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Spoiler: stub
LE Krynn Minotaur crusader 4/cleric 1/marshal 1

Spoiler: race/class and pt buy

Krynn Minotaur
Medium, +2 NA, Gore attack 1d6+STR (on a charge, 2d6+1.5x STR)(as secondary attack at -5 penalty ½ STR), +2 intimidate/swim/use rope. May take Scent special ability as a feat. Common/Kothian.

Blasphemous Incantation ACF (Cleric 1): evil alignment. Lose Rebuke Undead, gain Blasphemous Incantation (Su) 3+CHA/day. All good aligned in a 30ft radius must succeed on DC 10+1/2 char lvl+CHA FORT (17) or become sickened for CHA rounds. If 5 ranks in Know Rel, DC increases by +2. (19)
Elder Evil Devotion – Sertous (grants all domains) +2 vile feats
Pt buy:
S 13, D 12, C 14, I 12, W 11, C 16

S 17, D 10, C 14, I 10, W 11, C 14
level up into Cha

4d10+2d8+12 HP

Spoiler: Maneuvers/Spells

Maneuvers/Stances (IL = 5, so 3rd lvls granted)
1- Crusaders Strike, Charging Minotaur (exchange for Mountain Hammer at 4th), Vanguard Strike, Douse the Flames, Leading the Attack
1- Martial Spirit Stance
2- Mountain Hammer, Tactical Strike
3- Revitalizing Strike
3- Thicket of Blades Stance

Pestilence Domain (SpC 278):
GP: immunity to all diseases
1- Doom

Cleric Casting: from 2nd lvl on: 0-3, 1-1+1

A few lvl 1 cleric spells we might use:
Angry Ache, Bane, Blade of Blood, Curse Water, Protection from Good, Sorrow

Spoiler: Cray The Gnarled’s Story

The Wise One often spoke out against the so-called Gods. These supposed super beings who held sway over all things. Malarkey and poppycock, all swirled into a swill that the weak consumed to give their lives meaning. True Power, and True Strength only came from one place, within yourself.

I once stood in a shrine, which honored one of these so-called Gods. I shattered the stone likeness some weakling had put up to pay homage to this being into a thousand thousand pieces. I called for the god to show himself, and prove his might. Of course nothing happened, because the Gods are just the lie fed to the weak to keep them servile. One of their priests sent a vision to attack me. After laughing it off, I slew that priest and wore his head afterwards as a trophy for a 50-day.

The Wise One spoke of the great Sertous, who cast down the Gods and showed them all for what they really are, charlatans of the highest order. The wheat was separated from the chaff that day. A pile of useless peons lay by the wayside, shorn free from all their petty misconceptions about their sundry paltry religions.

The Way was merely the obvious extension to this. Only through inner study and reflection, and the application of force could one become stronger. The means by which one chose in life to either lead or follow was set forth. I marked myself, not only once, but twice. My black fur, and blacker eyes and mane bore into the strong and weak alike. The Way allowed me to stand steadfast, to equally absorb and deal out pain.

The Wise One gifted me with the Touch shortly after. I took its power into myself, and again grew stronger still. Now the weak recoil by my mere presence. My voice, my being, my strength, my power, all these things manifest to cause them pause. I feast on their horror, and strike them all down. I revel in their inability to stand up, and so I help to keep them knocked down.

One day perhaps, one among them will find the strength within to fight back. On that day, I will meet them with horn and pike and hoof in glorious battle. I cannot wait.

