New domain.

Rebirth of flames. (Neo-Phoenix0 domain)

Granted power. Once per day, you may cleanse yourself of all non-magical diseases, poisons, and heal 2 times your cleric level in damage.

1 Burning hands.
2 Lesser restoration
3 Fly
4 Reincarnate
5 Shroud of flame
6 Fires of purity
7 Delayed blast fireball
8 Stormrage
9 True Resurrection pact (see below)

Spoiler: True resurrection pact

Conjuration (Healing)
Level Rebirth of flame 9
Components V, S, XP
Casting time 10 minutes.
Range Touch.
Target. Yourself.
Duration Permanent until triggered.
Saving throw None.
Spell resistance No.

The caster of this spell, has managed to turn death into a doorway. By enshrining a bit of their own soul beyond the veil of death, they manage to ensure that they can come back from the worst fates.

If the caster should die while this spell is in effect, a true Resurrection spell is immediately cast on the target.

XP cost 3000

Rebirth of flames devotion

Benefit Once per day, when you would be brought below 0 hit points, you may detonate as an immediate action. Stabilizing yourself and inflicting 1d6 fire damage per Character level on everyone else within a radius of 5 feet per 5 character levels. (Min. 5 foot radius). If you would die from the attack, you instead stabilize at -9.
Bonus. By sacrificing 4 turn undead uses, you may use this ability one additional time per day.