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    One crazy Scottish cop, coming right up!

    Duncan Turnbull The Third
    Spoiler: I'm With Tha Polis!

    Full Name Duncan Roddy Angus Turnbull III of the Clan Turnbull, but to his neebur's he's just Dunny!
    Age: 30, so he's the bigyin a' his family!
    Gender: Male; he's a laddie and no mistake!
    Height: 6'4"; he ain't no wee bairn!
    Weight: 350 pounds; ain't no fat here but he's still worth a few yockers!
    Speech Color: B22222, aka Fire Brick.
    Faction: Neo-Mitakihara Security Force; Turnbull's been bobbies for yonks now!
    Rank/Station: Special Detective; he's a hoora brilliant investigator and arse-kicker!
    Spoiler: What Does The Daft Fool Look And Act Like?
    Duncan's a big guy. Not as big as his weight on the scale might say, but still big. He looks to be solid muscle, but is also almost absurdly pale, assuming he hasn't gotten sunburned again. If not for the fact that he often wears a helmet (and the rest of a suit of power armor), his fiery red hair would be longer; as it is, he tends to keep his hair and beard trimmed fairly short, though they are no less striking for their lack of length.
    His daily detective wear (when at the office, examining a crime scene, interviewing witnesses, and so on) typically consists of: a rugged white button-up shirt with no tie; a dark blue waiscoat (which actually incorporates a high-rated stab vest/bulletproof vest combo, courtesy of the latest in protective fabrics); a matching dark blue overcoat that is cut similar to the one worn by beat officers, but which incorporates a few extra pockets, and more of the same miracle protective fabrics; sturdy black boots; knee-high white wool socks; and (unless explicitly ordered not to by his commanding officer with specific reasons as to why) a day kilt in the colors of the Scottish Royal Regiment Black Watch; and a belt with various tools of the trade (detailed below) stored on it. For the sake of general propriety, he deviates from "traditional" wearing of his kilt and makes sure he has some sort of sports shorts on underneath (albeit not very long ones!).
    His light combat gear (when anticipating a raid on someone with fairly low-tech gear, or otherwise a "minor" incident) swaps the waistcoat and overcoat for a waterproof jacket with plenty of storage, and a heavy duty protective vest over the top of that. The kilt stays, though he'll often throw some sort of utility pants on underneath them. The utility belt stays, and he often wears a helmet with a clear faceplate if he's really expecting a scrap.
    Heavy combat gear detailed below.
    For formal dress occasions, he wears a traditional full plaid outfit in the Black Watch colors.

    Duncan nearly always has a half-manic smile on his lips, and is surprisingly friendly and approachable for a gigantic kilt-wearing cyborg Scotsman. He might be boisterous with his coworkers, a bit of a force of nature with obstructive bureaucrats or stuffy higher-ups, a veritable typhoon against criminals, but with the average citizens of Neo-Mitakihara, especially the young and elderly, he's basically a giant teddy bear of a man. In a kilt. Who sometimes plays bagpipes.

    Spoiler: Where In Blazes Did He Come From And What In Blazes Has He Been Doing?
    The Turnbulls have been members of the military and/or law enforcement for some three centuries or so. Duncan Roddy Angus Turnbull II of the Clan Turnbull is a retired Captain in the Scottish police force. He raised Duncan III and his 5 other brothers and sisters to be responsible, law-abiding citizens. Well. As responsible and law-abiding as any rowdy Scottish clan ever is, really. Growing up the oldest made Dunny a wee bit more responsible, but he still raised plenty of mischief in his days.
    Duncan decided to do both, and at the youngest possible age signed up with the Scottish military. It was during a "brush" conflict with some rather unruly guerrillas that he lost his right hand and wrist, leading to him being "a bit of a tin man". That time in the military, which included a near-meteoric rise to membership in The Black Watch, 3rd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland, fast-tracked him for being placed in the NMSF. There, he took to law enforcement like a fish to water, quickly finding himself enjoying the slightly calmer work. If nothing else, he got to sleep on a bed almost every night, instead of a sandy cot.
    He's made a bit of a reputation as someone who thinks outside the box. Or occasionally thinks about how to blow the box up. It depends on who you ask. Either way, he's an unmistakable force for good and order (well, more good than "order" but law at least!). He's certainly eager to protect and serve, even after a few years on the "beat".