Spoiler: Build

Level Class Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skills Feats Class Features
1st Crusader +1 +2 +0 +0 Balance 4, Concentration 4, Inimidate 4, Knowledge Religion 4 Extra Granted Manuever, (B) Willing Deformity Furious Counterstrike, Steely Resolve 5, Manuevers, Stance
2nd Cleric +1 +4 +0 +2 Conc 5, Know Rel 5 (B) Healing Devotion Blasphemous Incantation ACF, Spells
3rd Crusader 2 +2 +5 +2 +2 Balance 5, Conc 6, Intim 5, Know Rel 6 Blessing of the Godless Indomitable Soul
4th Crusader 3 +3 +5 +3 +3 Conc 7, Intim 7, Know Rel 7 - Zealous Surge
5th Crusader 4 +4 +6 +3 +3 Balance 6, Conc 8, Intim 8, Know rel 8 (B) Willing Deformity: Tall Steely Resolve 10
6th Marshal +4 +8 +3 +5 Conc 9, Intim 9, Never Outnumbered Otherworldly Countenance Skill Focus (Diplomacy), Minor Aura (Motivate CHA)
Epic Feats:
1- Adaptive Style
2- Live My Nightmare
3- Daunting Presence
4- Power Attack
5- Intimidating Strike
6- Reckless Charge
7- Force of Personality
8- Stench of the Dead
9- Powerful Charge
10- Greater Powerful Charge

Spoiler: Misc build stuff

Total Intimidation Check:

9 skill ranks
3 from Willing Deformity
1 from Deformity: Tall
2 from Minotaur
2 from CHA
2 from Motivate CHA
3 from Skill Focus (in most cases, evil characters will exchange Diplomacy for Intimidate)
2 possibly from Doom
3 possibly from Sorrow
2 possibly from Shaken condition
2 possibly from Sickened condition

19-31 total depending on situational bonus’s.

At all levels, we will engage in a duel of wills in order to gain an advantage over our enemies in combat. (ToB 27). At 2nd level trade out the healing domain for healing devotion to grant fast healing 1 for 1 min. At 3rd, Blessing of the Godless grants Class level x number of participants (up to 6 including yourself) in reserved hit points that lasts 24 hours. Each participant can pull their class level in HP’s from this pool as an immediate action. At 5th, having combined Willing Deformity (+3 Intimidate) and Willing Deformity: Tall, while still technically Medium, can threaten as though Large (10ft reach). At 6th, Otherworldly Countenance both grants another +1 to Intimidate, but also as a full round action you can distract any target w/in 30ft by forcing a Will DC 10+1/2 char lvl + CHA (17) or be sickened as long as the target remains in sight of you.

Adaptive Style allows for rearranging our readied maneuvers, and pairs with extra granted to allow more choices earlier in the fight.

Live my Nightmare sends a phantasmal killer back at anyone foolish enough to cast divinations against you. DC Will 14+CHA (18) to disbelieve, followed by DC Fort 14+CHA (18) to avoid dying from fear. Even if the Fort save succeeds, the subject will still take 3d6 damage.

Daunting Presence is a standard action Will DC 10 +1/2 char lvl+Cha (17) or be shaken for 10 mins

Intimidating strike is power attack for intimidate, causing a successful hit to make opponent shaken for the duration of the encounter.

Force of Personality stacks the CHA bonus onto will saves, which doubles up on the Indomitable Soul class ability. Meaning the total bonus to will saves is now +8. If that doesn’t fly, replace this with Frightful Presence which would force yet another Will save, DC 10+1/2 char lvl+CHA (17) or become shaken. In a long term E6 game, this might lose functionality as you won’t be facing to many things that have less HD/Levels than you, meaning Improved Initiative might be a good option for this slot.

Stench of the Dead causes anything around you to make a FORT DC 10+CHA (14) or become sickened as long as it remains adjacent to you, and for 1d4 rounds thereafter. This dovetails nicely into your charging maneuver, and the charging feats that follow as anyone you charge past, or attack must also make this additional save every time.

Reckless charge means a -4 AC and a +4 to attack. Powerful Charge adds an additional 1d8 damage, Greater PC increases that to 2d6.
To maximize damage, of course either use a 2h weapon, or a 1h weapon w/ 2 hands. Every attack is accompanied by a bonus Gore attack, albeit at a -5 to hit, or as a charge at 2d6+6.

Any magic gear should be +CHA if possible to increase the DC’s of all these abilities accordingly.

Spoiler: sources

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