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    Post The Silverblood Knight

    The Silverblood Knight
    LG Half-Celestial Silverbrow Human Monk 1 / Kensai 5 / Occult Slayer 5

    "Angel of Glory's Rise", original art by James Ryman, Wizards of the Coast 2012
    Spoiler: To see the big picture, here's the CR20 Stat Block
    The Silver Bloodknight
    LE Werebattletitan Half-Celestial Tarnished-Dragonborn Silverbrow Human Monk 1 / Kensai 5 / Occult Slayer 5

    "Sea Guardian", fan art by Rene Polumorfous

    [stats are in hybrid form, unless otherwise stated]

    Female LE Huge Humanoid (Human, Dragonblood, Shapechanger, Native)
    Init +10; Senses Low-Light Vision, Darkvision 60ft., Scent, Auravision (Detect Magic); Listen +42, Spot +42
    Languages Common, Damaran, Celestial, Giant, Draconic

    Armor Class 39 (+6 Dex, -2 Size, +2 Wis, +23 Natural), Touch 16, Flat-Footed 33; DR 10/magic
    Hit Dice 37HD (42d8+5d10+141) 361 HP + 47 temp HP (renewed each round)
    Special: 4/day, immediate action, bring back to 180HP instead of being reduced below 0HP
    Immune Disease, Mind-Affectng; Resist Acid 10, Cold 10, Electricity 10
    Fort +36, Ref +30, Will +24; SR 35
    Special: +5 luck vs necro (no partial effect on save), +10 luck vs death effects or massive damage, with reroll on 1; +3 vs spell/sla; Spell Turning 2/day, free action

    Speed 30ft. (6 squares), fly 60ft. (good), 60ft. (animal form)
    Attack +1 Dragonbane Magebane Wounding Unarmed Strike +53 (1d6+19, 1 Con damage); -2 attack roll w/ Snap Kick (1d6+10, 1 Con damage)
    Special: +2 enhancement vs dragons, +2 enhancement vs casters; +2d6 damage roll vs dragons, +3d6 damage roll vs casters; double damage on a round with successful Decisive Strike; double damage on readied attack to disrupt casters
    Full Attack Unarmed Strike +53/+48/+43/+38 (1d6+19, 1 Con damage) and Bite +48 (3d6+9) and 2 Claws +48 (2d6+9) and Tail Spike +48 (2d6+9)
    Space 15ft.; Reach 10ft.
    Base Attack Bonus +35; Grapple +65

    Abilities STR 46 (+18), DEX 22 (+6), CON 34 (+12), INT 22 (+6), WIS 14 (+2), CHA 17 (+3)
    Spell-Like Abilities (CL43, up to CL64 with Greater Consumptive Field):
    10/day--Feather Fall; 3/day--Protection from Evil, Holy Aura (DC21); 1/day--Bless, Aid, Detect Evil, Cure Serious Wounds (DC16), Neutralize Poison, Remove Disease, Dispel Evil, Holy Word, Hallow, Mass Charm Monster (DC21), Summon Monster IX (celestials only), Resurrection; 1/day(shared, Nexus of Many Lives)--Limited Wish, Control Weather, Barghest's Feast, Greater Consumptive Field, Veil of Undeath
    Supernatural Abilities
    at will--Daylight; 1/day--Smite Evil; 1/day(shared, Nexus of Many Lives)--The Warrior
    Special Attacks Decisive Strike, Improved Grab (animal form), Swallow Whole (animal form)
    Special Qualities Alternate Form, Battletitan Empathy, Power Surge, Nondetection Cloak (CL5)

