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    Default Ring Bearer

    The Ring Bearer

    Alignment: Any Good
    Hit Die: d8

    Level BAB Saves Special
    1 +0 +0/+0/+2 Green Ring of Will, Ring Blast 1d6, Flight
    2 +1 +0/+0/+3 Weapon Construct (Simple), Shield +1, Iron Will
    3 +2 +1/+1/+3 Ring Blast 2d6, Line Blast, Wall Construct (Stone)
    4 +3 +1/+1/+4 Weapon Construct +1, Shield +2
    5 +3 +1/+1/+4 Ring Blast 3d6, Golem Construct
    6 +4 +2/+2/+5 Weapon Construct (Martial), Shield +3
    7 +5 +2/+2/+5 Ring Blast 4d6, Cone Blast
    8 +6 +2/+2/+6 Weapon Construct +2, Wall Construct (Iron), Shield +4
    9 +6 +3/+3/+6 Ring Blast 5d6, Improved Flight
    10 +7 +3/+3/+7 Weapon Construct (Exotic), Shield +5
    11 +8 +3/+3/+7 Ring Blast 6d6, Ring Analysis
    12 +9 +4/+4/+8 Weapon Construct +3, Shield +6
    13 +9 +4/+4/+8 Ring Blast 7d6, Wall Construct (Force)
    14 +10 +4/+4/+9 Shield +7
    15 +11 +5/+5/+9 Ring Blast 8d6, Burst Blast
    16 +12 +5/+5/+10 Weapon Construct +4, Shield +8
    17 +12 +5/+5/+10 Ring Blast 9d6
    18 +13 +6/+6/+11 Shield +9
    19 +14 +6/+6/+11 Ring Blast 10d6, Superior Flight
    20 +15 +6/+6/+12 Ring Master, Weapon Construct +5, Shield +10
    Class Skills (4 + Int)
    Appraise, Concentration, Craft, Decipher Script, Diplomacy, Disguise, Gather Information, Knowledge (All), Profession, Search, Sense Motive, Spellcraft, Use Magic Device

    Weapon and Armor Proficiency: All simple weapons and light armor as well as any weapon created with Weapon Construct.

    Green Ring of Will (Su): A Ring Bearer has been gifted with a magic ring of untold power. All of his abilities are drived from the ring, and he cannot use any of his supernatural or spell-like class features without it. If he is ever separated from his ring, he can call it to himself as an immediate action. The ring appears on his finger regardless of its previous location.

    The ring is powered by the Ring Bearer's willpower, and if he ever becomes subject to a fear effect, he loses access to his supernatural and spell-like class features until the effect ends. Ring Bearers have a bonus on Will saves vs. Fear equal to half their level.

    While the ring is magical in nature, the force of the Bearer's will can overcome most impediments. The ring is not subject to any dispelling effect and is immune to Mage's Disjunction. It can work normally in an anti-magic field with a successful Will save. The Ring Bearer must save upon entering the field and upon using any of his spell-like class features. If unsuccessful, the ring becomes suppressed for 1d4+1 rounds.

    The ring radiates strong transmutation and conjuration. It has hit points equal to half the Ring Bearer's hit point total and has a hardness of 15 + Ring Bearer level + Ring Bearer Will save bonus. It has spell resistance equal to its hardness. The ring is a magic item and occupies a ring slot. It can be enchanted like any item at +50% cost. These extra enchantments function normally and can be dispelled, disjoined, or suppressed as normal.

    Ring Blast (Sp): A Ring Bearer's basic ability is to blast enemies with the ring. This could take virtually any form imaginable from a simple energy beam to some sort of constructed object like a ballista or hurled boulder. Regardless of its appearance, this ability functions as a ranged touch attack that deals 1d6/2 levels untyped damage with a range of 60 feet plus 10 feet per level. This ability is subject to spell resistance, and the Ring Bearer has a caster level equal to his class level.

