Charles "Chuck" Leonard Anderson

Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 200lbs
Station: Student, Anderson Reiniger Clan Hunter (Senior Grade)
Reiatsu/Speech: #FF8000

Charles is a slightly stocky (in a fit sort of way), fairly well-tanned teenager. His face has a somewhat square look to it, and he's often wearing a smile. His eyes are gray with just a hint of blue in them. He wears his sandy hair in a slightly roguish cut. Not that people can generally tell, as he's almost always wearing a dark brown leather slouch hat with the right side pinned up. The rest of his clothing is equally robust; jeans, heavy-duty leather boots (complete with steel toes), leather belt with big round buckle, button-up primary color shirt (sleeves rolled up, top button undone) or t-shirt, a leather vest that matches his hat (and includes a few handy pockets), and a pair of slightly orange-tinted aviator shades.

In combat situations, Charles wears an outfit somewhat reminiscent of special operations soldiers.
The base layer consists of a long-sleeved shirt, BDU-style pants, and armored combat boots. All of these are a flat black. Space along his limbs, Charles has several small, strap-on plates of semi-stiff armor that is also flat black. His chest has a sleeveless vest that bears multiple pockets on the front, and seems to contain some of the same kind of armor plates. It, too, is black, though perhaps a slightly glossier shade.
His head is covered by a thick mask with two red glowing lenses. He can detach the bottom of the mask and pull it down (to bunch around his neck) and push the lenses/goggles up, giving him a more normalized appearance.
His hands are normally covered only by fairly thin black gloves, while his wrists each bear a gunmetal gray band with small runes on it. These bands can expand into flexible metallic gauntlets that encase his hands and cover his forearms almost to the elbow. The entirety of these gauntlets bear further runes, and a few key places carry what look to be small dark red gemstones.

If Charles had to be summed up in one word, it would be "tricksy". He's got a downright playful spirit, always trying to get the most out of life, enjoying each day as it comes. He prefers comfort to formality. Taste to "healthy". And he's not afraid to, gently, let an attractive young lady know how her beauty enhances the world with its presence. He has a very "live and let live" attitude about the likes of Shinigami or empowered mortals that aren't his family; they leave him and his alone, he leaves them alone, by and large. Hollows don't get a free pass, but there's no real hatred when he takes them down. Just duty to protect the living, or innocent Pluses.
Even in the middle of a terrible fight, Charles will keep things light and fun, making sure to play up his Australian accent as much as possible. Unless someone he knows and cares about gets hurt. Then the jokes stop, and it's time for anyone he's fighting to get very, very worried. Because if Charles is not joking, and his accent is barely noticeable, it means every ounce of his focus is solely on "kill the enemy". That's not a place many would want to be.

Charles grew up as one of the "prodigies" of the Anderson Family. He may not be one of the ones being groomed for leadership in the Family Council, but he is being groomed to be one of the top soldiers for the family. His parents are descended from some of the first members of the family, albeit ones who abandoned their old names to fully cement their alliance to David Anderson's vision.
Even at the age of 5, Charles displayed enough talent to summon up a crude Spirit Weapon. Still, the Andersons believe in safety and oversight in training their younger members, so it wasn't until he was 12 and accompanied by his father (still the single best shot in the Family, with a 2.5-mile kill shot that has yet to be beaten) and uncle on his first hunt. He performed marvelously of course. It was clear he was going to be a great Hunter (the family's term for those who dedicated themselves to fighting Hollows and other spiritual threats).
Things were changing, though. The Family knew that something was going down, even if they didn't know what. There were rumors about the Akiyama Clan, and research and experiments they were performing. The Andersons inquired, and after a combination trade proposal and marriage contract were signed, the secret was revealed (but only to the Family Council): The Akiyama sought to change the very nature of what Heilig Pfeil did to Hollows. Instead of annihilation, they sought purification. It was unusual news, though perhaps not quite so much from the Akiyamas. They'd always had a soft spot for the Shinigami, moreso than even the Andersons could quite respect. They had professional respect for the Grim Reapers, but...well, even the misfits couldn't forget the death and destruction from centuries ago. Not completely.
It was determined that someone would have to go and keep an eye on things in the "home turf" of the Clan. And who better than the hotshot teenager who was a rising sensation within the Anderson Family, and the Next Big Thing when it came to the ranks of the Hunters?

