Kurrack Lai

Alias: The Dread Druid
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Kroot
Age: 37
Alignment: Chaotic Nuetral
Class/Profession: Druid (Shannara Chronicles) 5, Fighter 10
Power Rating: Hero of Legend
Description: This avian man might once have inspired terror into his foes, but not any longer. He wears a wide assortment of leathers, from boiled to clean, and his bloodied beak hints at the fact that like all Kroot, he eats his prey. His quills instead of going strait back like a normal Kroot are wildly disarranged. He wears little on his legs, save a leather kilt.
Equipment: Kroot Leathers, Chainsword, Fetish Pouch (for casting prayers to the ancestors)
Abilities: Near perfect at defensive melee, incredible jumping ability, druidic power, prophetic visions, and witty charm... for a filthy xeno
Backstory: Kurrack Lai once led a wide battalion of Kroot into battle, and successfully. He crushed all of his enemies, be they human, Ork, or any other adversary to the Tao. His feral nature and kinship to the ancestors eventually gave him the Nickname "The Dread Druid", yet this all changed one faithful day. During one of his prophetic visions, he saw himself fall in battle. It was a glorious battle, and a glorious death, but Kurrack became frightened. He deserted his army, leaving them to be mercilessly slaughtered without any honor. Horrified with his actions, Kurrack fled all the way to the Nexus, hoping he could prove himself to the ancestors again.