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    Default Re: Class and Level Geekery XIV - We are the Geek Pantheon

    Roy Greenhilt
    Lawful Good, Human male Fighter 14 (forum).
    Str 29 (same as a frost giant).
    Dex 13+ (required for Improved Grapple).
    Con 8+ (forum).
    Int 14-17 (very good, less than Vaarsuvius, forum).
    Wis 14+ (very good, forum).
    Cha 12+ (decent, forum; less than Elan).
    Age: 29.
    Feats: Cleave (prerequisite for Great Cleave), Combat Expertise (prerequisite for Improved Disarm), Endurance (to sleep in armor without getting fatigued), Great Cleave, Improved Disarm, Improved Grapple, Improved Sunder, Improved Unarmed Strike, Least Legacy, Lesser Legacy, Power Attack (prerequisite for Cleave), Spellsplinter Maneuver, Weapon Focus (prerequisite for Weapon Specialization), Weapon Specialization: greatsword.
    Skills: Bluff 0, Heal, Intimidate, Jump, Knowledge: Arcana, Knowledge: Architecture and Engineering 2+, Knowledge: Geography, Listen low, Profession: Baseball Player (BRITF), Profession: Goatherd, Ride 1, Sense Motive 0 (OOPC), Spellcraft, Spot low.
    Items: Magical armor, Bag of Tricks, club, newspaper, heirloom +5 Starmetal Greatsword of Legacy, formal suit, shillelagh oil, potion of delay poison, non-magical boots, bedroll, list of Xykon's spells, feats and magic items, Belt of Giant Strength, book, sextant, runestone, Wrecan's book.

    Belkar Bitterleaf aka Ali S. Fakenamington (KS:US), aka the Belkster, aka Death's Li'l Helper
    Chaotic Evil, Halfling male Ranger 14 / Barbarian (forum, deafened by Holy Word).
    Str 14-17 (jump exceeds movement, forum, and carrying capacity in SSDT).
    Dex 13+ (required for Spring Attack).
    Int <10 (OOPC).
    Wis 8-9 (ability score penalty, and can use a third-level scroll when buffed).
    Cha <10 (without any charisma).
    Age: 28+ (ranger for three years, over a year ago).
    Feats: Endurance, Greater Two-Weapon Fighting, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, Track, Two-Weapon Fighting (all ranger bonus feats); Bounding Assault, Craft Disturbing Mental Image, Dodge (prerequisite for Spring Attack), Improved Sunder, Mobility (prerequisite for Spring Attack), Power Attack (prerequisite for Improved Sunder), Spring Attack; no feats related to special attacks (SSDT).
    Skills: Balance 5+, Climb, Craft: Trapmaking, Handle Animal 0 (NCPB), Hide, Jump, Move Silently 2+, Profession: gourmet chef 4, Sense Motive 0, Speak Language: Halfling (racial), Spellcraft, Spot 0, Survival 0, Tumble, Use Magic Device (SSDT).
    Abilities: Halfling racial abilities, ranger and barbarian class abilities, animal companion: Mr. Scruffy, favored enemy: human (forum) and undead, scent.
    Items: Unholy symbol, red chalk, cloak, Ring of Jumping +20, stilts, Sapphire guard disguise, quill, string, chef hat, Mama Bitterleaf's secret ingredient, clothespin, bedroll, 3 small magical daggers (+4 and +2, forum), mallet and spike (DSTP), mimic (SSDT), wand of dispel clothing (SSDT), 18 pounds of salt (GYG), book: Dune, bucket and spade, bag of holding full of money, +5 Dagger of Collision, +3 Vest of Resistance, Clasp of Protection from Evil, Feather Fall item, spatula, stakes. Dex 15+, or wears light or no armor (to use two-weapon pounce).

    Mr. Scruffy
    True Neutral (forum), Cat male, animal companion.
    Str 6 (animal companion).
    Dex 18 (animal companion).
    Con 10 (racial).
    Int 2 (racial).
    Wis 12 (racial).
    Cha 7 (racial).
    Age: 7 (WXP).
    Feats: Stealthy, Weapon Finesse (racial bonus feats).
    Skills: Balance +10, Climb +6, Hide +16, Jump +10, Listen +3, Move Silently +8, Spot +3 (all racial skills).
    Abilities: Racial abilities; animal companion abilities; 3 tricks, including attack and come.
    Items: String.

