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    Default Re: Random Plots and Places 12: More pseudorandom than we care to admit

    The Great Library

    It shouldn't really take too long for Simone to be taught the technique. Essentially, that tiny piece of Helios mind within her is helping her project her consciousness into a form of a shade elsewhere.
    This shadow-y projection might remind a onlooker of Simone, but she can mold her shape to a degree so if the doesn't want to be recognized, she won't be. In addition, this form can look and talk, but not touch, nor can anything touch it, making the projection immune to mundane damage.

    However, she can feel pain that would have been from an attack if she believed she is effected by it, which is one of the hardest things to not believe in by a human being who've spend their life avoiding things like fire and stabs.
    In addition, she had to be in the same realm of existence as the shade as it grows weaker the further away from her physical body it is. Nearby it is at its strongest, being able to phase through walls and people while remaining completely hidden in shadows.

    But the further it is from her, it easier it is to dispel which can be done with bright lights or magic, it also eventually loses the ability to go through solid objects and become more abstract and obvious in appearance the further away from her mind it is.
    Helios does warn her of being dispelled, but he doesn't mention the severe mental anguish that comes with that. That is for her to figure out on her own.
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