall's door. No trickery, if you do not come, you are lost."

    Sena, with his keen ears, manages to hear the quick huddled conversation of the demon emissaries.
    V: "... The second plan. This is your last chance to get Baphomet's favor. Do you understand? Have you made the modifications?"
    Heph: "Yes, I have."
    SK: "I have contributed my power to it…"
    V: "Good. This Julian, she has… inspired me. I now know what was missing. Contact your father, and enact the plan! This will end soon! When we have it, we shall finally be ready!"

    Sena quickly came and alerted the party. They discussed this briefly, wondering if the demons plan on attacking Nocticula somehow if the negotiations fail! Sena seek Lilith, and tells her as well. She assures him no one can attack her in the palace, and if so, they will face lethal re precautions.

    Julian waited outside the hall, until she heard Arulashee's voice. "First Sena, then Andera, and now you probably want to trick me as well? I told you- she is gone!"
    Julian sighed, and came slowly towards Arulashee, as if musing. "I remembered once a very happy Arulashee, A single moment that I saw you truly happy, and gave me a hug, after one noble thing you have done- helping us save the captive aasimar at the Inn and Out. You remember tht? How happy you've felt?" Arulshee was bit stunned, and Julian used this moment. "I wish to hug you back!" Though blind, she managed to do so, just before Arulashee pushed her away, confused. Julian grabbed her hand, and put Desna's symbol in it, pressing it in."There is always hope, remember remember there is always hope." For a moment Arulashee stared at the symbol, and then threw it t the wall and stormed back to the other demons. Another sway attempt.

    Lilith came to the 4 of them. "It is time for the fourth round of negotiations, and started leading the way.

    On desire...

    This time they were led to a sort of boudoir, with one big bed in the middle. On it,Minhago and Arulashee were allready waiting, scantly clad. Nocticula sat near the head, with the pefumes of the place intoxicating, urging, wanting... SHe motioend to Julian, who hesitted for a second, before slippingof most of her clothes, and joining in. As the 3 figures were on the bed, mists surrounded it, blockign the view. (The rest of the party: "Oh, C'MON!" )

    On desire- Enigma, principles of lust
    (The party: "Really? You coudln't choose something cheesier? I thought it was good! )

    AS the perfumes started inciting their urges, and bodies touched bodies, they heard Nocticula's intoxicating voice. "Lust of the flesh is the game of the simple succubi. I deal with want… desire… craving… temptation. All beings want… All beings desire… And that desire can drive them to do… What would not have been done otherwise…"
    The demon lord asked her first question: "What do you think of lust, of want, of desire? Do you favor or disfavor it, and why?"
    Julian answered: "The power of words, body and mind, is the power to influence others and manipulate them, in a most enjoyable way, not only physically, but mentally."
    Minhago answered similarily: "Desire is power. It is a motivation, like no other. It can make the great, it can make the cursed. It is a tool, and a constant challenge. It is the string by which you are pulled, or by which you pull…"

    Nocticua's second question came, as they felt themselves heating, sweating, moving, breathing... "What is your own desire, craving, lust? What do you want?"
    J: "I lust to be powerful enough to fulfill my vision…"
    M: "To regain my favor In the eyes of my lord, and bring great suffering to those who have wronged me or my lord!"
    Arulashee also joined in. "To rid myself of the righteous taint once and for all, and to revenge against the goddess and fools who dared try and convert me! That pathetic puppy eyed Sena, with all his self importance,self centered, and impotence, (Sena: "HEY!") and Andera, who cannot ever decide whether to trust, love, or be cautious, and refrain. Merely a coward, and a self righteous one! I want to see them suffer, see their souls torment, annihilate, and anguish through eternity!"

    It was getting hard to concentrate, with flesh, yearning, desire evoking want. "When will you conquer your lust? How?"
    J: "I will conquer lust, when I will be the one who pulls the strings. The way will be my vision, and my loyalty to my true self. (Huh? )
    M: "I have been arrogant once, proud once, overconfident. I have conquered it, and will act when ready. I have learned to be patient… Bide my time… Venegeance will be served, in it's time…"

    The need started to dissipate a bit, the intoxication waned, when Nocticula asked her knwon question. WHAT DO YOU, OFFER ME?
    As Sena, Julian came prepared. "I offer you the knowledge I have learned to ascend to divinity, the path that no other have discovered. The way to form the cocoon of the butterfly."
    Minhago offered thus: "The lord of the Ivory Labyrinth, like you, has been gathering secrets for a long time. I offer to share with you these secrets, of Golarion, of the planes, of demon lords, of the gods! Also, the war will garner many souls for the demon planes, and we offer you the prime pickins of it, as you desire!"

