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    Default Class in 5 minutes: The generalist. PEACH

    BAB: medium.
    Saves: Pick two as good saves
    HD: d8
    Skills: 6 + int per level
    Class skills: pick ten.
    Class features:
    Synergy: If you have or gain a class feature from another class that scales with levels, count half your generalist levels as being class levels in that other class for that single class feature, including caster level (but not gaining spells known or spells per day). Pick a new class feature to apply Synergy to, if available, every Generalist level.
    Bonus Feat: Every level, pick any feat you meet the prerequisites of.

    Spoiler: Purpose
    This class would not be viable on its own, but it could be the glue that holds together quite a few multiclassing builds, or just a dip for a feat you really need.
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