Surprise update!

High Elf

The poor high elf: not only maligned for its constitution penalty, but also subject to various weed-related jokes. That said, +0 LA fits.

No more explanation is required: reviewing player races is boring anyway.


More sub-par elvish material! You could give those guys a bonus feat and they'd still only be marginally better than humans. That said, +0 LA.

Aquatic Elf

Apparently D&D needs three different aquatic elves: the MM, Unearthed Arcana and Stormwrack all have their own flavor. Not bad for a race that's essentially 'elves, but underwater'. +0 LA.


Now we're getting somewhere! Right now, drow are at +2 LA, but that seems excessive. The SLA's are either underwhelming or easily obtainable, the SR is a double-edged sword and darkvision is overrated. +1 LA seems like it'd work fine.

Gray Elf

Elves with two extra stat changes: woo-hoo! +0 LA.

Wild Elf

Favored class (like anyone uses those) is sorcerer instead of wizard, stat penalty is intelligence instead of constitution. A slight nerf and a slight boost: +0 LA still applies.

Wood Elf

Just how many subraces did WotC feel the need to include? That said, wood elves are surprisingly nice for melee. Think about it: a dragonborn wood elf has +2 strength, -2 intelligence, access to all juicy elf PrC's and feats and standard dragonborn goodness. I'm surprised it doesn't pop up more often, to be honest.

Also, +0 LA.