    Yet Minhago's words proved futile, agaisnt Julian's powerful presence, and the offer she has made. She has indeed touched on a matter of great interest to Notcticula. As the msit lifted and the 3 have resumed their attire, it was clear Julian won this round! The party ws thrilled. "Wait? So we've won?"
    Yet Lilith calmed them. "This round, Yes, but there remains the final negotiations, to which we'll go, and where each of the parties can summarize their plea. Come, the Lady Awaits..."

    Negotiations: Party +1, Demons +2!

    DM design- On desire
    3 Questions: Julian's aanswers weren't that impressive, and sort of touched on vague saying, with little that felt personally interesting. so she got +0. Minhago and Arulshee got +6 (For the first and last questions)
    Offerings: Julian got a +10 for her offer, While Minhago got a +5. So in total Minhago's side got a +1 to their roll, but Julian used every charisma booster she had (Mostly from mythic shenanigans), and quite crushed her!

    Final Negotiations!

    Both parties made their way for the last time. They reached the escalating stair way, and climbed till they reached the great plateau, under the midnight sky, overlooking Porphyry, and The Midnight Isles. Nocticula sat on her throne of darkness and mists. The party felt her presence emanating from the throne, and knew that the time for the final decision was imminent.

    The Demon Lord spoke clearly. "Both of you have come to me. Offering alliance, and offering I withhold my alliance. I have heard your answers, pleas, requests and offers. Before I make my final decision, you may speak. Make it count."

    Vorlesh knelt before the throne: "We have come offering alliance, my Lady in Shadow. With our combined forces, the outcome of the war in Golarion is clear- We shall be unstoppable! We have offered you much, and what have these... heroes... offered in return? A favor of their gods? They share different morals, different values, different beliefs, while we share the same. Can you trust those "promises" when the time comes? Yes, I am aware that you've been told of the mine operating in secret in your territory, and we shall compensate you, with the great riches it offers. Together, the 3 demon lords, the alliance will surely fall! Their defeat is guaranteed, and the spoils of such a victory... Join us, join the winning side! We shall conquer Golarion, then the planes, and then... the gods themselves! Isn't that what you really want, Lady In Shadow?"

    The Storm King stepped forth as well: "The crusades have weakened greatly during this century. They have relied upon the Wardstones to protect them, and those are gone. Yes, they have withstood us since, but that is only due to those you see here before you. All of their successes, re because of them. You can end it all right here, right now. Join us in alliance, crush these... "heroes", and all opposition falls! All will crumble!"

    Though the emissaries of Baphomet thought to speak, Vorlesh gave a quick sign for them not to. The party figured their previous failures in the negotiations have earned her ire.

    Julian rose, majestic, speaking with a powerful voice: "I heard one Representative that fully confessed she cheated you once, and will cheat you again. One that says of unstoppable power, yet... If so, why are they offering you so much? Why would they need your help? And about conquering the gods? Are they serious?"
    The next words were directed at the demons, as well a Nocticula. "As to us "mere heroes", there is a big difference- we speak the truth, with our hearts, and our words, and those you can trust... As to what we can offer- you have heard what I can have offered you. all of their great boasts- you already have these, but what I can give? None of them can do so... It is a hole in their strategy, and their knowledge and understanding. I offer you something new. As they would look for the solution in ignorance, look into their dark hole, I will be there, smiling..."

    Sena added his piece: I heard the offers of Areelu Vorlesh and The Storm King... I hear hollow sentences. They keep speaking if they will win so easily, yet they make such desperate offers... Is the victory so certain? I know the workings of demons- through trickery, and at the end a betrayal. Just look! Now that their lie surfaced, they talk about compensations! Can you trust someone who has lied once? We can be trusted. None of our actions shows mistrust!

    Andera finished the party's arguments: "Think about it- the demons have outnumbered us the entire time, but they haven't won. Why? Because demons are unchanging, while we change, adapt, and because of that we will win!"

    Nocticula then turned her eyes to Arulashee, who stepped back a bit surprised under the intensive look. "And you, little succubi? You have been to both sides, know them both, probably better than all of them. What would you advise, one of mine, as I was long ago?"

    The party, realizing that she was probably the focus of Nocticula's interests the entire time, decide to press Arulashee.
    Julian: "I beg to differ my friend. I think Arulashee is a great example that she can still change, and will change. Arulashee you have changed, I believe in you."
    Sena joined in: "I believe in you"
    Andera finished: "Tell us rulashee, tell us now- have you changed?"