Story So Far:
Charles Anderson has spent a little under 18 months preparing for his trip to Ikari, Japan, a place that's not only a big bit of news in technology and sociology ("5 years ahead" and all that), but also (apparently) a hotbed of spiritual activity. He learned the Japanese language, and as many basic points of etiquette as possible. While he wasn't cleared to know just what the Akiyama clan was working on, he was given a general overview of the Clan's culture and attitudes, as well as a few "persons of interest" to keep his eyes on.

Upon arriving in town, Charles made fast friendships with Katsuo, Naito, and Shinji, and even began to train Naito in some of the basics of the Quincy skills and inducted his friend as a Trainee Hunter.
These four, alongside Tamaki and some of the other kids, clashed with local Hollows a fair number of times.
They met a rogue Shinigami, Alice, who kept tabs on them, and ran into Jehoel Yurius (and somehow decided that the Andersons, Las Noches, and Soul Society might end up living in peace).
Then, Naito's curiosity about origins became unbearable, and Naito, Charles, and Shinji traveled to an abandoned bunker where Naito might have been altered to possess powers.
It ended up that Naito was a tank-born being, one with a more sinister alternate personality. Also, Naito was apparently a girl. A fight with the atlernate personality, Alpha-1, ensued, and Charles, Katsuo, and Shinji only just escaped with their lives.
A few days later, Charles was part of the Anderson delegation that hammered out the Unseelie Accords with Las Noches and Soul Society, ensuring their recognition as an independent and sovereign nation. The meeting also gave the Andersons the means to begin Purifying instead of Destroying Hollows.
But a frame job left the Andersons looking responsible for the death of the Akiyama matriarch (among others), and without the time to try and clear their names, Charles and the others made to leave. But before he could go, Charles was cornered by Alpha-1, who proceeded to destroy every last bit of his hunting gear, break an arm and a leg, and only barely be driven back by the rest of the Andersons.
After a brief stop at the Kuzonoha house for healing, Chuck left Japan in disgrace, returning to Australia.

Now, 3 months later, he has returned, at the darkest part of the war between the Akiyama and Zerreißen Himmel, with new weapons, greater skill, and perhaps just a bit more maturity. Hopefully it will be enough to turn the tide against the encroaching darkness.

Intelligence: While not a genius or anything, Charles is still fairly smart. More than book-smarts, though, he possesses a finely-honed set of hunter's instincts, and a boatload of cunning (some of his cousins who keep getting pranked say too much cunning). Currently, he can speak Australian English, British English, and is conversational in Japanese (he has a bit more trouble with reading it, though he carries a small translation book inside one of his many pockets, and his goggles can translate for him).
He also really enjoys working with computers, but he tries not to let anyone know about that skillset (which is definitely still developing).
Survival Skills: Charles is excellent at surviving in hostile environmental conditions. I mean, he's Australian, and he's been trained, to boot. He can "live off the land" in a decent variety of landscapes.
He's also good at picking locks and generally getting into places he shouldn't. Sometimes even with a computer.
He's a solid driver, with emphasis on SUVs and motorcycles.
Hand-to-Hand Training: Charles has been thoroughly trained by his family, in a style that's a slightly-modified version of Krav Maga. He's equally adept at knife-fighting and unarmed combat (on top of his marksmanship).
Swordsmanship: Though he only has seriously trained with sword-length Seele Schneider for a few months, his skill is already nearly Expert level, though he has some ways to go before he is truly a Master. Charles is able to use a sword with one hand, and manifest a Streik der Purificatio or Fassen der Gerechten with the other. He favors the Fassen der Gerechten, which he uses as a sort of buckler shield while using a Seele Schneider as a sword. His sword fighting style is a blend of European and Japanese fencing, perhaps appropriate for the way Seele Schneider can pierce and cut from virtually any angle.
Spiritual Awareness: Charles has sharp eyes, sharp ears, and sharp spiritual senses.
His ability to locate and track spiritual signals of all sorts has grown by leaps and bounds, and at this point his awareness can cover a city, though it's at its keenest within the space of a mile or so.
If necessary, Charles can fight an opponent without sight, relying on hearing and his awareness to deal with them.
While it is not the perfect anti-stealth measure, it is difficult to hide from Charles if you're comparatively close to him. Dedicated stealth Kido or unique abilities can defeat this sense, but those simply trying to hide must have excellent control of their own Reiryoku and Reiatsu to not at least risk detection.
While he is decidedly an Expert with locating and tracking presences, Charles is lacking in the ability to "discern intent" with his Awareness. He cannot make determinations about the potential capabilities of an opponent beyond "powerful" or "not very powerful", either.
Reishi Absorption: Charles was trained in a continent that was very "feast or famine" with Reishi; while some of the cities and "old places" in Australia were fairly rich with the stuff, other sections were barely more saturated with Reishi than they were with water. Consequently, Charles is extremely efficient not only in his gathering of energy, but also his shaping, storing, and using of it.
Archery/Marksmanship: With a bow, Charles is a competent shot, able to hit the bullseye every time out to about 30 yards, and generally land a solid hit out to 100, depending on the size of the target.
Using his Bolt der Richter, Charles has regularly made half-mile shots, and could conceivably make longer ones given the chance to set up and "zone in" for a couple of minutes. Even on the fly, he can fire and hit reliably on virtually any target.
Using his Streik der Purificatio is only slightly less accurate, more due to the nature of pistols and lack of stock or bipod. Even firing them at full automatic he is comparatively accurate, though unless focusing on a single large target he typically uses automatic for suppressive fire. When using the burst fire mode his accuracy is good enough to reliably hit most targets.

