Gray Troll

Grey Troll is an Acquired Template that can be applied to any Troll that has been brought to -10 hp via energy drain. They resemble normal trolls, but are tall and gangly with dry brittle skin the color of dust. The hair is usually bone white, and the eyes have been reduced to pinpoints of blue light in empty sockets. A connection to the Negative Material Plane keeps it going even when it would normally have expired, and it wanders the Underdark. Sometimes they assume control of small groups of normal Trolls, converting them to Gray Trolls as well.

Size and Type: Type changes to Undead with the Giantblood Subtype.

Hit Dice: Racial Hit Dice become d12's, recalculate HP.

Speed: Unchanged.

Armor Class: Natural Armor Class Bonus increases by +2.

Attacks: Unchanged

Damage: Unchanged

Special Attacks: Retains all Special Attacks of the Base Creature plus gains the following:

Poison (Su): Any creature the Gray Troll bites risks being poisoned. Injury, Fortitude Save (DC is 10 plus 1/2 HD plus Cha Modifier with a +2 Racial Bonus), Initial damage is unconsciousness until the poison is Neutralized. Secondary damage is 2d6 Constitution. If the victim dies it acquires the Wight Template (or the Gray Troll template if it is a Troll).

Special Qualities: Retains all Special Qualities of the Base Creature plus gains the following:

Gaseous Form (Ex): Once per day as a Full Round Action the Gray Troll may use Gaseous Form as per the spell, with a few differences: It's move is twice it's base land speed, but it cannot move more than 5' above the ground, and instead of DR it gains the Incorporeal Subtype. It can remain in Gaseous Form 1 round per Racial Hit Die.

Regeneration 8 (Ex): Gray Trolls cannot regenerate fire damage. They regenerate more quickly than living Trolls, regenerating 8 hp/round.

Immunities (Ex): Gray Trolls are immune to Acid, Cold, and Electricity.

Vulnerability (Ex): Gray Trolls in sunlight (or in the area of effect of a Daylight spell) are blinded until they leave and also take 1d6 fire damage per round. If brought to 0 hp they crumble into dust and do not rise. Gray Trolls take double damage from fire.

Saves: Recalculate Saving Throws due to Type change.

Abilities: +2 Str

Skills: Unchanged

Feats: unchanged

Environment: Underground

Organization: Unchanged

Challenge Rating:

Treasure: Unchanged

Alignment: Unchanged

Advancement: Unchanged

Level Adjustment: +4