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    Iron Chef:
    Thief of Life: Duran Mublen, Vol's Apothecary (shared 1st place)
    One of my first build comp entries, and the first Iron Chef one I think. Kind of mediocre looking back, but decently original and with solid baseline stats.

    Twisted Lord: Handsome Malcolm (1st place)
    Combines feinting, intimidation, and full sneak attacks in a single turn through willful abuse of an obscure assassin spell.

    Elocater: Marg, Comet of Sharn (honorable mention)
    Build relies on a terrible reading of the rules that shouldn't work logically and probably not mechanically either.

    Cerebrex: Ilias Fessor (1st place)
    Skill-heavy assassin build that makes better use of Cerebrex than the average arcane caster. Uses a novel trick to bypass Glibness and can instakill people through walls. Lots of intelligence-based skills get love.
    Tri-Tongued Taylor (3rd place)
    Intelligence-based swashbuckling bluffmancer that abuses Wanderer's Diplomacy and Seduction, still decent in combat. Requires your DM to allow Chameleon casting to meet prerequisites. I misunderstood Able Learner so the skills need reworking and Open-Minded can be swapped out.

    Defiant: The Word (1st place)
    Vivacious is a build-in-a-can that mostly struggles against high-Fortitude casters. What better place to showcase Defiant, a class only useful against divine magic? Having to build around something that can't have its save DC boosted and doesn't need many actions allowed for some rather original building.

    Beast Heart Adept: Liam Greve (3rd place)
    Bardblade with marshall and half-elf paragon dips who enters beast heart adept to get some multiattacking bodies to buff with dragonfire inspiration.

    Shadowspy: Sam Sandshield (1st place)
    Mess of an asherati that combines fast-track divine casting with blindness-centric ninja tricks and what I like to call 'stealth tanking'.
    Jeremy Thicket (1st place)
    Grig cleric/shadowspy who eventually grabs 4th-level bard spells via mystic theurge. There's stealth, music, debuffs, and even a bit of urban tracking.

    Umbral Disciple: Gronk Tongle, the Dwarf Gecko (1st place)
    Chameleon template, Wild Dwarf, and Rogue 10 combine to deal 35 strength damage by licking someone from the shadows. A bit of a strained RAW argument argues it'd even work against undead, constructs, and objects.

    Vengeance Knight: Lo-Kag "Loosefoot" Gathakanathi (1st place)
    Paimon and heavy armor: the pair you thought you'd never see! Fluff section deemed "a rather entertaining story" in rave reviews.

    Syg the Brutally Honest (2nd place)
    Savant War Mind ft. my favorite bonus feat race (Synad).

    Demonologist: Darcy Covenant (1st place)
    Witchy gnome with some questionable spell synergies, artificial coven creation, and mass redcap sacrifice.
    The Great Horned Toad (shared 2nd place)
    Demonologist gets a lot of value out of low-level spells, so let's use it with a Dread Witch-based way to get infinite 2nd-level spells. Also featuring Insane Defiance and Arcane Disciple.

    Divine Agent: Navtej, Devav Asura (2nd place)
    Trying to make 2/year SLAs not useless thanks to the magic of Fiend of Blasphemy. Not a dretch. Should've been one.

    Cyre Scout: Can-Nan the Barbarian (1st place)
    A very martial take on a very bland ingredient, with Fist of the Forest's restrictive code being mitigated with what is otherwise a completely useless flavor feature. Boasts a few levels in Scorpion Wraith and a very unique kind of trapfinding as well.
    Luke Karlos (2nd place)
    A were-pterodactyl who whips up clouds of dust, darts in and out with a variety of self-made exotic weaponry, and has okay uses for most of Cyre Scout's weirder bits. Also probably the only time I'll ever use Shiba Protector.

    Villainous Competition:
    Psionics: Brightness, the Star that Sees (1st place)
    One of my favorite overall builds, even if the mechanical content is kind of simplistic. Uses Psionic Levitate + Energy Adaptation + Adapt Body to indefinitely survive in the vacuum of space, while manifesting powers with Remote Viewing.

    Gadgeteer: Jamiss 'Junkrat' d'Cannith (1st place)
    I haven't played a single game of overwatch in my life and won this only because nobody else submitted an entry. Launch Item is funny though.

    Madness: Amnesia (1st place)
    Hey kids you wanna buy some metabreath feat abuse and see my poor attempt at creative writing.

    Oozes: The Talariic Abomination (3rd place)
    Bag of rats but with a big sticky slimeball. Arguably grapples people in a way that bypasses FoM.

    Control: Steel, the Conscript Lord (3rd place)
    A devil who can permanently control people by swallowing them, with levels in tattooed monk and totemist for good measure.

    Final form: Vadim Ashguard (1st place)
    A conman turned cold-based blaster bard; a Trap Haunt Winterhaunt; an unkillable ghost bound not quite to a sword. Makes use of Disconcordant Malediction as a source of bonus damage, which isn't a trick I think I've ever seen before.
    Tzimtzum (2nd place)
    A House of Leaves tribute that builds an immensely-sized dungeon to imprison the PCs in, then acts as a sort of haunting presence throughout.

    Constructs: Remains Unseen (1st place)
    Gruesome Lurker shadowpouncer with some nice internal synergies and an obscure ACF for a prestige class.
    The Hemomorph (2nd place)
    Abusing a vaguely worded Alternate Form ability to access Epic-level monsters' powers and ultimately acquire near-omniscience.

    Junkyard Wars:
    9ths + Metamagic - Prepared Casting: Foehn Elf-Friend (shared 1st place)
    Permanently invisible + flying + telepathic sorcerer that can silently create giant invisible BFC areas of doom (which your allies are immune to). Sylph is a pretty cool race for a sorcerer.