Seele Stechen: Charles's focus device is radically different from any Quincy Cross ever seen. But then, it's a Seele Stechen for a Reiniger. Instead of a cross or bangle, it is a pair of metal gauntlets that cover Charles's hands, wrist, and forearm, stopping a bit short of his elbow. The backplate on the hand has a cross pattern with red jewels at the center and each of the endpoints; the fingers, meanwhile, have small, simple cross engravings on them. The wrist is covered by a thinner, more flexible section engraved with runic patterns. From the end of the wrist to just before the elbow, the rest of the Seele Stechen is divided into 3 ring-like sections engraved with runes and patterns that, when spun around, produce 3 different designs on top. The 3 sections spin independent of each other, and when using Hohe Rotationsmodus they continually spin, though after 30 seconds they have to lock down to prevent overheating damage.
Seele Schneider: Charles typically carries 10 Seele Schneider in his vest's pockets. These sword-bullets are full-sized, though their handles are rounded instead of squared and they have some texturing for grips (since Charles's Bolt der Richter is purely energy, the possible friction isn't an issue). The blade produced is 3 feet in length, though no wider than the handle itself; it is colored a bright red, matching the rest of the manifestations of Chuck's spiritual power. When fired, the blade is compacted to a third of its length (1 foot projection), tripling its piercing power.
Ginto: Charles typically carries about 10 "Ginto Flashbangs" on his person at all times; these Ginto are a bit bigger than the "classic" model, but are specially designed to explode in an extremely bright flash of red light, accompanied by a fairly loud sound. They can be set for remote detonation, or timed detonation. Their actual damage is minimal. He also carries another 10 regular Ginto that he can load into his Bolt der Richter and fire as impact or proximity grenade rounds (this is accomplished almost subconsciously with his interface with Bolt der Richter), or use as components in the more standard Quincy Ginto techniques.
Hunter's Hood: Technically 3 pieces that lock together, the Hunter's Hood is a full-head mask with goggles. The upper "cap", the goggles, and the lower "mask" lock together in an airtight seal, but can be separated; the mask can be pushed down and ends up looking somewhat like a small scarf, while the upper section looks like a fancy knit cap. The goggles can be removed and stored in a pocket. The whole thing provides moderate protection against major airborne irritants, as well as excellent temperature protection. The goggles have multiple night vision modes, as well as spiritual sensors and a general HUD display, as well as windspeed indicators. They also have a scope-like zoom feature, but as it produces notable tunnel vision Charles only activates this when making a long-range shot.
Hunter Uniform: The all-black armored outfit Charles sports in combat situations is a semi-standard (as much as the Andersons have standard) uniform. The base layer provides comfort and temperature protection, and limited protection against irritants. The armor plating isn't the equal of Hierro, Blut Vene, or some Shinigami's dense Reiatsu, but it does protect against threats both material and spiritual (thanks to its weave of fine Spiritual Silver woven in).
Miscellaneous: Beyond his spiritual "arsenal", Charles tends to carry around several useful items. A multi-tool, a couple sets of lockpicks, a few zip-ties, an "Anderson Special" grapnel gun (up to 200 feet of line! can carry up to 350 pounds!), a smartphone with an excellent plan (unlimited minutes, text, and data, world-wide!), a strap-on filter mask good for about 10 minutes (hooks right onto his Hood), and a watch that automatically switches time-zones as well as keeping track of the day/month/year.

