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    Fell Bloodline (Red Fel)
    Whether the scion of a dark pact or descended from a terrible fiend, ichorous blood runs through your veins and the seductive powers of Hell empower you with potent magical talents.

    Devilish Charm
    At first level, when you choose this bloodline, your enchantments benefit from your insidiously persuasive talents. Even if the spells say otherwise, no creature upon which you use Enchantment spells will become aware that they were so affected on their own. This does not prevent you or a third party from pointing it out, but they must be persuaded that it is so, as they will never feel it, even after the fact.

    Exact Words
    The devil is in the details, and as long as you are not technically lying, it is very hard for others to see through your deceptions. At first level, when you choose this bloodline, you may add your proficiency bonus to Deception rolls when everything you said was technically true, no matter how false the implications you intimate. This does mean you add your proficiency bonus twice if you are already proficient in Deception.

    Fiendish Resilience
    At 6th level, your fell bloodline allows yout to bolster your mortal form against the ravages of hellish environs. When in any layer of the plane of Hell, you and those Charmed by you are unaffected by environmental hazards that would inflict acid, cold, or fire damage. This does not offer protection outside of Hell, nor at all against direct attacks. However, you may spend 1 SP as a reaction to grant yourself resistance to one of those damage types (your choice each time you activate this power) for one round. You may spend multiple SP as part of the same reaction to gain resistance to multiple types. You may designate any number of creatures Charmed by you to share in this resistance for the same duration.

    When you reach 14th level, your talents for getting people what they want extend to granting them a portion of your power. You may stipulate any services, geasa, or taboos they must observe in return, and they must willingly agree. Touching this willing creature, you spend a number of SP equal to the level of a spell you know. Your SP maximum is reduced by this amount, and the subject gains a spell slot of that spell's level, as well as the ability to cast that spell. The spell slot is replenished after the creature takes a short rest. This does not impede your ability to use the spell, yourself. The subject is Charmed by you for as long as these SP remain invested. You know each time the creature uses the spell, and get a glimpse of him and his situation (which you may ignore if you would find it distracting). You receive a similar knowledge and glimpse should he violate the agreement he made when you became his patron.

    The subject retains the ability to cast the spell as described until you rescind the SP. Any consequences of his casting the spell fall upon him, and he must provide all components. You can rescind the SP from any distance as an action on your turn, even across planes. Doing so immediately causes him to lose access to the spell and its accompanying spell slot, and raises your SP maximum by the level of that spell and restores those SP to your pool. You cannot, however, rescind the SP until the agreement is fulfilled, or the subject violates said agreement. If you grant a knight the ability to cast fly until he slays the dragon who kidnapped his fair maiden with the required service of actually performing said killing, you cannot rescind the SP until he either succeeds in killing the dragon, or gives up his quest/chooses not to kill the dragon.

    You may serve as patron to as many creatures as you like, so long as you have sufficient SP to devote, but you can only grant any one spell to one creature at a time. If you grant charm person to a milkmaid who wishes to seduce a prince, you cannot also grant it to a baron seeking to convince a miller to sell him his mill until you take it back from her. Though you could instead grant the baron dominate person.

    The Soul's Price
    At 18th level, the power of your Charm is such that it binds the souls of your "friends" to your service in this world. When a creature Charmed by you is reduced to 0 hit points, it is immediately polymorphed into a fiend of CR equal to or less than his own. (Use character level in place of CR if needs be.) The creature's game statistics are wholly replaced by those of the fiend, and it is loyal and obedient to you as long as the Charm effect remains. When the Charm effect ends, the creature may choose to remain a fiend and be banished to Hell, or to revert to its own form, at 0 hp, and begin making saving throws vs. death. If the fiend is reduced to 0 hp before the Charm ends, it reverts to its original form at 0 hp anyway, and begins making saving throws vs. death.
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