    Rage + Casting - Rage Mage: Trox, Shaped by War (1st place)
    Barbarian/Cleric who enters Flux Adept to get Regeneration and uses Ordained Champion's swift divine power to keep BAB up while doing so. Ends up being immune to nearly all damage while raging, except sonic.
    Sana Bogle (3rd place)
    Geomancer/Blood Magus/Dread Witch who enters and leaves rage multiple times a turn to manipulate feats like Raging Luck and Intimidating Rage. Also casts 9ths.

    Smite + Mounted Combat - Paladin: Wet Horse Teeth (1st place)
    A slasher villain homage using Dragonmark Smite to force save-or-loses, while using Mounted Fury to grant his mount all the usual rage bonuses (plus teeth and claws). Battlerager and Heir of Siberys show up as well!
    Wan'clas Nodibbs (last place)
    As the name implies, a single-classed build that has a good reason being one. Halfling with some cool tricks, like using an elephant as a moveable battle jump platform, combining Good Karma with Mounted Combat to negate hits to allies using your Ride, and improving Moonblade's effect with smites. Mostly sent in for the single-classed gimmick though.

    Natural Weapons + Spellcasting - Druid: The Lonely Fir (2nd place)
    Pious templar impure prince casting corrupt spells at range with some creative readings of RAW. Also we're a plant for slightly better reasons than just rapidstrike abuse.
    A. Jade (3rd place)

    Beguiler JPM softening up people's Will saves with the jaebrin's sapping bite. Not as original as I could've made it - still a fun use of a rarely-seen race.

    Healing + Serenity - Paladin: Sulphurclaw, Who Dreams Prophecies (Exhibition Entry)
    Using the obscure Greenspawn Zealot to make a very unique sort of healer - an excellent NPC, in my opinion.

    Iron Chef E6:
    Knight: Sir Svarak Steelskin (2nd place)
    I saw Knight and decided to do something stupid.

    Light/Darkness: The Little Match Girl (1st place)
    Duskblade/Monk/Cancer Mage that spams Hypnotic Pattern then robs people blind.

    Movement: Hum Ingbird (2nd place)
    Kobold that hits a fly speed of 100 while charging, allowing for insane Diving Charge bonus damage in a very unconventional way. Also pulls some shenanigans with Flyby Attack but that's a bit poorly-written.

    Plants: Ukko, the One Grown Upon (1st place)
    Dealing 3d6 damage in an AoE, once per round, no save, no attack roll, no action required, with what is legally a plant. Also a backstory that comes down to 'chosen by the gods to be the svalbard seed vault'.

    Illusions: Mehndi Toner (1st place)
    Dragonmark + Action Point + Draconic Prophecizer shenanigans to cast ten Shadow Conjurations a day, plus diplomacy. Also did you know half-elves can arguably take the mark of shadow?
    Funhouse California (2nd place)
    Standard crusader tanking, now with Trickery Devotion. Locking foes down is nice enough already, but what if you could then trick them into hitting your illusory double instead of you?

    Odd Weapons: Master Lin (1st place)
    Uses the most obscure variant class I've ever seen to grab Kusari-Gama proficiency, then delivers a very cool build that can grapple you from 20 ft. away and pull itself towards you spiderman style... while still being able to full attack afterwards. Good crowd control, good single-target lockdown, solid damage, solid utility.

    (I additionally submitted the 4th place finisher for this round, which I think is pretty cool also)

    Minion Creation: Adro, the Lamplighter (1st place)
    Create Lantern Archon has multiple clauses that try and prevent you from assembling an army of floating artillery; we subvert all of them and deliver a VoP diplomancer with some hefty backup.

    Monster Mash:
    Sneak Attack: Shogosu (2nd place)
    I noticed Past Life was a valid way of getting sneak attack and quickly realized the most ridiculous thing to put it on.

    Quadrupeds: Experiment MHI-Taolt (shared 1st place)
    Exploits the wording of the mindshredder zenthal's natural weapons to make 10 wisdom-draining touch attacks a round. Also Thrall of Demogorgon.
    Ten Thousand Souls To Save But One (3rd place)
    And speaking of 'exploiting wording' here is me picking the funniest animal that counts as 'quadruped' according to the contest rules and proceeding not to do anything too interesting with it.

    Snow and ice: Ysbrand (3rd place)
    A very particular build that couldn't work with anything but ice mephit, martial minionmancy is pretty funky as a concept.

    Miracles: Things Lost, Things Gained (1st place)
    Ex-nymph splinterwaif, blighter with regular wildshape, mother of minionmanced monsters - and provider for a city of millions, thanks to the fish-conjurer that is Evil Weather.

    Zinc Saucier:
    True Dragons: Mad Bat Dead (1st place)
    Shade Nycter Siren: what could be closer to a shadow dragon? Nothing says hit-and-run like blasting away with a cone of nastiness, teleporting out, and healing back up to full - the solution to non-HP attacks is nothing if not creative.

    Urolk Sandstone (2nd place)
    A much more conventionally draconic build, using dragonlance's criminally underused baaz draconian and throwing in KotW and JPM. A bit standard in retrospect, I suppose.

    Brood Spawn: Albida (1st place)
    Using an obscure devil and some little-known rules to get Mark of Stygia on a build which then spreads ice to augment some natural weapon flurrypouncing strats.

    Iron Chef CXXI (Dragon Disciple)
    Iron Chef CXXVI (Ballisteer)
    Monster Mash VI (Mysterious Monster Magic)
    Monster Mash VIII (Half-Templates)
    Monster Mash IX (The Sun)
    Monster Mash XI (Curses)
    Villainous Competition XLVIII (Zealots)
    Villainous Competition L (Lovers)
    Iron Chef E6 XL (Poisons)
    Iron Chef E6 XLVII (Enchantments)
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