    Durkon Allotrope Thundershield (deceased)
    Lawful Good, Dwarf male Cleric of Thor 14 (based on spells cast in a day).
    Str 14-19 (can carry Vaarsuvius, can't carry Roy).
    Dex <10 (dex penalty, SSDT).
    Con ~12 (racial).
    Wis 22-23 (forum).
    Cha <10 (low modifier, see also DCF).
    Age: 55+.
    Feats: Extend Spell, Extra Turning.
    Skills: Concentration 2+ (forum), Knowledge: Religion not maxed, Listen 0 (OOPC), Ride 0, Speak Language: Dwarven (racial) and Giant (SSDT), Spellcraft, Spot 0.
    Abilities: Dwarf racial abilities, Turn Undead, Good domain (required to cast Holy Smite),
    Items: Candles, bedroll, non-magical full plate armor, deck of cards, holy symbol, Amulet of Natural Armor, heirloom light steel shield and warhammer, parcheesi board, spyglass, religious vestments, scroll of Sending, belt pouch, Bleedingham papers, flask of liquor, Macebook, 10,000+ gp of diamond dust.
    Spells: Standard cleric list, domain spells, plus Bless Beer (WXP), Call Lightning (DCF), Cat's Grace, Control Winds, Cure Itchy Wounds, Heat Blisters of Eternal Pain, Heathen Smiting, Mass Death Ward with backdoor, Thor's Lightning, and Tumor.

    Chaotic Good, Human male Bard 14+ (required to retrain to Cure Critical Wounds) / Dashing Swordsman 1+.
    Str 10-11 (KS:H&J, and the same as Nale, forum).
    Dex 13-17 (required for Dodge, and to get a four on Move Silently).
    Con same as Nale.
    Int 4-9 (too low to cast cantrips, but higher than Thog.
    Wis <10 (not even a smidgen).
    Cha 22+ (required for 5th level spells at level 13, +2 from belt).
    Age: 22+ (WXP).
    Feats: Dodge, Mobility (both prerequisites for Spring Attack), Spring Attack, Still Spell.
    Skills: Concentration 0, Craft: Shiv 0, Diplomacy, Hide, Listen (higher than Sir Francois, OOPC), Move Silently <3, Perform: riddles 2+ (BRITF), Perform: sing 12+ (required for Inspire Greatness), Perform: string instruments 15+ (required for Song of Freedom), Perform: kazoo, Ride 2+, Spot 0, Spellcraft 2+, Tumble.
    Abilities: Bard class abilities, charismatic strike, dramatic instincts, glass damage immunity.
    Items: Bedroll, Banjo, ceremonial meat costume (OOPC), dice, Boots of Elvenkind, kazoo, jam, lantern, pingpong bat, roller skate, squirrel, yoyo, dashing outfit, toothbrush, Lutey the Lute-tastical Lute, evil sword (SSDT), castanets and sombrero (SSDT), equipment lists (GYG), Belt of Charisma +2, treasure chest, drawing, The Stick the Order was named after, letter, Chaos Sabre, Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds, Armand Vestinghole; no armor. Elan still has his old equipment (forum).
    Spells: Animate Rope, Cure Critical Wounds, Disguise Self, Greater Dispel Magic, Lesser Confusion, Major Image, Mass Cure Light Wounds, Mending, Neutralize Poison, Prestidigitation, Silent Image, Summon Plot Exposition; no Identify, nor Break Enchantment.

    Haley Starshine aka Mistress Nightingale, aka The Red Blur (OOPC), aka Dark Mistress Shadowgale
    Chaotic Good, Human female Rogue 16 (based on attacks per round and leveled since then).
    Str 13-19 (high enough to drag the cart, forum, but can't carry Roy).
    Dex 20-21 (modifier of +5, forum).
    Con 9+ (higher than Vaarsuvius).
    Int 12+ (received bonus languages).
    Cha 12-19 (with any charisma; and with maxed out Bluff, for Hide to be her best skill, her cha mod has to be less than her dex mod).
    Age: About 25 (forum; was 24 here, and that was over a year ago).
    Feats: Dodge (SSDT), Improved Precise Shot, Manyshot, Martial Weapon Proficiency (longbow), Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot (prerequisite for IPS), Ranged Pin, Ranged Sunder, Rapid Shot.
    Skills: Appraise, Bluff 18+ (maxed out), Disable Device, Forgery (OOPC), Hide 18+ (best skill), Knowledge: Arcana, Knowledge: Planes 0, Knowledge: Religion low (forum), Open Lock 15, Ride 0, Search not maxed, Sense Motive 2+, Spellcraft 9+, Spot 0, Tumble, Use Magic Device 7+, Use Rope 8.
    Abilities: Rogue class abilities; two special rogue abilities, both spent on a feat (based on feat count for her level).
    Items: Two gemstones, 8 Bags of Holding, towel, hair dryer, rope, +5 Air Freshener of Pineness, a lot of clothes, bedroll, +5 Icy Burst Longbow, bag of copper pieces (SSDT), magic leather armor, dyed Boots of Speed (forum), trowel, metal detector, Bleedingham papers, 4+ quivers of green arrows including silver and cold iron, three potions (since Belkar took one), thief's tools, Z's wands, Wand of Obscuring Mist, Magic Missile, Fly, and four others.

