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    Doctor Jones

    Alias: Doctor Jones, Doctor Smith, Doctor Arnold, Doctor (You get the pattern)

    Gender: Male

    Species: Halfling? Gnome? Something small, certainly

    Age: \_(ツ)_/

    Alignment: Sinister

    Class/Profession: Witch Doctor, Con Man, and Machiavellian

    Power Rating: B+

    Spoiler: Picture

    Personality: Sinister. Every deal he makes ends up with the mark he makes them with regretting every decision they made up to that point
    in a fair exchange of goods and or services which ends up beneficial to both parties!

    Equipment: A mismatch of spirit charms of which he can smash in order to summon a powerful entity, a few fertility charms wit which he can sell for a quick buck or two, a few shrunken heads with which he can use to commune with a dead spirit of which "Doctor Jones" knows the name of, and a complete Tarrot deck unlike any seen. Also a really neat sword!

    Abilities: Spirit summoning, some minor magic he can do without his charms, highly resistance to damage. Holds a charm with his soul in it. If he is killed, he reforms with all of his belongings near the phylactery. If someone finds and destroys the phylactery, his soul flies off to the afterlife where he should have gone countless years ago

    Backstory: Doctor Jones, his current alias that he uses, started life as a con man. He was a palm reader, a Tarrot reader, and a witch doctor. The last title was where he came up with the only static parts of his aliases (aliasi?). His habit for trickery often got him banished from many villages, until he made the unlucky mistake of conning the Lantern King, a trickster god. The god was the absolute master of trickery, but he was furious to have been fooled by this little man. The Lantern king cursed Doctor Jones with immortality, though not the good kind. Doctor Jones would age, the flesh would rot off of his corpse, and he would never have the ability to trick anyone again.

    Well, Doctor Jones had to find some way to fend off this doom, and he figured since he was immortal he was invincible as well. He decided to commune with one who was rumored to be immortal and gift immortality as well: the False Dark God of Despair Nimnarath himself. His communion was successful, and Nimnarath would give him immortality without the whole rotting thing for a price. His soul would be locked away in a small charm to be kept by Nimnrarth himself. If the witch doctor ever angered the False God, or did not follow his instruction, Nimnarath would snap the charm in two and send the good doctor's soul into oblivion.

    With the imminent death of Nimnarath, The tricky Doctor is getting ready to loot the false god's tower of both his soul, and the power Nimnarath obtained as well.

    Misc. If ever I wanted to make another Dark Tower plot, or a sequel to it, this guy's going to be the antagonist.
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