    Skills and Abilities:
    Spoiler: What Can He Bloody Well Do And What Does He Know?
    Dunny's been given the standard military gene-boost package, meaning he's exceptionally fast, strong, tough, and hard to keep down. He can see slightly into ultraviolet and infrared, enough to get by with minimal lighting, and can hear a bit above and below baseline human. Combine this with his years of training and experience in hand-to-hand, swordsmanship, and marksmanship, and he's a force to be reckoned with.
    Thanks to his military training, he has a good grasp of tactics, a basic grounding in strategy and logistics, and solid field medicine/first aid knowledge and experience.
    He keeps up with SWAT training courses (meaning he can accompany any such team on a mission with no red tape in his way), and has taken a few CSI courses, enough to be able to understand what the dedicated CSI techs are saying and doing, though not enough to truly do their job. He's adequately skilled with computers and most general technology (that is, not weaponry, protective gear, or automobiles), so long as he's not really angry (then somehow the part of his brain that deals with such things seems to just shut off until he calms down, which leads to hilarious scenes that may or may not involve streams of invective combined with too-careful pecking at a computer keyboard, but may culminate in yet another keyboard flying across the bullpen).
    He has a Bachelor of Criminal Justice with a Minor in Psychology with high marks. Currently he's working on his Master of Criminal Justice with emphases in Crime Analysis and Prevention and Control.
    Duncan speaks English, Scottish Gaelic, Japanese, and French (the lassies love French!).
    He's an excellent driver of cars and similar sized vehicles, and adequate at buses, large trucks, and the like.
    He can sing remarkably well, his voice a smooth bass, and can read music or follow by ear. His bagpipe skills are, as expected of the heir of Clan Turnbull, superb.

    Spoiler: What Got Done To His Fool Self?
    Genetic: Dunny has the full Military Grade Genetic Enhancement package. This means his body is not just at the peak of human potential, but actually a bit past it. Sometimes called the "Super Soldier Package", it means he can lift several hundred pounds with little real effort, run at speeds that approach that of a cheetah, but with notably more endurance than said animals (albeit with high nutritional requirements to keep himself going), move about with much greater agility than normal, resist major injuries more easily, and recover from wounds both large and small in delightfully less time than normal. His hearing distance is about 50% greater than baseline, and he's able to hear about 10% above and below the normal pitch range of baseline humans. His eyesight is similarly enhanced, giving fantastic distance, clarity, precision, and the ability to see about 5% into ultraviolet and 7% into infrared; while he can't see if there's no light at all, he can see well enough in low light conditions, and many sets of night vision equipment work better for him than almost anyone else.
    Cybernetic: Dunny has minimal cybernetics outside of his artificial right hand; mostly there are a few basic nerve implants and enhancements to make sure his flesh-and-blood body keeps up with the hand, a few interfaces specifically for his powered armor, and some low-level semi-organic fiber enhancements to his muscles and skeleton to further up his survivability.
    His right hand and wrist are fully cybernetic, with the next few inches of forearm being something of a melding of cybernetic and original. He has about 85% of the tactile sensation in the cybernetic that he did in his original hand, and the exterior skin of it is a semi-organic sheath that can repair light damage to itself by interfacing with his body for nutrients to provide raw materials. The interior structure of the hand renders it a bit more robust than his notably-enhanced body, as well as providing a greater range of flexibility. The power source for the hand is advanced enough to essentially never need recharging. Perhaps the most incredible aspect of the hand is that it is capable of folding in on itself (by way of several discreet, specialized seams and joints) to allow better interfacing with his power armor, particularly the configuration of the armor's own right arm (which is as much due to his request for said configuration as the armor's base design).