Reinigung Bow: Hochroter Beschützer (Purifying Bow: Crimson Protector): Charles's new bow, Hochroter Beschützer is manifested by concentrating his energy through his Seele Stechen. Hochroter Beschützer has 3 distinct forms/modes. While many Andersons only have 1 Reinigung Bow form, Charles has always been a believer in adaptability and versatility, and that seems to have manifested in his weaponry. It takes him approximately 3 seconds to switch from one form to the other. Charles has determined that the special ability of Hochroter Beschützer is, in fact, the very flexibility of form that it gives him.
-Hochroter Beschützer: Fassen der Gerechten (Crimson Protector: Grasp of the Righteous): The first mode, Fassen der Gerechten, manifests itself as two thick gauntlets on Charles's forearms (just a bit longer than the Seele Stechen is). These gauntlets are condensed Reishi, making them extremely durable, and they serve as impact amplifiers. While Charles himself lacks anything like "super-strength", the Fassen der Gerechten let him at least affect some of the tougher spiritual beings in the world. He can manifest a single glove of Fassen der Gerechten while using his other hand for somethign else. The major downside of Fassen der Gerechten is that his hands are actually encased and locked into a fist form, meaning he cannot manipulate objects or use items while it is active.
--Hochroter Beschützer: Fassen der Gerechten, Hohe Rotationsmodus (Crimson Protector: Grasp of the Righteous, High Rotation Mode): The 3 rings of the Seele Stechen begin spinning at high speed, which transforms the outer half of Fassen der Gerechten into a tightly-controlled spinning maelstrom of Reishi. This mode, which can only last 30 seconds before cooldown, gives Charles something like 6 times the normal damage from his punches, and adds a degree of penetration (through an effect not dissimilar to a drill) to those strikes.
-Hochroter Beschützer: Streik der Purificatio (Crimson Protector: Strike of Purification): The second mode, Streik der Purificatio, manifests a pair of machine pistols that are entirely red. These pistols are capable of single shot, 3-round burst, and automatic (1000 RPM) fire. Each shot is comparatively weak, but they are highly accurate and have decent penetration capability. Charles can manifest a single pistol in one hand to either manifest a Fassen der Gerechten glove on the other, or hold a piece of equipment in it.
-Hochroter Beschützer: Bolt der Richter (Crimson Protector: Bolt of the Judge): The third and final mode of Charles's Reinigung Bow, Bolt der Richter is a comparatively compact, but still lean and powerful looking, sniper rifle (lacking a scope or bipod) that is (like all manifestations of Hochroter Beschützer) completely red. By default, the barrel is the normal length, but with a bit of focus, it extends half again as long for truly long-distance shots. Using Bolt der Richter's extended barrel, Charles is able to fire out to a range of 1.5 miles fairly reliably. The rifle lacks burst or automatic fire, but Charles is skilled and steady enough to keep up a respectable rate of fire nonetheless. Bolt der Richter requires both of the gloves of Starke Reichweite be attuned to the same configuration mode.
Reinigung Pfeil (Cleaner Arrow): Charle's projectiles, now also red themselves, are an example of the new Purification technique the Andersons have embraced whole-heartedly. Having had time to resonate and practice with his powers, Charles's strikes have a 100% success rate at sending the target on to Soul Society, though there's still presumably some trauma to the affair (sadly unavoidable with Reinigung Pfeil; it can only be lessened with time). They lack the comparative raw power of his old Heilig Pfeil, but their penetration power is about 90% what it used to be, and his rate of fire has generally increased, making it a completely worthwhile tradeoff (in Charles's eyes).
Ginto Techniques: Charles is accomplished in the use of Ginto, but would not be considered an expert. He can perform Heizen, Gritz, and Wolke with average skill and power. He is a bit better at Sprenger, and has learned how to set up the pattern remotely, firing first the Seele Schneider, and then the Ginto itself, at a target area.
Hirenkyaku: Charles would be ranked as an Expert in the Flying Screen Step. He cannot generate platforms, but the basic high-speed movement comes easily to him, and it doesn't really exhaust him at all. He can perform quieter but slower Steps that he often uses when stalking prey. As well, he has discovered a way to combine Hirenkyaku and Ransōtengai to moderately increase the speed (and thus the kinetic energy) of physical blows with Seele Schneider or Fassen der Gerechten.
Blut: Charles is a low-level Expert with Blut. He can now use both forms equally effectively, and is able to switch between them given about 2 seconds of time.
--Blut Vene: Charles defaults to Blut Vene, and keeps a low-key version of it running most all of the time. At its fullest strength, he has protection roughly equal to a mid-Seated Shinigami or an equivalent Arrancar (who does not specialize for or against Hierro).
--Blut Arterie: Most often, Charles will use Arterie when in a heated Seele Schneider duel, making a strike with Fassen der Gerechten, Hohe Rotationsmodus, or when lining up a critical shot with Bolt der Richter. Currently the power increase is about twice his non-Arterie attacks. The main downside is the loss of all Vene protection, hence his tendency to use it only at critical moments.