    Feats Jotunbrud, Human HeritageB, Improved Unarmed Strike, Combat ExpertiseB, Iron WillB, Power Attack, Improved Initiative, Mage Slayer, Weapon Focus (Unarmed Strike), Dodge, Snap Kick, Evasive Reflexes, Robilar's GambitB, Improved Combat Reflexes, Epic Destiny (Eternal Hero), Karmic Strike
    Skills Appraise +6, Balance +15, Bluff +52, Climb +18, Concentration +17, Craft +6, Decipher Script +6, Diplomacy +42, Disguise +3[+9 acting], Escape Artist +6, Forgery +6, Gather Information +5, Handle Animal +3, Heal +2, Hide +6, Intimidate +11, Jump +22, Knowledge (arcana) +31, Knowledge (religion) +7, other Knowledge skills +6, Listen +42, Martial Lore +6, Move Silently +6, Open Lock +6, Perform +3, Ride +11, Search +6, Sense Motive +52, Sleight of Hand +12, Spellcraft +13, Spot +42, Survival +2, Swim +18, Tumble +40, Use Magic Device +3, Use Rope +6
    Special: When really needed, the Limited Wish SLA can duplicate Divine Insight (+15 insight bonus to skill check), Improvisation (+21 luck bonus to skill check roll), or other skill-boosting spell; Epic Bluff DC70 enables the display of false alignment. By CR14, this can be done by taking 20 on a Bluff modifier of +51 (29 ranks, +3 Cha, +2 Passive Way, +2 Ki Projection, +15 Divine Insight from Limited Wish)
    Spoiler: Ability Scores
    Elite Array: STR 10, DEX 14, CON 12, INT 15, WIS 8, CHA 13
    Template Adjustment: STR +4, DEX +2, CON +4, INT +2, WIS +6, CHA +4
    Template Adjustment (Alternate Form): STR +32, CON +18
    HD Increase Adjustment: DEX +6 (24-44), INT +5 (4-20)
    Final Score: STR 14 (+2), DEX 22 (+6), CON 16 (+3), INT 22 (+6), WIS 14 (+2), CHA 17 (+3)
    Final Score (Alternate Form): STR 46 (+18), DEX 22 (+6), CON 34 (+12), INT 22 (+6), WIS 14 (+2), CHA 17 (+3)
    Spoiler: Table
    CR Class BAB FS RS WS Skills Feats Class Features
    1 Half-Celestial - - - - - - Outsider (Native), 60ft fly (good), +1 to Natural Armor,
    Resistance to Acid/Cold/Electricity 10, Darkvision 60ft,
    Disease Immunity, Su[Daylight at will, Smite Evil 1/d],
    DR5/magic, SR11, SLA[Bless 1/d, Protection from Evil 3/d]
    2 Monk 1 +0 +2 +2 +2 Balance 4,
    Concentration 4,
    Decipher Script 0.5,
    Diplomacy 4,
    Knowledge (arcana) 4,
    Knowledge (religion) 1,
    Open Lock 0.5,
    Sense Motive 4,
    Tumble 4,
    Use Magic Device 0.5
    Human HeritageB,
    Improved Unarmed StrikeB,
    Combat ExpertiseB
    Decisive Strike, Passive Way (+2 to Bluff),
    Unarmed Damage 1d6, AC Bonus
    - Dragonborn - - - - - - Breath Weapon [13d8 fire/acid/cold/elec, 100ft. line]
    Immunity to Frightful Presence, +2 to AC vs Dragon types,
    lose Human Heritage feat, retain Humanoid type
    8 Lycanthrope
    +27 +22 +22 +14 Balance 5(+1),
    Bluff (29),
    Concentration 5(+1),
    Diplomacy 15(+16),
    Handle Animal 0.5,
    Knowledge (arcana) 25(+21),
    other Knowledge in SRD 4.5,
    Listen 40,
    Martial Lore 0.5,
    Ride 5,
    Sense Motive 5(+1),
    Sleight of Hand 0.5,
    Spellcraft 3,
    Spot 40,
    Tumble 15(+11)
    Iron WillB,
    Power Attack1,
    Improved Unarmed Strike3,
    Improved Initiative6,
    Mage Slayer9,
    Weapon Focus12,
    Snap Kick18,
    Great Dexterity24,
    Great Dexterity27,
    Combat Reflexes30,
    Evasive Reflexes33,
    Robilar's Gambit36,B
    (Shapechanger), +36HD, Alternate Form, Battletitan Feats,
    Scent, Low-Light Vision, DR5/silver, +2 to Natural Armor,
    Animal Form (Bite + 2 Claws + Tail Spike on a full attack,
    Improved Grab, Swallow Whole, 60ft. base land speed)
    - Tarnished
    - - - - - - lose Dragonborn
    10 Half-Celestial - - - - - - SLA (1/d unless noted): Aid, Detect Evil, Cure Serious Wounds,
    Neutralize Poison, Holy Smite, Remove Disease, Dispel Evil,
    Holy Word, Holy Aura (3/d), Hallow, Mass Charm Monster,
    Summon monster IX (celestials only), Resurrection; SR35
    11 Kensai 1 +27 +22 +22 +16 Sense Motive 15(+10) Signature Weapon (Unarmed Strike, feet): +1,
    Skilled City Dweller (Replace Ride with Tumble)
    12 Kensai 2 +28 +22 +22 +17 Sense Motive 25(+10) Epic Destiny* Signature Weapon: +1 Dragonbane, Power Surge
    13 Kensai 3 +29 +23 +23 +17 Diplomacy 25(+10) Signature Weapon: +1 Dragonbane Magebane
    14 Kensai 4 +30 +23 +23 +18 Tumble 25(+10) Ki Projection
    15 Kensai 5 +30 +23 +23 +18 Sense Motive 26(+1),
    Tumble 34(+9)
    Improved Combat Reflexes Signature Weapon: +1 Dragonbane Magebane Wounding
    16 Occult Slayer 1 +31 +23 +23 +20 Sense Motive 34(+8) Magical Defense +1, Weapon Bond (Unarmed Strike)
    17 Occult Slayer 2 +32 +23 +23 +21 Bluff 37(+8) Mind Over Magic 1/d, Vicious Strike
    18 Occult Slayer 3 +33 +24 +24 +21 Sense Motive 42(+8) Karmic Strike Magical Defense +2, Auravision
    19 Occult Slayer 4 +34 +24 +24 +22 Bluff 45(+8) Mind Over Magic 2/d, Nondetection Cloak
    20 Occult Slayer 5 +35 +24 +24 +22 Sense Motive 50(+8) Magical Defense +3, Blank Thoughts
    Cross-class skills are italicized
    * Epic Destiny also takes the place of feats for 21st (Thunderclap), 24th (Great Dexterity), 27th (Great Dexterity), and 30th level (Combat Reflexes)

