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    Default Re: High School Harem Comedy (Game System, PEACH)

    Well, I warned you that I would soon be homebrewing stuff. Here's a set of archetypes for HSHC games set in the UK. They'd probably work for the US, too, if you reskinned English Rose as a Southern Belle and Ladette as... whatever you call ladettes in America.

    Let me know what you think! There's a few things that I'm not sure about the balance of as well, so let me know if you see any problems.

    Spoiler: British Archetypes
    Artsy Girl
    "Ah, protagonist-kun, I was just looking for someone to model for me."

    You are an artiste. You deal in creativity, inspiration and beauty; things like 'being practical' and 'fitting in' are not for you. No, it will take a bold statement to win the protagonist's heart, and none but you have the vision to make it happen!

    Creative. Art is your thing. +2 on skill rolls involving painting, sculpting, drawing or any other visual art form.

    Culture Vulture. You love to immerse yourself in cultured pastimes like plays and festivals. +1 on allure, luck, and skill rolls while taking part in high culture activities.

    Drama Queen. Your reputation for extreme behaviour allows you to get away with outbursts that would land others in trouble. Once per episode, you may treat a failed unopposed allure roll as a success.

    Eccentric Outfit. You treat life as a form of performance art, right down to the clothes you wear. This often proves serendipitous. +2 to luck rolls when wearing something ridiculous.

    So European. Your metropolitan lifestyle means that you are familiar with the latest trends from the continent. When you make an opposed skill roll relating to fashion and the avant-garde, anyone else making a skill roll takes -2.

    Celtic Lass
    "Top o' the mornin' to ya, protagonist-kun!"

    With your flame-red hair and lilting brogue, you possess an exotic charm that none of these other girls can compete with. There's no way the protagonist is going to be able to resist you!

    Friends Among the Fair Folk. You know all sorts of tricksy sprites and bogles who will sometimes help you achieve your aims - but there is always a price to pay for their aid... Twice per episode, you may take +2 on an conflict or luck roll, but you then take -2 on your next luck roll.

    Highland Fury. The Celts are a warrior race, and fighting is in your blood. +1 on opposed conflict rolls.

    Luck o' the Irish. Sometimes, things just go your way. Twice per episode, you can substitute a luck roll for a skill roll.

    Musically Inclined. Whether it's your beautiful singing voice, your Irish dancing skills or your flair for the bagpipes, you are a master of all things musical +2 to allure rolls involving making or dancing to music.

    Rain Magnet. You're quite used to getting rained on and always carry an umbrella, even in summer. +2 on luck rolls relating to rain, wind or other adverse weather.

    English Rose
    "Good evening, protagonist-kun. It is such a pleasure to see you."

    You represent the platonic ideal of an English lady. Gentle, refined and confident, your natural charm will surely draw the protagonist to you!

    Fainting Fits. Sometimes, your delicate constitution cannot bear the strains placed so cruelly upon it. Twice per episode, you may impose -2 on all Conflict rolls made in a given scene.

    Heart of Kindness. You are a beacon of virtue and gentleness. Once per episode, you may substitute an allure roll for any other type of roll.

    Naturally Gifted. You have been blessed from birth with curiously good luck. Sometimes it seems that everything you touch turns to gold! Twice per episode, you can gain +2 on a luck roll as long as you are not using any of your other advantages.

    Silk Hiding Steel. You may be demure most of the time, but you also have a spirited side. Twice per episode, you can gain +2 on conflict rolls if you had the option of using another type of roll instead.

    Socialite. You're comfortable hobnobbing with the nobility. +2 on opposed allure and conflict rolls while in polite company.

    Spiffing Hat. You know the value of a good hat, and have one for every conceivable occasion. +2 on allure rolls while wearing a hat and outdoors.

    Goth Girl
    "Protagonist-kun? ...whatever."

    Perhaps you came for the music and stayed for the aesthetic, perhaps it was the other way around. In either case, you have embraced the gloomy, baroque stylings of a goth. Who knows, maybe the protagonist will fall for your mysterious charms?

    Black is the New Black. You look good in black. Which is lucky, because it's all you ever wear. +1 to allure rolls when you are wearing mostly black.

    Creature of the Night. You have an affinity for animals associated with night and darkness. +2 on skill rolls involving nocturnal animals such as cats, bats, rats and moths.

    Dark Magic. You have always been interested in witchcraft and druidry. +2 on conflict and luck rolls involving the occult.

    Death Glare. All live in fear of your icy gaze. Any other girls who attempt the same conflict roll as you take a -1 on their roll.

    Gothy Handwave. Sometimes, you just can't be bothered to do anything, so you just watch instead. Twice per episode, you can voluntarily skip a roll where VP are on offer. The next unopposed roll you make after the skipped one is an automatic success.

    Terrible Poetry. You have journals full of melodramatic poetry that you love to inflict on anyone who will listen. Whenever you fail a roll in which you recited poetry, anyone else who heard you takes -1 on their next roll.

    Hippie Chick
    "Hey protagonist-man, love is like, free, you know?"

    It's been decades since being a hippie was cool, but that doesn't deter you in the slightest. The beatnik values of freedom, sharing and love appeal to you and, with any luck, they'll appeal to the protagonist, too!

    'Amateur Pharmacist'. To you, mind-altering substances are a route to spiritual enlightenment. +2 on luck and skill rolls relating to illicit drugs.

    Aura of Patchouli. Your devotion to herbal skincare is both good for your skin and off-putting to your rivals! Twice per episode, you may impose -2 on all allure rolls made in a given scene.

    Lucky Charms. You sleep under a hodge-podge of lucky charms from all different cultures. One of them must work, right? Three times per episode, if you roll a 1, you may re-roll the die. You must accept the second roll and cannot roll it again, even if it is a 1.

    Make Love, Not War. The hippie mantra encourages you to seek diplomatic solutions. Twice per episode, you can substitute an allure roll for a conflict roll.

    Naturist. Human beings were never meant to wear clothes. +2 on skill rolls involving nudity or a lack of clothing.

    "Oi, protagonist-kun! I've got 'alf a bottle of vodka wit' your name on it!"

    The moral guardians may look down on you, but they're just a bunch of boring old suits. Binge drinking is fine as long as you only do it once a week, right?

    Am I Bovvered? No, you ain't bovvered. Is the answer... to that question. Whenever another girl would impose a negative modifier on your roll, the magnitude of that modifier is reduced by one.

    Anti-Social Behaviour. You fear nobody, and think nothing of antagonising teachers, rivals or even the police. Twice per episode, you may impose a -2 on all skill rolls made in a given scene.

    Liver of Steel. You have a remarkable tolerance for alcohol for such a young person. +2 on skill rolls involving booze or drinking.

    No Respect for Authority. Sometimes, you just have to stand up and fight the power. +2 on conflict rolls when defying a figure of authority.

    One of the Lads. Your mates have a fearsome reputation and would be glad of any excuse to rough somebody up. Once per episode, you may treat a failed unopposed conflict roll as a success.
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