    We decide Sena will roll. He gets a +21 for all of the 7 sway attempts, and manages to pass Minhago's influence enough to succeed! Arulashee seems in conflict, before she suddenly gasps, and an arrows pierces her from... the inside? it protrudes from her chest, and she falls to the ground, heaving. All eyes turn to her, before she rises, only this time her eyes are no longer red, but silver, and she is holding her bow! (Party: "Yeah!")

    Arulashee straightens her gaze at Nocticula, who's gaze finally shows "some" emotion- that of rapt attention, and interest. Arulashee speaks with conviction. "Yes, I do know these heroes well. Part of me would say that they are reckless, they act without much planning, rush ahead, not thinking well of their consequences, but I would call it courage, caring, and daring to act and endanger themselves for what they believe. Part of me would say they have too many inner conflicts between them, but I would say they each have a voice, and that they listen, and work out their differences, for something that works for all. Part of me would warn about their unknown qualities, but I would say they have the markings of destiny- they make the impossible possible- They have saved the doomed Kenabres, Conquered the unconquerable fort of Drezen, found the Sword of Valor, found and destroyed the Ivory Sanctum, and they have redeemed the nonredeemable succubus, who know stands before you! Yes, they are but 4 heroes, against the demon swarms, but if I were you, I would put my trust in them!"

    DM's design- Arulashee's speech
    Nocticula has a vested interest in Arulashee' transformation. I have decided this in the middle of the 3rd module, though I assumed she would be redeemed far before now. As it turned out, the party botched a few saves for her (2-3 if I'm not mistaken?) on the way, and once I got the idea of Minhago trying to capture and corrupt her, well... the idea that she might be more pivotal to the negotiations became more interesting...
    Having her redeemed and speaking for the party grants a +10 (The same as a great offer), having had the party not redeemed her, she would speak against them (Basically, all of the negatives she mentioned by saying "a part of me would say...") and would grant them a -10 to their final negotiation.

    It was time for Nocticula to make her decision. Julian rolled Vs. Vorlesh, both using their show of charisma.
    Modifiers for the party. +8 winning previous negotiations. +3 from the feast. +4 from the delights (Andera and Mad Dog's choices), +10 from Julian's offer, +10 from Arulashee's redemption. In total, a +35. Julian has a +26 to her diplomacy, +20 from show of charimsa, +1d8 from her surge. Or in total a 1d20+ 1d8+ 81
    Vorlesh offers gives her a +5. But she has a Diplomac bonus of +30, and +20 from her own show of charisma, and a +1d0 from surge. for a total of 1d20+1d10+ 55.

    Julian won, with a great margin! The party was ecstatic! Nocticula spoke: "You have spoken, and spoken well. Yet none of your arguments interest me. I have no real interest in your struggle. I will join no side. As to the mine..."
    Here Areelu Vorlesh, knowing she was defeated, rose to her full height, and looked at the Demon Lord in defiance. "You my not join our alliance Lady in Shadow, but the mine will stay! We shall pay you tribute, and but do not incur the wrath of Deskari!" The party was surprised at Vorlesh audacity and nerve, but styaed silent.
    Nocticula stopped for a second, but then continued. "I will leave the mine be, as long as I get my fare share of the crystals, and the secrets of refining it. I WILL come collecting!" She faced Vorlesh, who stood defiant, confident, unflinching. Nocticula waved them away. "And now, our business is at end. you will leave now, to your respective planes. I will assure your safety out, but from then, you are on your own. Do not disturb me further!" With that, Nocticula turned, nd started descending once more, into the pool of Midnight Sky...

    Andera gloated a bit. "Well well, look who just lost... again!" Yet Vorlesh just smiled a tight little smile. "See you soon..." and turned to the other demons, having them make haste, following their Lilith. The party was very pleased, only Sean worried "Wait, what now?"

    The party has gained enough XP toget to 15th level. Also, they passed two mythic trials at once (Redeeming Arulshee, and winning he negotitions), which put them into 6th tier (With one extra mythic trial won).

    Each PC's XP: 641,144- 15th level, 6th tier!
    We've ended this here! All in all, a very fun, tense, and successful session. I worked quite a lot on the negotiaitons (As soem of you may have seen in thehelp threads), and though I might have changed a few things, all in all I think it went splendidly well!

    The players later commented this was one of the best sessions they've ever had. Great, for things are gone be a roller coaster from soon afterwards! Hope you enjoyed, and sorry for the lengths and delays in updates. RL complicates stuff, I hope you understand.
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