    Nexus of Many Lives (Epic Destiny: Eternal Hero)
    The Warrior (Su): +8 Speed Vicious Ghost-Touch Unarmed Strike
    The Arcanist (Sp): Limited Wish
    The Disciple (Sp): Control Weather
    The Traitor (Sp): Barghest's Feast, Greater Consumptive Field, Veil of Undeath
    Spoiler: How to use The Silverbloodknight
    Spoiler: General
    In a nutshell, The Silverbloodknight is basically a souped-up AoO + mundane magehating combatant with few more tricks up her sleeves, which is pretty interesting considering the low optimization level used except for the whole werebattletitan. She's a tough lightning bruiser, backed up with skills and abilities that enable her to either hunt enemies (especially dragons) or gather allies.

    Identifying even the oldest chromatic dragons shouldn't be a problem for her considering her Knowledge (arcana) modifier. Due to how she can easily merc non-Good creatures that would be normally way above her weight class, she would be brought up against a party with minimal non-Good PC. Doing as suggested would also present an interesting dynamic that can't easily be replicated when pitted against a considerably morally grey party.

    At all levels, she'd also be inclined to gather as much support as possible for her cause, which is to rightfully slaughter all evil dragons, their (alleged) servants, and everyone else who stands in her way. This is mainy accomplished with Mass Charm Monster, going as far as turning charmed (i.e. Friendly) creatures Helpful, and good Bluff/Diplomacy modifiers, for continuous and systematic indoctrination. She'd even offer quests for PCs, with each quest having varying degrees of importance based on how much she trusts the PCs--although, do note that her Sense Motive skill will vastly improve later in the game.

    Do note that some of her skills will give multiple synergy bonuses--Bluff with minimum 45 ranks give +6 bonus to Diplomacy, Intimidate, and Sleight of Hand, and Sense Motive with minimum 45 ranks gives another +6 bonus to Diplomacy.
    The dragonslayer Grechke desperately limped towards her, mace and shield raised against the one they called the Silver Bloodknight. The vassals of Bahamut claimed she was once a once-gallant devotee of Bahamut who got accursed with madness. She must've been one of Bahamut's elite, seeing as how she managed to effortlessly dispose of the adult red dragon that's been setting the whole town on fire. It was no ordinary red dragon, verbal theatrics aside, and with its kobold henchmen would've easily killed him had she arrived a second too late to give the dragon a piece of her own verbal assault.

    "Surrender yourself", Grechke blurted out with as much authority as he can muster against the towering silver monster. Actually, he wasn't exactly sure what she is--angelic wings, dinosaur body, and her blood faintly smelled draconic.

    She just looked at him and laughed wholesomely. "You're clearly not in any condition to do the arresting. Help me take the surviving children to our refuge, so they'll at least stay warm and fed for tonight. You could use some bandaging, too."