    The Ring Bearer eventually learns to shape his attacks to hit multiple opponents. These shapes deal automatic damage with a Reflex save for half (DC10 + Ring Bearer Will save bonus). Line Blast: 100 feet plus 20 feet per level. Cone Blast: 20 feet plus 5 feet per level. Burst Blast: 10 feet plus 5 feet per three levels radius with a range of 40 feet plus 10 feet per level.

    Flight (Su): A Ring Bearer can use the power of his ring to propel himself through the air. He can fly with a speed of 60 feet with good maneuverability. At level nine, this improves to 120 ft (perfect), and at level ninteen, it becomes 240 ft (perfect).

    Weapon Construct (Su): At level two, a Ring Bearer can form his energy into a semi-permanent weapon for him to wield. As a move-equivalent action, he can create any simple weapon that functions just like a normal weapon of its kind. It lasts for as long as he holds it and dissipates as soon as he lets go. It has hit points equal to his caster level and a hardness equal to his Will save bonus. If the Weapon Construct is ever destroyed, he can simply form a new one. He can form more than one weapon and follows all the rules for two-weapon fighting. At level six, he can form martial weapons, and at level nine, he can form exotic weapons. The weapon is magical and gains a +1 enhancement bonus at level four that increases every four levels after. Weapon Constructs cannot be enchanted.

    Shield (Su): At second level, a Ring Bearer can form a shell of energy around himself that protects him from physical and magical attack. It grants a deflection bonus to AC equal to one plus his Will save bonus and increases by one every two levels. This ability is constant but can be suppressed or resumed as a free action. It only functions while the Ring Bearer is conscious.

    Iron Will: At level two, a Ring Bearer gains Iron Will as a bonus feat.

    Wall Construct (Sp): Upon reaching level three, a Ring Bearer can create solid objects out of energy. This can be any object he can imagine, but it cannot contain moving parts. He can create a number of objects equal to his Will save bonus anywhere within 100 feet plus 10 feet per level of himself. Any construct forced beyond this range dissipates.

    The objects are immobile unless concentrated upon and remain in their location, even if in the air. He can only move one construct at a time by concentrating on it as a standard action that provokes attacks of opportunity. The object moves at a speed of 30 feet in any direction. When not being moved by the Ring Bearer, the constructs have a bonus to resist being forcibly moved equal to the Ring Bearer's Will save bonus. A Ring Bearer can use a construct to attempt to bull rush, trip, or grapple an opponent with a modifier on the roll equal to his level plus his Will save bonus. The construct is also treated as having the feats Improved Bull Rush, Improved Trip, and Improved Grapple. If the attempt is unsuccessful, the target cannot attempt to bull rush, trip, or grapple the Ring Bearer.

    Wall Constructs have hit points and hardness as if they were made of stone. At level eight, they improve to iron, and at level thirteen, they improve to force.

    Golem Construct (Sp): By level five, a Ring Bearer can craft an autonomous golem construct. This ability functions the same as the Astral Construct power with the level of the construct made being equal to the Ring Bearer's caster level. The Ring Bearer can only have one golem construct and must spend a swift action each turn to maintain it.

    Ring Analysis (Sp): At eleventh level, a Ring Bearer can use his ring as an encyclopedia. This ability functions identically to the Bardic Lore class feature. It can also be used to Identify magic items, as the spell, which takes 2d8 rounds. He cannot use any of his other supernatural or spell-like class features while identifying an item.

    Ring Master (Ex): By level twenty, a Ring Bearer gains total mastery over his ring. It becomes completely indestructible and always works in an anti-magic field. He also becomes immune to fear and gains the Mettle ability. Iron Will now offers double the bonus on Will saves.

    Ring Bearer Oath: A Ring Bearer has sworn an oath to uphold the values of Good. If he violates his alignment, he cannot use his ring and loses the use of all his supernatural and spell-like class features until he returns to Good and receives an Atonement spell. If he willingly uses any fear effect, he permanently loses his class features. The ring leaves his finger and flies off to find a new champion. If his ring is ever broken, he loses the use of his class features until he can repair it. This process takes one week and costs 100 XP per level.
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