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    Default Re: Grief In the Shell: Madokapunk FFRP Interest Check/Recruitment

    And now, character number two and technically three. Sort of.

    Koizumi Rio

    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Height: 65in/165cm
    Weight: 102lb/46.2kg
    Faction: None!
    Station: Nope.
    Speech: #ff9933

    Rio looks like a fairly normal japanese girl, the only exception being her hair is closer to dark-mid brown than black, resting just at her shoulders. However, she is a bit tall, thin, and gangly for her age. She normally wears fairly neutral colors, when not dressed in formal clothes.

    Rio is fairly quiet, but not silent; though can be fairly spacy or distracted while conversing with others. At times she can say odd or inappropriate things in conversation, and can be fairly blunt or straightforward in certain situations where more subtlety is called for, but she never means offense or harm by what she says. Overall, she is fairly kind and a little naive (more a product of her stay-at-home dad than her mother), having an admiration for strong and brave individuals, rooted by her attachment to her dog, Kin. She and the canine practically inseparable, the old former-service dog following her around even in some places where it's not necessarily acceptable.

    Born to a fairly affluent family, Rio was diagnosed with a mild form of autism at a young age. As a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman, her mother took this as a challenge as opposed to a disability or handicap, and just about planned out a program to push Rio into a socially acceptable and productive adult. It's had challenges and issues, but Koizumi Chiyo could afford a wide array of options, which certainly helped.

    One such option was having a service animal registered to Rio. At age 6, her parents got Rio a year-old German shepherd, with all of the paperwork and other details taken care of, such as service dog training. If it weren't for the lovable and protective canine, Chiyo's program might have fallen through, but Kin (nicknamed by Rio for his "golden" fur, which she will not accept as anything but the truth) helped to guide Rio along the milestones due to her affection for him.

    Kin, Golden Protector
    A german shepherd of standard coloring, Kin is a devoted canine exemplary to the breed. Smart, protective, and caring when needed, Kin helps ground Rio to the real world. He's getting on in age, turning 10 years old fairly soon, but he rarely lets it show. It helps he can keep up exercise via treadmill and other activities Chiyo has assigned for him in their home.

    Wish: "I want this to end, just... like it never happened."
    Thematics: Compassion, Healing, Friendship
    Costume: A white hooded robe with red triangles around the end of the skirt (which ends at her upper thighs). Her soulgem rests on a ribbon on the collar. Her "weapon" is a fairly simple wooden staff with a crook.
    Abilities: Rio's abilities are odd, being entirely magical in nature, and having little offensive bite. However, she is a very efficient and effective healer, and she can channel her energy into highly effective "buff" skills, empowering even normal mortal beings to be able to fight wraiths.
    Perception: Well, she just started her career, but her wish reversed the damage of a horrific bombing, so she's off to a good start!

    Not a magical girl. Yet. But I have plans.
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