    Spoiler: What Darn Fool Gizmos Does He Carry Aboot?
    Standard Patrol Gear: When going about his day-to-day business, Duncan carries an array of fairly small and comparatively (well, for Dunny) discrete tools. Typically, alongside the really boring stuff (a few pencils, pens, writing pads, a couple of flashlights, a couple pairs of high-end high-strength handcuffs, a bundle of high-strength zip ties, a high-end pocket multitool, basic first aid supplies), he carries a Scottish dirk (with a blade made from the latest high-end metal alloys and a carbon fiber handle wrapped in high-strength faux leather polymer material), an extendable baton with a built-in less-than-lethal electrical stun generator (helps with crowd control), a pistol loaded with miniature pepper spray pellets that disperse 5-foot clouds, and the standard-issue police energy pistol (with both less-than-lethal stun pulses and full-power bolts that can pierce steel), along with a couple of extra battery magazines for said pistol.
    Optional Extra: Dunny got his hands on a set of bagpipes that not only sound like the finest artisan work from the Highlands themselves, but can fold themselves up into a pack that looks like one of those messenger bags. Or, alternatively, can shoot flame from the pipes out to about 4 feet. Normally he just uses this to wow the kiddos and adults alike, but on occasion he's needed to use it to help dissuade a rowdy criminal. Chief Leon has given a lecture about its use but in Dunny's defense he had a headache that day.
    Light Combat Gear: Same as SPG, plus a claymore that has a module that coats it in an electrical field that can either be set to blunt the edge (cover it with a blunt energy field, basically) and shock/stun the target, or enhance the cutting power with focused energy field. As well, he arms himself with an assault rifle that has similar settings to his pistol, just more range, more lethal power (stun setting power is the same), and larger energy battery capacity. His combat vest will carry additional battery magazines for the rifle.
    Heavy Combat Gear: Only broken out when he knows he's going up against heavily augmented criminals, or criminals utilizing high-end (probably stolen) military-grade gear. Or when he wants to make them soil themselves in abject fear, whichever strikes his fancy at the time. This gear is actually "just" a suit of powered armor, one whose armor and paint is stylized to Dunny's peculiar tastes.
    Besides having its tartan pattern using the Black Watch colors, much of the rest of the armor is done up in the dark blue Dunny tends to favor, with a few splashes of silver here and there, while the visor is a somewhat malevolent red.
    The armor's shell is made of high-end alloys layered with advanced carbon nanotube meshes, to provide the maximum protection with the minimum weight and space taken. To help make sure Dunny isn't slowed down, the inner frame (made of similar layered alloys and meshes) is laced with actuators and strands of electroreactive polymers and shaped-memory alloys, giving high-end performance no matter the exterior (or interior) temperature. The system is kept cool by advanced thermal management heat sinks that manage to keep up with even the heaviest use. Short-range jump jets allow mobility even in difficult terrain; while the suit itself is capable of run speeds at around 40mph, the lack of one hand and all the extra bulk of its gear and weaponry means it needs a bit of a boost to help it keep up with uncooperative suspects.
    The right arm is equipped with a high-end energy cannon, essentially a scaled-up version of the pistol and assault rifle that Dunny uses out of the armor. It is capable of rapid fire with bolts of a similar power to his rifle, or a slower fire rate with shots that approach those thrown out by APC-level weaponry.
    The left arm is equipped with a dedicated stun cannon, capable of slightly slower but more powerful shots (for larger or more stubborn targets), or a rapid-fire flurry of stun bolts to assist in crowd control.
    The right shoulder bears an equipment pod that can be swapped depending on the mission, but that typically has a few extra sensors and a fair bit of tactical communications and coordination gear (sensors, communication itself, extra computer processing, etc.).
    The left shoulder bears a micro-missile pod. Dunny's typical load out is an even mix between general explosive rounds, a few HEAT rounds, a couple of flare rounds (that go in the air and pop a flare to give extra light for the rest of the squad), several flash-bang rounds, and several rounds filled with containment foam (a high-strength foam that expands rapidly but is formulated to allow normal breathing, and is strong enough to hold most baseline humans in place given sufficient coverage).
    The whole thing is powered by a small microfusion reactor, paired with an array of high-capacitance batteries (for when he's in actual combat, in case the reactor lags behind on power generation, as it occasionally does with heavy use).
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