Soul of the Sea
There are a select few Favored Souls, born among coastal and aquatic peoples, who are neither beholden to nor blessed by a deity, but the sea itself.
Class: Favored Soul
Level: 1
Replaces: Deity’s Weapon Focus, Energy Resistance (All), Deity’s weapon specialization, Wings, Damage Reduction
Benefits: See the table for benefits gained, and the level at which they are gained.

Level Special
1st Bound to the Sea
3rd Strong Swimmer
5th One with the waves
7th Beneath the Waves
9th Shielded from the Depths
11th Command of the Sea
13th One with the Water
15th Timeless Body
17th Vengeance of the Sea
20th One with the Sea

Bound to the Sea:A Soul of the Sea has some marked differences from their deity-blessed kin.

•Swim is added to the class skill list, and skill ranks per level are changed to (4 + Int. modifier) × 4 at first level, and 4 + Int. modifier every class level thereafter.

•The DCs of a Soul of the Sea’s spell are based upon Charisma, instead of Wisdom.

•The weapons net and trident are added to their proficiencies.

•Spells are drawn from the core druid spell list. Cure and Heal spells may also be learned, at the level a cleric would learn them.

Strong Swimmer (Ex): Souls of the sea are blessed with an innate talent for swimming. A Soul of the Sea gains a competence bonus to swim check equal to 1/2 their class level.

A Soul of the Sea also does not suffer double the armor check penalty when making swim checks.

One with the waves (Ex): A Soul of the Sea’s ability to swim enables them to move through the water with even greater ease. A Soul of the Sea gains a swim speed equal to 30ft, or their base land speed, whichever is higher. At tenth level the swim speed doubles.

If a Soul of the Sea already has a racial swim speed, they instead gain a cumulative 30ft. bonus to their swim speed at fifth and tenth level. This is treated as an enhancement bonus.

Beneath the Waves (Su/Ex): A Soul of the Sea gains a continual Water Breathing effect, as the spell. Unlike normal supernatural abilities, it is not suppressed in an anitmagic field.

A Soul of the Sea may also ignore the effects of aquatic difficult terrain

At 12th level, A Soul of the Sea may share their Water Breathing effect with a number of allies equal to their Charisma modifier, within 60ft. There is not duration limit, and it ends for any ally who stays further than 60ft away from the Soul of the Sea. Granting the ability to any number of creatures is a move action. Rescinding the ability for a singular creature is also a move action.
At the DM’s discretion, a variant of this ability that allows aquatic creatures to breathe air may be given instead

Shielded from the Depths (Ex/Su): A Soul of the Sea is unaffected by the effects of water depth, water pressure, and hypothermia. (Stormwrack page 11. If rules for depth, water pressure and hypothermia are unused, gain a bonus feat instead of this class feature. Be sure to check with your DM.)

Command of the Sea (Su): Rebuke, command, or bolster water creatures as an evil cleric of your level rebukes undead. This power is a supernatural ability.

This ability may be used to fuel feats that rely upon turn undead at the DM’s discretion.

One with the Water (Su): A Soul of the Sea may become one with the sea that empowers them. Once per day they may wild shape into a water elemental, as a druid equal to their class level +1. An addition daily use is gained at levels 16, 19, and every third level thereafter.

Timeless Body (Ex): As the sea waters the passage of time, so too does a Soul of the Sea. This functions as the Druid class feature of the same name.

Vengeance of the Sea (Su): A Soul of the Sea may call forth the sea’s vengeance 1/week. There are three effects listed, of which only one may be chosen when the ability is activated. Activation of each ability is a standard action unless otherwise noted, and caster level is equal to character level where required.

Whirlpool: This ability functions as the whirlwind spell, except it must be placed within a body of water(Depth of water must be equal to or greater than30ft). It does not automatically end if it moves out of range. This ability is usable 1/day, but prevents the other abilities from being used that week.
Servant from the Deep: This ability summons a kraken which serves faithfully for 1 day.
Wrath of the Waves: This ability creates a water elemental monolith (Complete Arcane) that lasts for 10 minutes per class level.
As a secondary option, this ability may be used to duplicate the effects of the spell Elemental Swarm (water elementals only).
Storm: This functions as a Storm of Vengeance spell, with a concentration-free duration of 20 rounds, with the 11th-20th rounds repeating the first 10. After the effect ends, a nonmagical storm remains for 3 hours.

One with the Sea (Ex/Su): The sea is vast and mighty, far beyond the power of mere mortals.
The Soul of the Sea is granted the enduring power of the sea. They gain fast healing 5 and DR 10/-. Additionally, 1/week if slain, a Soul of the Sea may form a new body from a quantity of water capable of containing her body. The body of water must be on the same plane as the Soul of the Sea was at the time of her death. This ability functions as True Resurrection with respect to level loss.