Ransōtengai: Charles had no skill with the Heavenly Wild Puppet Suit when he was originally in Japan. At this point, he's still a comparative novice with it. At most, he can keep 1 completely disabled limb mobile, or shore up a couple of injured but functional joints. He is actually better at combining the reinforcing properties of his technique with a brief burst of Hirenkyaku to increase the speed of melee strikes with healthy limbs.
Vollständig: Romakhiel (Spear of God): Charles knows how to use Vollständig, but is somewhat reluctant to use it. Not so much for lack of skill, as there's a certain innate skill the power brings with it. Instead, the sheer, raw power flowing through his veins means he tries to avoid activating it unless absolutely necessary. Because he actually likes that power. A lot. Despite the risks of prolonged usage, at leas for now.
When in Vollständig, Charles is clad in armor of red light so dark it might as well be black, a positively medieval affair. From his back sprout a pair of wings that seem more like a collection of ribbons of crackling black energy that somehow manage to shine with black light. In his hands is a spear of the same black energy, but perfectly molded, a simple design with a 5-foot haft and a 1-foot blade shaped like a gladius's blade. He's still capable of using Seele Schneider in this form (as his control improves along with his power input), though the color of the blade shifts to match what is conjured by his spear.
-Sklaverei: A universal ability of Vollständig, while Romakhiel is active Charles's Reishi Dominance becomes far stronger, allowing him to dissolve and absorb spiritual constructions to fuel his powers.
-Dunkelklinge (Dark Blade): The spear Charles summons in Vollständig is his primary weapon. The entire thing is raw, condensed reishi; the haft is as hard as steel, while the blade has about 50% of the cutting power of a Seele Schneider. Charles can throw Dunkelklinge and, after it strikes an enemy (or he wills it), it will dissipate and reform in his hands. He can also fire Reinigung Pfeil from the spear, which have the same power as the projectiles from Bolt der Richter, along with the same fire rate; the projectiles share the coloration of Dunkelklinge, though.
-Dunkelheit Blitz (Darkness Lightning): Charles can dismiss Dunkelklinge and instead channel that same power into bolts of energy that resemble nothing so much as black lightning. These bolts hit with the same force as Bolt der Richter's projectiles, but can be held continuously on a target, or even make a single "jump" to between 1 and 3 other targets, though these secondary bolts carry 1/3 the power of the original and require the secondary target to be within a few feet of the original target.. As he can fire from both hands, Charles could hit a maximum of 8 targets (2 primary and 6 secondary). His range on this is only about 20 feet.
-Finsternis Licht-Schild (Darkness Light Shield): Charles can channel his power into producing a shield of dark energy that can withstand large amounts of damage. If Sklaverei is fully active this shield can extend upwards of 30 feet; without Sklaverei fully active, it can only go about 5 feet. He can make it into several basic 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes. Once created, the shield is static; if damaged enough, it shatters. Alternatively, Charles can conjure small sections of shield along his arms, like a set of weightless bucklers on his shoulders, upper arms, and forearms. He cannot maintain both the arm-mounted shields and emplaced shields at the same time.
-Dunkelklinge, Das Schwert spaltet Böse (Dark Blade, Sword That Cleaves Evil): If Charles activates Sklaverei and channels most of that power into Dunkelklinge, he is able to shape the Dark Blade into its truest form, the Sword That Cleaves Evil. The haft shorteds to 4 feet long, thickening a bit. Meanwhile, the blade shifts and becomes a wide guard, from which emits a blade 1.5 feet wide and 8 feet long. This blade has the same cutting power as a Seele Schneider, and Charles is able to handle the over-sized weapon with surprising dexterity. In addition, Das Schwert spaltet Böse can, with but a thought from Charles, become harmless light for a few moments. In this way, he is able to cut only those he needs to, sparing the innocent while striking down the guilty.
--Dunkelklinge, Das Schwert spaltet Böse, Putzmitteilung (Dark Blade, Sword That Cleaves Evil, Shine Release): The culmination of Charle's Vollständig, Putzmitteilung gathers up every last shred of power he can spare, including the power vested in his ribbon-wings and everything he can gather with Sklaverei, Charles takes a strong, stable stance and raises up Dunkelklinge, Das Schwert spaltet Böse. He then brings it down in a powerful forward slash that sends off the entire blade of the dark sword at his enemy. The projectile-blade is guided by his will, and can only be avoided by fleeing at top speed, or possibly blocked by a truly powerful barrier. The power invested in Putzmitteilung is staggering, but if Charles uses it, it not only brings him out of Vollständig, it leaves him exhausted enough he needs a few minutes to recover his strength to even try reactivating the True Form of the Reiniger.

