The Mime Mage

Alignment: Any non-Good
Skills: Perform (Mime) 8 ranks
Feats: Silent Spell, Skill Focus (Perform)
Spellcasting: Invisibility and at least one Wall of X spell


Hit Die: d4

Level BAB Saves Special Spellcasting
1 +0 +0/+0/+2 Wall Builder +1 to existing spellcasting class
2 +1 +0/+0/+3 Invisible Spell +1 to existing spellcasting class
3 +1 +1/+1/+3 Mime's Voice +1 to existing spellcasting class
4 +2 +1/+1/+4 Rope Gag +1 to existing spellcasting class
5 +2 +1/+1/+4 Mime's Act +1 to existing spellcasting class
Class Skills (2 + Int)
Concentration, Craft, Decipher Script, Disguise, Escape Artist, Knowledge (All), Listen, Move Silently, Profession, Search, Spellcraft, Use Rope

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A Mime Mage does not gain any proficiency in weapons or armor.

Wall Builder (Su): A Mime Mage has mastered the art of making walls. Whenever he casts a Wall of X spell, he can choose to create any number of walls as long as their combined total area is not larger than the maximum size of the wall he can create. He also casts all Wall of X spells as if he were one level higher.

Invisible Spell: At level two, a Mime Mage gains Invisible Spell as a bonus feat.

Mime's Voice (Ex): At third level, a Mime Mage can use Silent Spell with no increase in spell level.

Rope Gag (Sp): A fourth level Mime Mage can pull others into his act, literally. He can use Telekinesis as a spell-like ability at will.

Mime's Act (Ex): At level five, a Mime Mage becomes a master of his craft. Whenever he casts a spell, he can make a free Perform (Mime) check against a DC equal to his caster level plus the spell level of the spell he's casting but only if the spell has been made Silent and Invisible. If he succeeds, he can cast the spell as if he were one level higher. This increase stacks with Wall Builder. In addition, a Mime Mage can also spontaneously apply Silent Spell and Invisible Spell without an increase in casting time.