    Without any town in sight as far as his eyes can see, the dragonfire adept begrudgingly obliged and made some makeshift saddle and harness to help the Silver Bloodknight carry the few surviving children. He found the rest of the trip to be pretty uneventful--she tried to cheer them up and take their minds away from the tragedy, but nobody really responded. After some thought, he realized that her demeanor, her way of talking, and the way laughs actually reminded him of his great-grandmother, a great hero coincidentally known then as the "Silver Knight".

    The high-priest of Bahamut once told him that the road to the lower planes is paved with good intentions, so he still kept his eyes on the Silver Bloodknight, who by then already introduced herself as Lucia. He found out that the refuge is basically an orphanage for those who survive dragon attacks, funded by the very treasure she took from the fallen spawns of Tiamat. He found that to be utterly ridiculous, that this must clearly be a front for some heinous scheme that he will soon uncover.
    Spoiler: CR10
    Note: First off, mechanically, she gained and then lost Dragonborn. It's an odd thematic-based crunch that was an artefact of an earlier stub that used it to qualify for Lycanthrope because the build didn't have Human Heritage back then.

    It will be very hard going toe to toe with a 36HD Werebattletitan Half-Celestial Decisive Strike Monk in martial combat, what with high HP, AC, attack, damage, AoOs, and even DR. Spells and SLAs will also have some difficulties due to her SR, energy resistances, high saves, Mage Slayer, and Thunderclap. She even has a pretty good flight speed. Thus, one of the best options to deal with her would be to either hit her with ranged attacks, use battlefield control, or use alterate non-HP attacks like ability damage to keep her down. Even then, she'll just likely get minions with Summon Monster IX, or she probably already did before combat with Mass Charm Monster + Diplomacy.

    As mentioned, noncombat solutions would still be very much an alternate way to overcome her challenge, as she is generally cordial and accomodating. You can still do agressive noncombat solutions like held her orphans hostage, blackmail her, or trick her into doing or believing in something, but expect such kinds of approach narrowing down future options.
    Katja protested, "Did you just say, 'slaughter them all'? Aren't we just supposed to kill the wyrmlings, loot the vault, and lure the big dragon out? I can blast them with flames hotter than the sun, but indiscriminate attacks and collateral damage doesn't sound so right to me."

    The dragonslayer Grechke has heard such protestations before, and this kind of ignorance really riles him up. Who knows if the spawns of Tiamat already impregnated them or tainted them with evil? For all we know, some of them are just dragons in disguise! How dare she questions The Silverblood Knight's morality!

    Thunder started to rumble as dark clouds start to form. She lightly tapped him on the back before his emotion can overtake his well-composed stature. "Come now, Grechke, we are counting on you. Don't mind Katja, I'll explain everything to her."

    Amidst the oncoming storm, Lucia's smile shined like a bright, sunny, day. She always seemed so optimistic, always willing to explain her perspective and make people understand what she fights for. He find those qualities admirable, and it's such a shame that the world vilified and hated her for something so noble. Grechke's great-grandmother once told him that she's reincarnated from great champions of the past, including Bahamut's first Platinum Knight. And he knew now, that Lucia is the current reincarnation. She's a hero, just ask the kids. She's actually running an orphanage, for Bahamut's sake!

    Raindrops began to pour as Gretchke and his brethren, Katja included, descended the dragon's lair. Soon, this place will be nothing but ruins, with Bahamut's blessing of rain washing away the foul stench of evil inside.
    Spoiler: CR15(High Point)
    Plenty of improvements, so let's start by imbuing her feet to become a +1 Dragonbane Magebane Wounding Unarmed Strike, which is a massive attack/damage boost against dragons, especially with Decisive Strike + Snap Kick. She can also get massive Str boost for at least 1/day for 2 rounds.

    Her Sense Motive, Diplomacy, and Tumble skyrocketed here, too, the last one enabling her to do 10-foot steps with a DC40 tumble check. She gets Improved Combat Reflexes, allowing unlimited AoO for her to hop around the battlefield towards her next vulnerable victims whenever she gets attacked. Basically, provoking AoOs from her will be more dangerous than ever.

    Lastly, she gets Epic Destiny (Eternal Hero), which massively boosts her survivability (and resurrection, failing that), battlefield control (Control Weather), and versatility (Limited Wish). Greater Consumptive Field would raise Half-Celestial SLA CL to 57, which is crazy when used for Holy Word.
    Verrat pulled the sacred artifact out of the fallen dragon's heart. It took them an entire night to organize this hunt, and the monster took twelve of his siblings down with it. He observes the monster's neither chromatic nor metallic, exactly, but he thinks there are clear signs of red dragon heritage that can be easily detected. It's evil anyway, so the hunt last night was entirely justified, not to mention sister Lucia herself joined. And tonight, bigger things are in store for them.