The Anderson Reiniger Clan
Family Home: Australia
Clan Age: About 200 years.
Clan Size: Approximately 175, with about 110 capable of Reiniger combat.
Clan Motto: Polite and Professional.

The Anderson Family is something of a...unique case...among the Quincy. While the other Clans are either whole "sections" of the original family, or founded by 1-2 charismatic, strong-willed individuals, the Anderson Family was founded by, well, the "dregs" of the other families. Over the years, it has grown slowly but steadily larger as those disaffected with their birth clan take walkabout, and somehow end up in Australia (likely from hearing rumors of a perhaps slightly insane family of Quincy living there).

This began in 1800 when several "malcontents" from the European families were loaded on one of the boats headed for the newly-founded colonies there and shipped off. After all, out of sight out of mind. On the journey over, the Quincy outcasts found each other. Most of them were young, hale, and headstrong. They were chomping at the bit to deal with whatever Australia held.

In this case, it held a lot of Hollows.

For while Australia had not, up until that point, had a very large native human population, it had always held plenty of animals. Many of which were aggressive and deadly, even to humans. All those animals, fighting and dying and struggling to survive. Somehow, more so than in any other places, the animals of Australia formed Hollows.

The Shinigami did what they could, but the numbers assigned to the Island Continent were never very large. They had a well-hidden "base" (more of a bunker, really), and they conducted regular patrols, and were even helped by a very small number of empowered mortals among the natives. But even still, there were a lot of dead animals all the time, and somehow, they kept becoming Hollows. The Shinigami relegated themselves to protecting the scattered humans, and purifying the Hollows made from human souls.

When the rag-tag group of Quincy learned of the situation (from a combination of observation, and overhearing a couple of tired Shinigami grumbling about how hard they had to work), they practically threw a party. One David Anderson helped forge them into a cohesive group that would start working to not only protect the living residents of this dangerous continent, but also "thin the herd" of the animal-based Hollows that roamed about.

So for the next two centuries, the group grew from about a dozen, to two dozen, and so on. Every once in a while, they'd get a few more "exiles" from different places around the world. At first it was intentional on the part of the original clans, but after a while, it was more these "lone wolves" ending up in Australia of their own machinations. As well, the Anderson clan wasn't too worried about marrying non-Quincy, though they did encourage their members to at least marry those with strong spiritual potential.

