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    Default Re: [MtG] GitP Regulars as Magic the Gathering Cards

    Quote Originally Posted by Mahonri Violist View Post
    What probably brought me here was mostly because it was reminiscent of the old shippings thread way back when.

    Glad you like it. I did way too much background research trying to make it, and trying to make it so it fit everything and was balanced: first I went to the What Colors of Magic [...] thread and read what you wrote there, distilling the essence of what you said about each color and how it applies to you. Then I went to your profile to find random things and recent posts which, honestly is kind-of stalkerish, but I figured it would be alright for the purposes of this thread. Using a lot of Google, I looked up what abilities are associated with what color and sentiment, and how they're generally fluffed/flavored, and matching it to what you said in that thread. Then I looked up dozens of sample cards (because I haven't played in long enough to remember) trying to properly balance it ((because of what happened last time I tried making a MtG card, with everyone calling it underpowered and underwhelming and weird)) and base the mechanics and how the costs work off of real cards.

    For the flavor text I did site-specific google searches for random quotes and "Blue Ghost". It was in an old Birthday thread for you.
    It's fine that you don't have a card for me; I wasn't expecting one and I hadn't even posted permission yet, either. It's not that necessary anyway; guilting you into making one would make me feel guilty. Plus, you still were going to render the Fel Bargain card.

    Anyway, I just spent too long rambling my thoughts and I really need to start shadowing someone else to make a card for them.
    Wow, that's really impressive. I'm quite flattered.

    And I made a card for you! I hope it's satisfactory.

    Quote Originally Posted by Snowbluff View Post
    Oh, you stalked him? Subarashi.
    Heh, I stalked Viola plenty back in the day.
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