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You need the Rune Master option to gain the benefit of the runic keyword. So, no, you do not get the benefit without it.
Interesting, though I wonder where that's stated. I'm aware the Rune Master class feature calls out what the Runic keyword does, but the definition of the 'Runic' keyword itself in the RC doesn't seem to note anything about the Rune Master class feature. This, to me, makes it seem like the two are seperate - and the function of the Runic keyword is just repeated in the class feature entry for clarity to not confuse first-time readers who want to create a Runepriest.

Though if it's true that you can't gain a benefit out of the Runic keyword without the class feature, then I suppose Hybrid Runepriest who want to use the Hybrid Talent to pick up something from their other class are kind of doomed. After all, the Runic keyword is also the one that governs the mechanic of choosing the Destruction/Protection riders, devaluing most Runepriest powers to "MBAs that don't count as an MBA" for anybody lacking the relevant class feature. Which would also devalue nearly any reason for anybody to MC into Runepriest and go for powerswaps.