Meanwhile, they kept their heads low and avoided the Shinigami as much as possible. They didn't want the trouble, but they didn't really hold anything against the overworked psychopomps. Even without the animal Hollow problem Australia would be a tough assignment, and with all these new people moving in, it just got worse! So the Andersons focused on fighting from range, slowly finding ways to mold their bows (either through sheer willpower, or devices constructed to aid them) into the shapes of long-range rifles. Hollows were dispatched with single high-powered headshots that no one would ever properly hear out in the "sticks". Roaming packs of Hollows were erased, and the workload for the Shinigami eased every so slightly.

All the while, the "gear heads" of the family did their best to not only improve the tools at the disposal of the Andersons, but also bring in money by creating more "mundane" technologies (many of which focused on things like alternative power, wast disposal, water purification, and other techniques for living in remote sections of Australia and other parts of the world). Of course, many of those same technologies were being used by the Andersons in their ever-improving Family home, located in an abandoned opal mine a couple hours' drive outside of Sydney. The location is more than isolated enough to allow indoor and outdoor training, but close enough to "real civilization" to make life easier. Those members whose fighting prowess is lower help maintain the compound, or the family company based in Sydney (the one always coming up with new pieces of technology).

And of course, they're still a family of "misfits and malcontents", harboring not only a variety of (often eccentric) personalities, but also a fairly diverse ethnicity. The family emphasis on not marrying only Quincy, combined with the mix of pre-existing and "imported" people groups of the continent, means that there are interesting "mixtures" running amok in the family. Still, they're unified by their familial pride, accents, skill, and sharp sense of dress.

The recent introduction of the ability to Purify instead of Destroy has taken the family by storm. The adoption of Seele Stechen was swift and thorough, with most all old Quincy-style weapons being disassembled for recycling. Only a few heirlooms have been kept intact, and those have had a few components removed to render them mere display pieces. With the signing of the Unseelie Accords alongside the Kuzonoha Family, Las Noches, and Soul Society, the Andersons are now working to establish themselves as a true independent power. They have renamed themselves Reiniger, to signify their commitment to Purification instead of Destruction.

Notable Inventions:
-Spirit Sensor Visor/Scope: Even the most sensitive Reiniger can't naturally see in the dark or through mist. As well, not all members of the Anderson Clan have the same level of skill or sensitivity. But being the rough and tumble go-getters that they are, they decided that wasn't going to stop them from shooting some Hollows in the face from range. So the gear-heads put their heads together and came up with the Spirit Sensor Visor (SSV). These visors are all individually styled for their user, as some prefer 1 lens, some 2, and some a true *visor*. All of them greatly enhance resolution on spiritual signals, as well as helping see in low-light/no-light conditions, increase visibility in cloudy or misty conditions, and even provide things like wind speed and direction (to assist with making a long-distance shot). A few models even allow "normal" humans (the Andersons think the word "normal" is over-rated anyways) to see spiritual beings, though not with the same resolution someone truly aware could hold. They also produce Scopes that hold most of the same functions, albeit tweaked for use as a Rifle's Scope. The recent radical shift to using Seele Stechen means that many, but not all, Anderson members are changing the form of their SSV to more of a goggle or helmet setup. Still, the precise setup varies from
-Seele Schneider Bullets: The other major invention alongside their Rifles was the Seele Schneider Bullets. These SS are made shorter and a bit thinner, and if used as blades cannot achieve anything more than a long knife in length and width. But for all that their size is less, their edge and potency remain the same. And the biggest advantage is that they can be loaded and fired from many Seele Stechen-generated weapons, assuming the weapon allows for such a setup (instead of being, say, a sword or the like). Still, they fly even farther and truer than the regular arrow-bullets, and pierce even the strongest spiritual defenses, physical or magic. The Andersons tend to carry several on their person, but use them as arrows (they can still fire from a traditional bow) or bullets very sparingly. They're for "special" foes that require the extra power and penetration. (Note: Some Andersons now use regular full-size Seele Schneiders, or ones modified to switch between the more compact "Bullet" size and the regular "arrow" size. With the advent of Seele Strechen, there is less of a standard for usage.)