    True Neutral (forum), Elf ambiguously gendered Wizard: Evoker (DCF) 16 (forum).
    Str 5-9 (can carry Yukyuk, and strength penalty).
    Dex <12 (no real attack bonus on rays, forum).
    Con 8-12 (to have enough HP to survive the fight against Xykon; also, lacks a decent con, forum; and lower than Haley).
    Int 24 (forum).
    Wis 10-11 (moderate, forum).
    Cha 6-9 (can return as a ghost, and without any charisma).
    Age: 131+ (WXP).
    Feats: Alertness, Empower Spell, Extend Spell, Improved Counterspell, Maximize Spell (SSDT), Quicken Spell, Scribe Scroll (wizard bonus feat); no Silent Spell (forum), nor Still Spell.
    Skills: Appraise +3 (from familiar), Concentrate, Craft: Alchemy, Decipher Script (SSDT), Knowledge: Arcana, Knowledge: Engineering, Knowledge: Religion not high (forum), Ride 0, Spot 0, Search 0, Speak Language: Elven (racial), raven, not draconic (SSDT), Spellcraft, Use Magic Device 2+.
    Abilities: Elf racial abilities, familiar: Blackwing, share spells with familiar, scry on familiar, barred schools: Conjuration and Necromancy (forum; also by elimination).
    Items: Headband of Intellect +4 (required to cast four 6th level spells with a base int of 18 at level 11), doily, Ring of Wizardry III or IV, two small gemstones, many scrolls and spellbooks, Finding Plot Holes for Dummies, twelve more books, two potions (SSDT), apricot-scented face gel (SSDT), chalice (SSDT), jar of diamond dust, Bleedingham papers, defensive potions, Tarquin's whip.
    Spells: Arcane Eye, Banishment, Bull's Strength, Bugsby's Cat-Retrieving Hand, Bugsby's Clenched Fist, Bugsby's Expressive Single Digit, Bugsby's Flicking Finger, Bugsby's Grasping Hand, Burning Hands, Chain Lightning, Charm Monster, Cone of Cold, Crushing Despair, Detect Magic, Dimensional Anchor, Dimensional Lock, Disintegrate, Dispel Magic, Distant Inferno (OOPC), Dominate Person, Expeditious Retreat, Explosive Runes, Feather Fall, Fireball, Fire Trap, Flamefinger (OOPC), Forcecage, Fly, Greater Dispel Magic, Greater Invisibility (SSDT), Gust of Wind, Haste, Heroism, Hold Monster (SSDT), Hold Person, Hold Portal, Identify, Invisibility, discount Invisibility Sphere, Lightning Bolt, Locate Creature, Locate Object, Magic Missile, Mass Bear's Endurance. Mass Bull's Strength, Mass Enlarge Person, Mass Suggestion, Overland Flight usable on others, Owl's Wisdom, Passwall, Polymorph, Power Word Blind, Power Word Stun, Prestidigitation, Prismatic Spray, Protection from Arrows, Ray of Frost, Resilient Sphere, Scorching Ray, See Invisibility, Sending, Shadow Conjuration (to cast Evan's Tentacles, forum), Silent Image, Sleep, Stinking Cloud (DCF), Stoneskin, Stone to Flesh, Suggestion, Summon Plot Hole (SWMU), True Seeing, Vaarsuvius' Enhanced Scrying, Vaarsuvius' Greater Animal Messenger, Vampiric Touch, Veil, Wall of Fire, Wall of Force, unspecified polymorph spell, unspecified sonic spell.

    Blackwing (Common name)
    Raven male, familiar.
    Str 1 (racial).
    Dex 15 (racial).
    Con 10 (racial).
    Int 13 (familiar).
    Wis 14 (racial).
    Cha 6 (racial).
    Feats: Alertness, Weapon Finesse (racial bonus feats).
    Skills: Listen +5, Spot +7 (racial skills), can use Vaarsuvius's skill ranks (familiar).
    Abilities: Racial abilities; familiar abilities.
    Items: Bauble, sombrero, fake beard and mustache, wand, bracelet with Orange Prism Ioun Stone.
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