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    Default Re: Homebrew Compendium: Not all Artifacts are Epic

    I kept meaning to continue this project, and I finally got the chance.

    Here's another historical artifact called the Trailblazer's Torch

    Spoiler: The Trailblazer's Torch

    Trailblazer's Torch
    The Trailblazer's Torch is a wondrous item that always sheds light as a torch. This light flickers and appears as normal flame, but may not be smothered and produces no heat. Once times per day, the wielder of this item may cast Remove Fear on up to two target within reach. This expands to three times per day if the holder of the item is a halfling.
    Cost: 4,290
    Creation: 2,145 GP, Craft Wondrous Item, CL 5, Remove Fear, Continual Light

    Much of this item's history has been lost, but rumor has it that this was one of the first torches created by the halflings when they were still a new race. In their initial exploration of the world, they lacked the fearless quality that modern halflings now enjoy, as everything that lurked in the shadows scared them, causing them to retreat back into their settlements. However, one particular halfling ranger made this torch and went in search of a new home, and it was said that those who followed his lead were granted courage beyond measure. Occasionally the torch supposedly reappears in the possession of young halflings who begin to adventure, but many of these are replicas created as a tribute to this item's historical significance.

    EDIT: Another item! The Staff of Goblin Wrath
    Spoiler: The Staff of Goblin Wrath

    The Staff of Goblin Wrath
    The Staff of Goblin Wrath is a unique staff that allows the following spells to be cast as per a thirteenth level druid, but only when held by a goblin. If a non-goblin holds the staff, they only gain access to the burning gaze ability.
    Burning Gaze- 1 charge
    Heat Metal- 1 charge
    Fire Seeds- 3 charges

    Cost: 65,000 GP
    Creation: 32,500 GP, CL 13, Craft Staff, CL 13, Burning Gaze, Heat Metal, Fire Seeds
    Goblins are not wise creatures, but they are shrewd and malicious. And even greater than their love for causing pain is their love for fire. Very rare are goblins who manage to utilize this love in battle and survive. One such goblin was Gritshub Smokestick, so named for his own unique creation that let him command fire to his every whim. Using his powerful fire magics he managed to burn away hordes of enemies. This tactic served him well for many years before his clan attracted the attention of a red dragon, against which this weapon proved useless. The dragon slew every member of Gritshub's tribe, and took this staff as his own, which now resides somewhere in a remote cave, waiting for some other insane goblin shaman to pick it up.
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