    "Brothers and sisters, I can't thank you enough for taking up this divine burden that not every servants of Bahamut can bear. I just hope that this great quest that we are about to embark on will open their eyes, to see what sister Lucia sees. For our champion, the Silverblood Knight!"

    "For our champion, the Silverblood Knight!", the rest echoed.

    Lucia beamed happily and nodded at Verrat. The snotty lad from the orphanage five years ago's all grown up, and he grew up to be a virtuous young man. Those five years were some bittersweet memories for Lucia, as some of the children grew up to be too rebellious, too chaotic, and a few even threatened to expose everything to the Church of Bahamut. Some of the kids, like Verrat, were more than happy to put their own rebellious siblings down in order to prove themselves, and it made her really proud.

    "Tonight, great sacrifices must be made for the greater good. People perish in wars, and that's the said reality of it. My prayers go to those poor souls. Thousands of innocent lives may die, but we will be saving millions of them in turn! For the Platinum Dragon, Bahamut! For our champion, the Silverblood Knight!", the ex-vassal of Bahamut exclaimed.

    "For our champion, the Silverblood Knight!", the rest roared in frenzied unison.
    Spoiler: CR20
    BAB and saves continue to increase. At this point, you are rocking a +42 to Diplomacy, enough to hit some Helpful to Fanatic Epic DC, while your Epic Sense Motive has at least 60% chance to detect partial alignment.

    Detect Magic and Nondetection are great bonus perks from Occult Slayer, but Blank Thoughts really gives you that long-awaited immunity. Finally, Karmic Strike basically doubles your AoO fun, enabling you to either make 4 attacks per successful attack against you, or make a 20ft. movement for free!
    Spoiler: Matching fluff and crunch
    Fluff: Bahamut, aka The Platinum Dragon, is the LG God of Good Dragonkind. He is the sibling and chief foe of Tiamat, and is to metallic dragons what his sister is to chromatic dragons. His domains are Air, Dragon, Good, Luck, Protection, Nobility, and Storm. Plenty of Bahamut's worshippers join the Dragonfall war, which is basically them mercilessly killing any chromatic dragon, possibly including even descendants like half-dragons. Some exemplary humanoids devoted to Bahamut's cause can become chosen as Dragonborn. Lastly, Damaran humans tend to act based on their strong moral beliefs.

    Crunch: Silverbrow Humans are descended from silver dragons, which is one of the metallic dragons that most hold Bahamut in high regard. The god's lawful inclination is matched by lawful inclination of Monk and Kensai. Many worshippers. The Silverbloodknight is also really good at putting the hurt on and defending against chromatic dragons, especially those that gain spellcasting, due to +1 Dragonbane Magebane Wounding Unarmed Strike and the Occult Slayer class. A half-celestial's thematically-good spell-like abilities are effective against evil creatures, the most notable of which is the deadly Holy Word. Her Eternal Hero abilities Death Denied and Nexus of Many Lives: Arcanist used to emulate Improvisation represent Bahamut's luck domain. Thunderclap and Nexus of Many Lives: Disciple used to emulate Control Weather represent Bahamut's storm domain. Her Kensai oath is show no mercy to and never back down against evil and/or chromatic dragons. And lastly, Lucia used to be a legitimate LG worshipper, but became a tarnished-dragonborn after contracting lycanthrope incurred an Evil alignment (because an animal bred specifically for helping take lives sounds more like is associates to evil better than other animals' reasons for their associations to evil).
    Spoiler: Source
    Monster Manual III: Battletitan38
    Dragon Magic: Silverbrow Human6
    Races of the Dragon: Dragonborn8
    Races of Faerun: Jotunbrud
    Races of Destiny: Human Heritage152
    Complete Warrior: Karmic Strike102, Kensai49, Occult Slayer66
    Complete Arcane: Mage Slayer81, Magebane143
    Player's Handbook II: Decisive Strike51, Robilar's Gambit82
    Tome of Battle: Snap Kick32, Evasive Reflexes30, Martial Lore28
    Savage Species: Thunderclap40
    Web Enhancements: Epic DestinyLink, Skilled City-Dweller(Tumble)Link
    Spell Compendium: Barghest's Feast24, Greater Consumptive Field51, Veil of Undeath229, Divine Insight70, Improvisation121
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